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OMG Pterodactyls chapter 70 . 7/26
This was amazing! Totally loved it!
Guest chapter 70 . 7/26
Ahhhhhh! I love I so much! Thank you!
whentheresawill chapter 70 . 7/22
im so so sorry i took so long to leave my review. I got really sick this week, and i promised myself i had to be in the right mind to leave my message. Please forgive me.

DAmn tho. 4 years. I havent been with you from the start i must admit, i only started reading two and half years ago. But you have been with ME from the start. Your story was one of the first I saw and fell in love with. I even seeing that green cover all the time and being like..."whats this?"
I remember opening it up and reading the first chapter. I remember being absolutely hooked right away.
Talking about the first chapter for a was the best chapter in the story. Isnt that funny tho? Aha the chapter that started it all. NO but seriously EVERYTHING about chapter 1 was gold. Will was sexy from the start lmaooo. THe way he acted with little Crowley, so much like an uncle, but also like a father. And yet he was still Halt's boy, with his cheekiness and his wit. LOved it.
I loved how right from the start there was Will pain. And i loved the way you wrote all the characters so character. I had read too many stories where Halt is an emotionless merciless old man, and Will is a mindless high 4 year old boy.
I remember that time when you were gone for a whole 6 months. I feel like i was that person who kept checking in constantly. LIke a little knock "are you there?" "hey friend you alive?" "please tell you didnt forget about us." "I KNOW YOU HAVE A LIFE IM SO SORRY TO BOTHER YOU...but we miss you" It was my biggest fear that year, that you would just leave the story. NO lie tho, i worried about it A LOT. I reread the whole story twice in that time.
I also put some of it on actual paper. THere was a cover and everything. To Death and Glory by Merlyn Pendragon. I handwrote the story and binded it. it was only the first three chapters but...thats actually quite a lot.
I just wanted to briefly go over all my favorite parts in the story. Ive always wanted to share with you which parts i loved the most. I thought you might enjoy.

-All of chapter 1

-When Crowley fed Will the grapes (. so cute)

-Halt kinds Crowley after Will was taken.

-Will and the bee

-That interaction between Will and Julius's girlfriend...hehee

-Horace and Gilan bickering (gives me life. I want them to actually physically fight. blood and all)

-"...and a face that makes all woman swoon" -Septimus about Will.

-Will's first interaction with Giovanni

-Will's second interaction with Giovanni

-Will and Berkart meet at the stinky place (I just loved how pathetic Falk was)

(btw all of these are Will)

-WIll gets branded (so much ANGST THANK YOU)

-Crowley sneaks into the Skandian ship

-WILL MEETS MERIEL (that whole thing was so so so good. loved how cool WIll was)

-Gilan and Alyss get into the party

-Horace has to pee

-Will meets Rodrigo

-Will meets Jafar

-WILL meets the aetius and GETS WHIPPED IN THE FACE!111! (LOVE THAT PART)

-Julius stitches the gash in Wills face

-Will and Oslave (everything about that. WHereis he anyways)

-THat whole chapter where Will is locked up and Giovanni breaks his finger.

-Alyss remembers Will

-The last fight in the arena with Rodrigo

-Will starts vomiting (Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas...)

-Gilan is bloody

-Halt punches GIovanni


The way you ended it all was perfect. i loved the last chapter. Everyone was together around a dying angel, and Alyss the closest. I so happy you didnt kill him, but i never thought you would anyways. ;)
The reactions of everybody was nicely brought forth. THe last part made me so so happy. Will is back home with children running around his house and Halt with him. I saw his wit again...i missed his humor. Even Maddie didn't ruin that chapter. TO be fair she was very little. Speaking of which, Will and Alyss need to pop some babies. lmao jokes jokes...but really. I just loved how the end was the two of them riding away together...on the same horse. :))))))))))) DOnt know how to express my joy.

and now...its done. and im satisfied but im incredibly sad. Ive invested all my teenager life to this story. Now what do i do? what story do i dream about and think about all the time? ;) (jokes)

Im very pleased that youre willing to take my small requests tho. That way we (or idk..are you gonna publicly post them?) can see different types of writing by you. And different genres and characters and interactions and scenarios. Are you willing on writing all types of things, or are more comfortable with a specific type of genre?

THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL 3 YEARS. you have no idea how much i love you. I havent even met you...thats weird. But im your biggest fan i swear. I will never forget you or the beautiful masterpiece you worked so hard to create. You made me very very happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart
MangoFromMars chapter 70 . 7/21
*Applauds with much enthusiasm*
I want it to be real.
Is that okay?
I think it is.
thank you for creating this.
Guest chapter 70 . 7/19
AWWWWWW! XD That was an AWESOME ending! :) Thankx so much for writing this!
Rexness613 chapter 70 . 7/19
This is one of my favorite fics of all time. I really love and I can't wait to see more Rangers Apprentice fics from you. You did _awesome_. Cheers 3
Guest chapter 70 . 7/18
I LOVED THIS STORY- YOU'RE SUCH A GOOD AUTHOR, (seriously, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Your writing is amazing!) I actually like this ending better than the book's ending- it has a better sense of finality about it. I hope you enjoyed writing it as much as I enjoyed reading it!

- ΩΟmega_soldatinoΩ

P.S. I'm looking forward to reading your other/future works!
Kawazoe Kumiko chapter 70 . 7/17
Such a terrific ending! I love your story and I hope to read more of your work in the future!
Shian chapter 70 . 7/17
I first read this story a year ago, and have been constantly checking for updates since. Though I haven't reviewed until now, so apologies for that. What an amazing story! Your writing is fantastic! Thank you for continuing this to the very end, as opposed to many other Fanfiction authors who tend to give up too soon. And thank you for tying off all the story arcs and revealing the different characters' fates in ways that made sense and did not leave us hanging. Was hoping for a confrontation between Niccolo and Julius though. The villains' ends were satisfying, especially that of Vieri, Rodrigo, Giovanni, and Falk. Ever since I read this the first time last year, I had hoped that either Will or Niccolo would kill Giovanni, as at the time they were his only known victims, but after what he tried to do in the second last chapter, Halt definitely became an equally appropriate character to get the honour of putting that monster down! This as been a great story to read, and I will miss it. If you write anything else, good luck to you!
TrustTheCloak chapter 70 . 7/16
*Slow clap*
Wow. Just, wow. That story was incredible. Amazingly written and with an awesome plot. I always craved updates on it. I'm sad it's over, but my, what a journey it's been. Thanks for sticking through to the end and supplying, in my opinion, possibly the best story in the entire RA fandom. Thanks for the tale, Merlyn.
Farley chapter 70 . 7/16
I have read this story since march of this year, it is amazing how well you can write stories. Do you plan on having a sequel?
BrightWatcher chapter 70 . 7/16
Is it over? O_O

This fic has been a part of my reading for so long it feels strange to think of it ceasing.

Thank you for the story. It was wonderful watching the story, the characters, and your writing, evolve.

Good luck with your writers muse!
Captainsatire chapter 70 . 7/16
An absolutely lovely story start to finish, while I'm sad to see it end, and glad to have been there for the journey.
Keep writing.
Jwhy chapter 70 . 7/15
I finally get a chance to respond to the inundation of chapters these past two weeks, and the story is over. I guess that means I'm caught up for good.

Thanks for all the effort you put into this, it all came together nicely. Your forehead's pain never bled into the story.

I was kind of expecting you to kill Gilan off (and kind of hoping...feeling guilty...not that I have anything against him). He struck the perfect balance between minor and major character so that his death would have been felt but not cause the story to grind to a halt (no pun intended...or existing...).

May your future adventures be as interesting and diverse as Will's (minus a few near-death experiences)
Sapphire363 chapter 70 . 7/15
YAY! I love this story, and it is finally finished! Great job!
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