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Bones2014 chapter 1 . 12/21/2014
How do you do that? It's like you're In Booth's head...his voice. That is f**king amazing. Once again, thanks to your gift, I can so see this. Perfect:-)
Guest chapter 1 . 10/17/2012
Love this more please
CrayonClown chapter 1 . 10/4/2012
“Three months they were away and all of it is a total void. In the week since they've been back, I find myself realizing how much I missed.”

“We were sitting on the couch the other day, and I was flipping back and forth between the Penn State/Temple game and the Braves/Phillies game, and Bones mentioned to me that she was rooting for the Braves.”
—Uh oh! Booth won’t like that. But wait… Brennan caring about baseball, period? Hmm…

“Bones has a favorite team and a favorite player?”
—My thought’s exactly, Booth. WTH

“There's a part of me that feels even farther apart now that she's back than I did even when she was gone. It's like their lives went on without me, while I was stuck back here like some kind of dumb-ass afterthought in an endless holding pattern, and no one saw fit to tell me that everything changed in the meantime, so now that they're home and it's obvious that life went on without me…”
:( :( :( Oh, Booth needs a hug.

“Her fingertips moved over my hip and across the lower part of my abdomen, her index finger arcing over my belly button as I felt her pinky thread through the top of my pubic hair.”
I don’t know why that’s so hot, but JFC it is! The kind of hot, where I might have a moment, and I have no idea if it’s because of the belly button or the pubic hair.

I bet it’s intentional, but I love how this fits in with what Booth said to Sweets about sex not being the problem, but the solution. Yeah, I’m not seeing a problem there… Nope. *fans self*

Have I told you lately how much I love your writing? Because I do. A lot.

Hannah chapter 1 . 9/25/2012
love it. Please keep writing :D x
Jasper777 chapter 1 . 9/25/2012
You should allow the muse to get you up about an hour early each morning. This chapter hit home didn't it? I can ask you that now ...since we have seen episode 8x02- very smartly written. I hope you keep these filler/one shots going through out the season. I like how you give us the "off screen" action that lacks for me, starting about 8:01PM every Monday night.
bostonlegalgirl chapter 1 . 9/25/2012
Holy mother MONKEY! You were able to capture what Booth had to be feeling and thinking in 1800 words! This one-shot was perfect!

Booth would feel cheated out of those precious months in his baby daughter's life. He would be angry...and hurt. He would resent Brennan, even though he knew she did what was needed...

I was so pleased to see where HH is taking our show... This season might end up being the best one yet.

Loved this Monkey!

delia84 chapter 1 . 9/25/2012
Braves fan, huh? I can see that leading to tension in the relationship. :)
dovepage chapter 1 . 9/23/2012
Beautifully written, you write Booth so well, you make my heart hurt for him. Reading your work makes watching this series so much more fulfilling. Thank you.
mef1013 chapter 1 . 9/24/2012
Loved it. Very appropriate.
marceline19 chapter 1 . 9/24/2012
I love it!
BonesLenka chapter 1 . 9/24/2012
*exhales relievedly* For a tiny moment I was afraid Booth would not want to have sex with her. I'm glad they are still totally fine in this area ;)

But no, seriously, these are my favourite points :

- "My baby girl's now more of a girl and less of a baby than she was before, and I missed it. I missed it all."'

A baby changes so much in 3 months and that was exactly what I had on my mind - he was apart from Brennan, but this will heal over the time. Unlike missing so much time from his daughter's life - this is something which can never be mended.

- "There's a part of me that feels even farther apart now that she's back than I did even when she was gone."

This makes me very, very sad. But I believe they will make it through, because they are Booth & Bones and:

- "I love you"

That's why they will be all right.

I like that you write angsty stuff, but there is hope. In core, these two are solid as a rock. We know it, they will find out. Soon, I hope. And I'd love to read happy Booth's POV shot when it happens, although I'm not sure it is as appealing to write about as it is about hard times ;)
del1 chapter 1 . 9/24/2012

This really and truly touched me. Each time Booth said 'No' I felt the prick of tears in my eyes.

I think you've captured his mind set perfectly. This is really sad... really really sad. Poor Booth.

Awesome job. One of my favorites from you, for sure.
MJRojas28 chapter 1 . 9/23/2012
This may make me sound like a perv,but the first thing I thought was "oh,they sleep naked? Cool" hehe

I love these little tidbits into Booth's mind that you're giving us,I just saw the previews and I think this ties more with the "sex isn't the problem" bit ;)

Keep em comin!
3squares again chapter 1 . 9/23/2012
I swear I wrote a review for Apart a few days ago, but I don't see it, so maybe I dreamed it. Maybe I'm just blind and can't see it. OK, let me try this again.

For me, if I were going to draw a line in the sand for the show, which I'm not, because it's not my show, I just get to watch it, and if I don't like it I can just write it the way I want it or rather, get others to do it for me. But. If I were, it would be a line that said almost anything goes, as long as Booth and Brennan are together. OK, at separate apartments counts as together. As long as they could call each other or get to each other and do, frequently, then all is right in my world, even if they aren't together together. So this season, where they were APART, was kind of killing me. So I was so unbelievably, unashamedly happy that you wrote this story, once they were back together, that I read it over and over and honestly, maybe downloaded it to my kindle in case I am ever without wi-fi. There are 25 or so stories that I keep there. That said, here is my review. As often, a list, cause I'm mathy and I like to count.

1. I really like the poetic devices in this story...the use of all senses (the breeze blowing, the clock needing to be wound, the incipient smell of coffee from a coffee maker that hasn't turned on yet)...the alliteration (settled/slumber, stone silent, prunes and pears, hard and hips, sloping sigh), onomatopoeia (babbling chatter).

2. A small thrill when you switched from 3rd p omni to pseudo 3rd p omni: " My baby girl's now more of a girl and less of a baby than she was before, and I missed it." Aw. Booth's voice. His first thoughts of his baby girl.

3. I like the fact that you took something from the spoiler for tomorrow's episode (fry cook) and made it...I don't know what to call it...warmer? cleaner? work? Of course, I've only seen the sneak peak but I was left feeling so sad, which was obviously the point. I like what you did with the bits that we know about the ep.

4. I love love love that you dealt with the very real difference in the kind of experience they each had over the summer. I had such a hard time wrapping my mind around it this summer and think it would/will be a really hard thing to get past. Booth on the one hand, was in DC and could be involved in the case even if secretly or peripherally, but on the other hand, he couldn't really do anything else, wouldn't really want to. I mean, he has time, but is he really going to learn an instrument? Take up a new sport? No. He's in limbo. Brennan, cut off from the case must be frustrated, on the other hand, with a baby and a dad and a life on the run, is forced to live, to move forward. That is the real essence of the distance between them...not the fact that she left. In my opinion anyway. I believe you have gotten to the heart of that here.

5. And then hilarious (although bittersweet) that you used sports as another way to show Brennan's life away. Hah! She has a favorite team and player!

6. "I didn't want words, because it seemed that every time she opened her mouth to tell me something, I felt farther and farther away—like a stranger, miles apart from who she was now." I have read this over and over. Yes, just yes.

7. "I cut her off with another wet, grasping kiss." Still no talking. Yes and then..

8. "Booth," she said quietly as I opened my eyes to find her looking up at me with lazy, darkened blues. "I know, Bones," I whispered back.

The only word he needs to hear from her: Booth. ("I know who you are...")

9. A couple turns of phrase that poked me in the stomach: "the last flashes of my release", "she was getting closer to where I wanted her to be", " heard the quiet hum in her throat", " with a hard roll of my hips".

Oooh. You are very very good at this.
BlueOrchid96 chapter 1 . 9/23/2012
All the Braves stuff cracked me up. I'm not a huge baseball fan (more football) but back when I was in college, I went where the Braves were big. So the watch them on TBS scenario brings back memories.

Now, off baseball, loved your take. I haven't read a lot of spoilers for Bones but I can only imagine that Booth has to be frustrated that Bones left him, especially the way it all went down, but will still want to feel the closeness physically, despite his anger.
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