Reviews for Dragon Singer
Leafy chapter 5 . 3/4
Wow oh wow. Update? Pretty please!
jupimako chapter 5 . 2/24
I really really really want to read more! What a fantastic idea.
TamariChan chapter 5 . 2/20
This is such a unique idea, and brilliantly written!
InArduisFidelius chapter 5 . 2/18
I really hope that you are able to sort out that plot line sometime soon. This is really good :)
harrynginnyinatree chapter 5 . 2/7
I don't really buy that Fred and George would be watching the map, suddenly see themselves passing Sirius Black, but not see Peter Pettigrew's name in the same spot. Let alone the no doubt numerous times they would have used the map for pranks and making sure that they didn't run into any teachers and still not seen that they always happened to have a tagalong or an extra person in their dorm room. I really like this story, though, and I hope that you will continue it soon.
Silver Ardor Dragon chapter 5 . 2/1
:) I like this story so far. I hope to read more soon.
mizukikage chapter 5 . 1/31
That's fine, shorter chapter stories are best anyway.
enchanted nightingale chapter 5 . 1/28
Brilliant! _
Twitch101 chapter 5 . 1/25
Interesting story. Can't wait for more
MattKennedy chapter 5 . 1/25
Great story. I really like the idea it's based on and Harry/Charlie is one of my favorite pairings. :) Hope you continue it soon.
Guest chapter 5 . 1/20
More make more...please...
Reiki89 chapter 5 . 1/7
Great story so far!
Ashvarden chapter 5 . 12/29/2014
Oh, wow. Where do I start.

I'm loving how unique this story is. Can't help but admire your writing chops - the narrative flows so smoothly, and the time skips, scenes, and exposition all balance well in terms of pacing. It's fascinating seeing all the ways one change in the timeline can have a ripple effect. I also admire your characterization of Harry/Singer, which has been a) interesting, b) original, and c) consistent thus far.

The funeral song from the dragons is such a cool concept, and I like how your dragon characters have distinct personalities and intelligence of their own. Definitely excited about the HP/CW pairing, as well. It's one that doesn't get a ton of attention in the fandom but is a joy to read when handled well (and you definitely have thus far). Overall, I'm quite impressed, and I'll be excited to see your next chapter!
spk chapter 5 . 12/28/2014
Definitely intrigued...can't wait to see what you do with this. :)
Guest chapter 5 . 12/28/2014
dude, this story is so interesting!
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