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HP.HG. fan forever chapter 42 . 9/17
I feel pairings are up to the author. I have my preferences, but as Harry was thrown into the future well beyond her life span, he has to find someone else. And as he is the last magical...
Guest chapter 10 . 8/31
i love most of your writing, but im afraid im finished with this one. Heero enslaved harry. Even if is is a benign slavery, it is still slavery based on extreme pain to resisting orders. now harry is just going to forgive and forget? nope nope nope. Frankly there is only a minor difference between what Heero KNOWINGLY did (Harry explained under Heero's torture exactly how the magical oath worked) and what Dumbledore did. Ron's murky "betrayal" actions were kinder and more forgivable than Heero's Treachery toward right after harry rescued and released him.
I would accept the enslavement as a plot device except for the fact that Harry is about to forgive the man who continues to hold him in slavery and shows no sign of considering his release. And all this based on a sappy heart to heart talk with a guy harry has known for all of an hour.
This is stupid chapter 5 . 8/28
How is this smart harry? This is retarded harry.
Oh just swear an oath to be slave why don't you.
Piece of s*** heero. And f***** harry.
Holycrap this ruined the whole story of harry be powerfull.
So he escapes "Dumbnoballs" just to becone a slave? Wtf duude
Wtf chapter 26 . 7/5
Expanding the creepy slavery. Just. Wow. Unbelievably sick.
Meh chapter 24 . 7/5
Constantly creating more problems instead of solving them to keep the creepy slavery going. Stockholme syndrome cranked up to 11. Not impressed.
Ew chapter 16 . 7/5
Not only creepy slavery, but creepy stockholme syndrome as well. Pretty twisted story.
Creep chapter 11 . 7/5
Creepy slavery is still creepy.
Thespurgin chapter 35 . 5/18
Okay, I'll be honest... did NOT expect that plot twist. Well played.

That beings said, I'm horrified by your naming sense.
The first thing that came to mind when I thought of an upgraded Heavyarms was "Gunstar"
Araytigre chapter 66 . 4/12
Glad to see that Albus, Tom, and Nagini are History, and wasn't surprised at Albus' cannibalism, as he would do Anything to survive. It will be interesting to see how the Grindlewald situation pans out. It will also be fun to see what Harry/Taliesin does with the Hallows. Interesting thought, as I understand it, Theastrals are invisible to anyone that hasn't seen Death, so I would "assume" that either all of the personnel that were working with them had seen Death, or that the invisibility doesn't kick in until sometime later after their birth. I'm also glad that we will be getting a few more chapters (grins!) of this fun story. Thank You. TTFN
ddzhalev chapter 18 . 4/9

Your writing style is quite decent, although you need to cut down on the dialogue rants (haven't read and won't be reading further chapters, so if you've already fixed that issue I apologize for bringing it up). The plot...well, to be brutally honest, I've rarely been this disappointed with a story. I can understand why you felt the obedience bond between Harry and the other kid was necessary (though I don't agree), but the excessive brutality of the way it was formed, especially towards a small child, was abhorrent. The entire relationship between Harry and the pilots just looks like a victim of Stockholm Syndrome and his captors (let's be honest, that's pretty much exactly what they are). While that is very possible in real life, I have absolutely no desire to read about it here. I wish you luck with your writing.


P.S. While I very much doubt I'll be picking up this, or any of your other stories again, I feel I should point out that you've mislabeled this fic. It's gone way past drama into the realm of angst. Please consider changing it so as not to mislead any more readers.
Sewarea chapter 43 . 3/29
could you set up a translation for the garbled speech like last time? Thank you
Biblio388 chapter 29 . 3/23
A very interesting and very cool chapter. I was slightly weary at the beginning when he kept running into problems but you handled everything really well. The way you dealt with Zero is awesome if little glossed over but it doesn't take away from the solution. Not something I have ever seen done before in such a way.
I am actually enjoying some of the ups and downs that occur in this story and find myself surprised at the new look into characters that I had already previously formed an opinion on. It is different enough from canon to make everything shiny but not so much that people are totally unrecognizable. I usually look for stories with little drama because I see enough IRL but this is so well written and handled that I can't help but wish to keep reading even when I would stop in other stories. That is something I don't experience very often and is the best praise I can offer a story. Looking forward to reading more and maybe checking out some of your other works when I finish reading this.
Penny is wise chapter 66 . 3/23
Awesome chapter..
Biblio388 chapter 20 . 3/22
Unpleasant business near the end there but I will say that it was handled pretty well. The newest addition to his person is kind of odd and I will look forward to seeing where you are going with them. Never really understand the idea of hiding something because of fear of it being discovered and then going out of your way to tease about it or how someone can think about waiting to escape when they are capable of doing so earlier in the hopes of hiding the fact that they can escape. It seems a little catch-22 to me, not trying to in order to hide the fact you can, not doing so in order to hide that you are trying.
Biblio388 chapter 18 . 3/22
Wow. This is a great chapter. Even if it is filler, it is very well written and seemed to me that it got everything you said you wanted out of it. First time I have seen a really good circus act being described in a story.
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