Reviews for Bloodstream
CyndarDragon chapter 11 . 10/12/2015
This is so magnificent in every sense of the word ;_;
Guest chapter 11 . 9/20/2015
-drooling- Huh? What? Oh. I wonder how they're going to react in the next chapter.
littlebirdy chapter 11 . 9/18/2015
Well~ when the birds and the bees want to have some fun... they hop into bed to get things done~ X'D
RandomFanFictionPressGirl14 chapter 11 . 9/17/2015
Well well well, how long's it been? It's been too long, I can tell ya that!

Anyway, just glad to know you're not dead. Hope to see more soon!
Glowzilla chapter 11 . 9/17/2015
Yesssss! I've been waiting for an update! Love the story and can't wait for the next chapter_
Law1ess chapter 10 . 8/15/2015
Please update this soon! It's really good so far!
jozs001 chapter 10 . 2/25/2015
Dont abandon these please!
Eternal-Flame-Babe chapter 10 . 12/27/2014
Nice way to end the story. ;) It was a journey and I loved every second of reading this fic. It was grand.
Guest chapter 10 . 11/12/2014
Please continue! I'm dying over here! Love this story!
glowzilla48 chapter 10 . 9/10/2014
OMG! Keep going I'm seriously dying to know what happens next lol I cant believe it took me so long to read this story but I'm glad that I did! Your a good writer and I await more _
TrippNessa chapter 10 . 8/6/2014
RandomFanFictionPressGirl14 chapter 10 . 6/24/2014
YAUS! Another chapter! I love it! Please write more!
SaintHeartwing chapter 10 . 6/23/2014
Why does he automatically assume a GROWN MAN wants to have sex with someone over thirty, maybe twenty years , younger than he is?

That's beyond insane.
night sky waver13 chapter 9 . 10/14/2013
Write more Damn it!
emodevasdarkfollowing chapter 9 . 9/10/2013
Wow...just wow *sigh*... T. T I am soooo disappointed right now I just read on a whim and now I wish I could change my vote to this one this story intrigues me way more than aftermath and I must say you have been a real stellar writer all your stories are amazing and all of the stories are so flawlessly canon its like you're not even trying (lol comes naturally, huh? ;D) it is really awesome to see a writer who is able to do something like that and I am definitely one of your groupies now I love your stories (I love this one the bst though) and I'm hoping to change my vote to this one hopefully it'll win so I can get another chapter of this story because I don't want a story as good as this one to just fade away, esecially with a writer as talented as yourself! (yes I know I'm brown nosing but you can't say it's not for a good cause ( o ) ) sooo make the right decision(forget the votes .) and continue this story...cause it's of art! (' . ) yeeeeeah art.
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