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Guest chapter 6 . 4/19
Guest chapter 7 . 4/4
The premiere of Fifty Shades Darker renewed my love for this Trilogy. I have read many of the cheating stories with interest, seeing what the different perspectives are in each story. This particular one, although only six chapters show Christians selfishness and attitudes regarding his marriage and his infidelity with Amanda. I find this story to be believable, in the sense of Christian being the type of guy whom has no trouble in his past replacing his subs with a new one when he has had enough of them, and, it appears his marriage to Ana is no different. He gives me the impression only his feelings matter, and, when confronted by his wife about his affair his first instinct was to protect the woman he is cheating with. He seems surprised by Anas reaction, but, realistically he did not show any understanding of what her feelings would be. In the books it is well documented about Christians emotional immaturity, and, this story gives the impression it was going to delve deeper in that area. I was looking forward to reading whether Christians relationship with Amanda is based on love, or something else. I have no doubt Christian will always love Ana, but, I was looking forward to seeing if he is still 'in love' with her. This story was showing him to be unable to reconcile that he is hurting his family, in particular his wife and his son, with his infidelity. I personally do not like the cheating stories but I am starting to refamiliarise myself with the stories on this blog, and, this story peaked my interest, mainly as it involved the emotional issues that Christian and Ana need to overcome which was not largely highlighted in the books like this. Please reconsider finishing this story, I would be interested to see what points you are trying to get across.
Guest chapter 6 . 4/3
I have just finished reading what little there is of this story, and, I am also amazed by some of the reviews posted here. Christian plays up with a younger woman and Ana is left broken. So many reviews say that if Amanda dumps Christian he will attempt to reconcile with Ana and she just takes him back. Oh goodness. I was really hoping this story may have shown more strength in Anas character than this. Christian left for greener pastures and when that falls through Ana takes him back. I hope this was not what this writer had I'm mind. Christian deserves to be thrown to the gutter and left in the wind. Ana deserves true love. Let Christian lie in the bed he made for himself. His foolish decision to cheat on the one woman whom gave everything of herself to him does not deserve to be given an easy second chance. Give this Ana the opportunity to find what real love and happiness in a relationship is about. Please reconsider writing this story, would love to read your take on this HappyCup.
Guest chapter 7 . 4/2
Sorry to hear his story will not be finished. I was hoping this may have been one of those stories where the plot took a different turn, with Ana being cold and distant. So far no cheating stories I have read have even given Ana a different perspective, and, I have been waiting for a story where Ana sticks it to Christian. I was hoping along the lines of her divorcing him only if he agrees to terms such as giving her the controlling shares in GEH, and Christian openly admitting to the media he was unfaithful and naming Amanda as the other woman. Christian deserves to have everything thrown at him. If Christian is truly committed to Amanda he should have no problem with these types of conditions, however, I find their relationship is not longlasting. I can't see Amanda wanting her name outed in this way and her reactions may lead to him having to confront these challenges bringing him to a realisation of what his true feelings for Amanda and Ana are. I hope you seriously reconsider and finish this story, HappyCup.
Guest chapter 7 . 4/1
This story had the makings of being one of the better posts, yet, sadly, after only six chapters the writer has put this on the backburner. Can HappyCup please tell us what they may have had in store for all the characters? I was looking forward to seeing Christian move on with Amanda, and, more importantly, Ana being given the opportunity to find a man worthy of her affections. Christian does not deserve Ana, and, it would be great to see her find someone new. Amanda is only using Christian for his money, and, he will end up copping his right whack. Would have looked forward to seeing another man take Christians place in Anas bed and in his sons life. Christian deserves this type of a wake up call. That would have made for a good story! Please give me some light here?
Guest chapter 7 . 3/28
I have read Wordrunners story, and, although it was a good story l was curious as to how you may have portrayed Ana and Amanda in your story. From what l had read in your brief post l considered Ana to be not only surprised, but, overwhelmed at the way Christian just disregarded her totally to start a relationship with Amanda. Anas emotions really show, and, to make matters all the more worse was her having found out about his infidelity the way she did to also realising he was still having sex with her while bedding Amanda. For four months Christian was getting the best of both worlds, with his wife completely oblivious as to his cheating. For Amanda's part, well, she seems upset Christian was still sleeping with his wife. To me, if Christian was so unhappy it takes an unfeeling person to not only sleep with both women, but, he actually takes off his wedding ring while he is in Amanda's company.
Guest chapter 7 . 3/23
This story was only just starting to get to the good stuff. I was looking forward to what Amanda was expecting of Christian now the cat is out of the bag, and, seeing how Ana starts to live her life as a single mother and having to start afresh without Christian. While I was hoping this story was a HEA for Mr and Mrs Grey we are never going to know their intentions. I only hope you reconsider and finish this story.
Guest chapter 7 . 3/23
Sorry to hear this story will not be finished. I was curious as to what would happen if Ana ever saw Amanda, and, more importantly, how Christian would react to their meeting? I imagine Amanda being the type of woman Ana may have been early on which made Christians attraction to her being what it is. As with most cheating stories, there is always a loser. In this case, it seems to be Ana and Teddy. Sadly Christian has put his need for sexual fulfilment ahead of his family, which seems to stem from his days with Elena. I get the feeling Elena and Amanda are acquainted somehow, with Amanda seeming to know what turns Christian on. I think she may have had some help from Elena, and I would not be surprised if circumstances turned around and Christian may have done a more thorough background check on Amanda and discovers this himself. Would love to have seen Christian begging Ana for forgiveness, and, her showing the strength to no longer be intimidated by his controlling behaviour. Please give us some hint as to what may have thought of doing, please?
Guest chapter 7 . 3/20
This is a sad story, a married man whom has been through so much to disregard the one woman whom has been there and saved him above all others. Christian clearly has lost his sense of right and wrong, and, while he tries to convince himself he no longer loves his wife and has fallen in love with Amanda he has failed to see the consequences of his actions to that point. To be so open with Amanda in public is not only insensitive, but, insulting to his wife and son. He clearly has not thought about their feelings or how his behaviour would be uncovered.

Amanda seems more than happy to play the mistress, being showered with gifts and living Christians lifestyle, while Ana is left to look after their son. For Christian to say to Ana Amanda is a beautiful woman and she deserves respect shows nothing but disrespect for Ana, as she is the one whom showed him love and light.

Christian clearly enjoys his time with Amanda, however, he has put his son a distant second while he carries on a relationship with a woman whom is not his wife. I would have looked forward to seeing Christian and Ana over the coming time attempt to sort through their feelings and explore whatever options this writer had to make this story complete.

Please reconsider finishing this story, as it is really annoying to start reading a story to find it has not or won't be finished.
Fifty Shades Fan chapter 7 . 3/20
This is one of those stories that would have been great to see finished. The plot shown makes for an interesting story. Christian is definitely out of touch with reality, as Ana is not only Mrs Grey, but, she also has commitments and responsibilities with being in this position. Charities and events are one of many aspects of being a Grey, yet, Christian is only thinking of himself. Ana is trying to do her best for everyone and he acts like an immature teenager and interprets her lack of attention for not wanting to be with him anymore. What a douchebag! His choice of mistress is also questionable, with Amanda coming across as a selfish schemer whom does what she needs to get her way, including sleeping with a married man to further herself. Would have been great to see this story continue, so Happy Cup, could we get some semblance of a conclusion as to what happens to all involved?
Guest chapter 7 . 3/18
Christian you are such a dumbass! You are playing with fire-a woman whom is happy to chase after a married man is not the type of woman you would consider a life-term relationship with. He claims to love Amanda, based on what, seeing her once a week and wining and dining her at places he frequented with his wife? As for expecting Ana to let Amanda near Teddy he is dreaming, and her response is true and correct-Amanda will not be interested in Teddy, he is in fact the last thing she seems concerned about. Christian seems to have the illusion his new plaything will be more...I hate to say it, he is not seeing the bigger picture, she does not strike me as the type of woman whom wants any form of commitment, she seems to like non attached ideal of only play. Please tell us how you were going to end this, I am curious to see how Christian wakes up from this stupidity? Pleeaassee...
Guest chapter 7 . 3/18
I don't like the cheating stories as there is so much sadness and angst attached to them. About this story, what would make Christian so selfish to do this to Ana? His inability to see Amanda is using him is worrying to say the least, as he is throwing away his life with Ana and Teddy for a woman whom clearly is not interested in pursuing a proper relationship with him. Ana has had the indignity of finding out about his infidelity herself, as Christian was to preoccupied to notice what was happening around him. She deserves better than being pushed aside by the likes of Amanda, whom, by her own admission, seems to empathize with Ana being shown the door for her yet she is not interested in meeting Christians family? If she was serious about him, she would be jumping at the opportunity to stamp her place as his new woman. His family needs to stop molly-coddling him and make a stand. He may have had a traumatic life, but, that does not excuse his behaviour towards his wife. Please give me some hope, I want to see Amanda thrown to the curb, where she belongs, in the gutter. She comes across as gutter trash, and, that is where she should be thrown back to. Please finish this story?
Guest chapter 7 . 3/17
Oh what a sad story. I love Christian and Ana, their love story one we can all relate to, their love having to endure so many things for this to happen. How could Christian get this so wrong, for a ruthless businessman he sure is clueless to matters of the heart. Poor Ana, it is bad enough she has seen Christian through his dark times to then find out herself he is spending time with someone else, going to her favourite restaurants and being openly affectionate with this other woman in public. That would break most people, but, l hope she rises above it and shows her class. Clearly Christian is not thinking about the consequences of his actions, so Ana is left to pick up the pieces, again. Hope his family, in particular Grace and Carrick kick his butt and show him what a fool he is being. A mistress is only short term, marriage is forever. Would love to see the end of this story, please give us an ending worth waiting for.
Guest chapter 7 . 3/16
Sadly this is another story of a wealthy powerful man whom needs his sexual desires met, while his mistress is using the power of the pussy to get what she wants. This story sounds all too familiar. Shame we may never know how this would have gone. Please reconsider abandoning this story.
Guest chapter 6 . 3/16
I am disappointed that this story will not be completed. I was looking forward to an Ana and Amanda showdown. Eventhough Ana is still trying to get her head around Christians infedelity, it also comes through that there may be an element of BDSM here, with Amanda seemingly being the one in control, with Christian falling all over her with his sexual desires. I get the impression Elena may be involved somehow, as Amanda seems more than happy to go into the playroom, as her way of distracting Christian from the guilt he starts to feel. Give us some hint of what may have come, please? I have not seen a full on showdown in these FSOG blogs.
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