Reviews for To Death and Glory
Guest chapter 50 . 7/27
I have to say this was a very good story, so good in fact when I got to chapter 50 and realized that's all there was at this time I let loose a long string of profanity in sadness. But all in all it was 3 and a half hours well spent.
RangerFantasy chapter 50 . 7/24
WRITE MOOOOOOORE! Please ! It takes you so long ,and i understand but i looooove your story!
BILL chapter 50 . 7/22
I want more updates!
jaymzNshed chapter 50 . 7/20
Great chapter! Excited to see what will happen next! :)
animals202 chapter 50 . 7/19
Who cares if it is a boring chapter, it's a chapter! I really liked it.
Savannah Silverstone chapter 50 . 7/19
Congratulations on finishing your classes! Dammm I'm so un updated with this story. When do you plan on finishing it? I was hoping to turn it into an ebook and read everything straight!

Anyway, let your plot bunnies move. And you could always pursue writing as a side hobby because damm you're a great writer don't forget that
Sapphire363 chapter 50 . 7/17
BrightWatcher chapter 50 . 7/17
Thanks for the update!

Good luck with your writers muse!
TrustTheCloak chapter 50 . 7/17
I admit, the moment I saw the update in my inbox, I started laughing. I was that excited. XD Update soon, please!
moniquebowman chapter 50 . 7/17
Hi Merlyn! *waves* missed you!

Okay the part when Will was talking about cutting heads of a snake and it being a hydra the only thing going though my head was "cut off one head and two more will take its place. Hail hydra" haha
And with who to trust in starting to feel like this is an episode of GOT now that I've seen it
Anyway lovely as always. I wanted more but know hike elusive a muse can be..
Btw I finished TOC and started part 2 :)
Hope you update soon and congrats on chapter number 50 which is kinda a milestone
Good luck with the job hunt!
Phillippa Gordon chapter 50 . 7/17
Well it was a good chapter but now I'm absolutely dying for the next one. I can't wait for another update.
Caithlinn13 chapter 50 . 7/17
hahaha so funny, when I woke up today I said to myself: "Hmmm it's been a while since the last chapter of Death and Glory.. Let's send a PM and ask if the next chapter is almost done.. xD And then I opened my mailbox and poof there it was.. xD
Thanks for updating. :D You really do know how to pump up the excitement a notch.. ;P
Is it gonna be long before they meet again? :3
FishInAFadora chapter 50 . 7/16
i have faith in you merlyn! you can do this, defeat this monster of a story with your awesomeness!
its gonna take more than long absences to shake me off this story ;)
im sorry about your muse but these things die all the time, there life spans are shorter than gnats. if you feel poking it with a stick helps to revive it then by all means keep trying but sometimes you need to let it lie and try a new muse. i find that when im taking my mind off a difficult stubborn story that doesnt want work with me, starting on a new one refreshes me and then i get ideas and re inspired all over again. kind of like a couple 'taking a break' but without all the drama. and when you decide to come back you may find it easier to write. ill still be waiting :)
if the problem is really you dont have time cause your job hunting then do that first. all though i wish someone could get paid to write fanfiction...
if only...
anyway hope the advice helps if you decide to act on it. good luck with finding a job!
Guest chapter 50 . 7/16
It was boring but at least you updated.
Divine Protector of Skyrim chapter 50 . 7/16
This chapter most certainly was boring, but interesting.
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