Reviews for A Sirens Song
Grovek26 chapter 32 . 16h ago
A very good chapter.
DarkFairy8605 chapter 32 . 4/14
Life happens its ok, just makes it suspenseful. Lol. Good chapter though I may have to reread the beginning to remember Hermione s first animal's form :)
angel897 chapter 32 . 4/11
happy you updated again an interesting chapter to read.
Lalina92 chapter 32 . 4/11
'Mione is so damn lucky
SereniteRose chapter 32 . 4/11
Thank you ever so much for updating your great story, I just love your stories. Thanks again.
SereniteRose chapter 31 . 4/11
Great chapter by the way. Can't wait to read some more. Thank you for updating. It's a really good story. I'm glad you made Ron a noob.
gottaloveva chapter 31 . 4/9
I love this story! :-) Please update soon! :-)
Chameleon-Bookworm chapter 31 . 4/6
I love this story! Hermione/multi pairings are always my favorite and I think that this one is beautifully written. I can't wait to read the next chapter. :)
amg.supernatural chapter 31 . 3/20
love it
Terrence Rogue chapter 31 . 3/16
I'm always happy to see this on my alerts list. I really enjoyed this chapter and am thrilled you didn't off Sirius. Can't wait to see how Hermione and the boys adapt to having the boys all out of school.

I look forward to what's next.
Watermelonsmellinfellon chapter 31 . 3/16
Please update as soon as you can! :)
Elena Gilbert 14 chapter 31 . 3/15
Another great chapter! Please update soon! :D ;)
AshleyMarie2010 chapter 32 . 3/15
I signed it. We still need about 48,000 signatures in four days. Here's to hoping.
vampirequeengoddess chapter 32 . 3/15
I sign it
Breathetheworld47 chapter 32 . 3/15
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