Reviews for TBC
lowi chapter 1 . 11/13/2012
Okay. *takes a deep breath* WHYHADN'TIREADTHISSOONERHOWWHATWHATI SWRONGWITHMEOHGOSHTHISISJUST BRILLIANT I AM SO SORRY. No, but seriously. I don't even remember why I somehow didn't read this immediately, and then why I forgot it. *casually hating myself*

It is absolutely fantastic, mew. And nooo, I had expected a Louco, to be perfectly honest, BUT I DIDN'T MIND THIS AT ALL, because damn if it wasn't wonderful.

There were so many things I noticed when reading that I wanted to take up that I actually took notes. Not even kidding. XD

First of all: "And I will be your saving downfall." That sentence, that way Draco thought it, I just died. It reminded me of a song by Ellie Goulding that I adore, and just askjdaklsdjalk perfecttt.

Secondly: I didn't mind the RoseScor the slightest here. The /slightest/ and that's saying a lot when it comes to me, isn't it? Though I think that solely was because of the way you characterised them, a hyper!Rose, a Scor that looks at that as a challenge, they just made sense to me and were positively adorable. :3

And when Draco called Scorpius "little git" I laughed out loud. I don't even know, but that was adorable!

Thirdly: "happily giddy" - Draco looking that? That is just WONDERFUL. I can't even. ASKDJJL.

Fourthly: THE JAMESTIN OH THE JAMESTIN (yes give me those cookies now wifey). Okay, I also have to confess that I'm very proud of myself because I caught that reference already the very first time you mentioned that Victoire felt close to James for some reason - though maybe that just shows how much I love Jamestin? But seriouslyyyyyy that you had them here ashdajhakjdh

So, all in all, Tsui. THIS WAS BLOODY AMAZING, THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES and forgive me for not reading this sooner i suck.
BlueberryPapercuts chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
Wow. I didn't think I would like it like I like it now. :D

I love the build up of there friendship. It was very interesting. I was scrolling down and down much faster than usual since I was so hooked. Ha! I found the other pairing snippets really cute. There was Scrose and the others :D Mm, yes to Pansy and Malking cameos! :)

This is great 3 Although, I'm not sure if I like them as a romantic
autumn midnights chapter 1 . 9/20/2012
I adored this! I haven't read as much DracoVic, but I really like it even though I absolutely adore Louco. I love that you included Vicnev, also, and had that as kind of a key point in their relationship - you know I love that couple, haha. Same thing with Jamestin, I loved the little hints of them! I can definitely picture Vic and James bonding over both having crushes on older men. I like the whole theme of 'to be continued', I think that was very clever! Love the ending, also - it's so open, and it's up to us readers to imagine what could happen next. I like all the little cameos of Pansy, Malkin, Rose, and Scorpius, also. I like the detail that Draco and Astoria made better friends than a couple - I definitely think that they'd stay close even if they weren't in love. I like how you wrote Draco, you kept him in character but expanded on his personality a lot. And I love your Vic, of course! :DD Great story, as always!