Reviews for The Claiming
MillieJ chapter 54 . 8/14
I realize that this story was posted over 2 years ago, but I wanted to say a few words that I hope you may read.
This was a fine story that held my attention and interest. It's obviously AU so it wouuld follow that canon characters would probably be OC, so however the author wants to portray them is valid. I just hope that you did. not stop posting because of those irrelevant, opinionated reviews, most definitely written by an immature kid!
Saren chapter 54 . 7/23
Love your book. Its really good. I like the different twist with weres on ncis. Nice thought!
lollyboo7117 chapter 54 . 7/5
Please write a new chap
IWantColoredRain chapter 54 . 7/2
Guy's an idiot, you're right to ignore him
Spooky D chapter 54 . 7/1
Greate Story
Hope there will be more Chapters.
Maggie Arnolds chapter 54 . 6/28
You're welcome.
Guest chapter 54 . 6/27
Hey it's dolphinprtty don't worry about them. I like the story . if they don't like them don't read the story.
Guest chapter 54 . 6/27
I read the posts you put up as the chapter update and was outraged. This is fanfiction and whatever you create is allowed. I for one love this story and the father son moments between tony and Gibbs. Please don't let this stop you as I would also like to read more of your work.
Guest chapter 54 . 6/27
Posting just to address flamers just feeds the trolls. Looking forward to the upcoming fight between Gibbs and Eli.
Guest chapter 31 . 6/27
Wow...this is so bad it actually hurts...
Guest chapter 29 . 6/26
Stupid and unrealistic. Not the warewolf part. That's fine. The reactions from the team, the way they are acting etc. "his pup" no. Just no. He may have been the one to turn him into a wolf but Gibbs was never a father to Tony and Gibbs wouldn't react like that. STUPID STUPID STUPID! You cannot write for anything. Also your punctuation is shit.
Guest chapter 22 . 6/26
Okay, so firstly Gibbs is clearly favrotizing Tony, and Gibbs would never do that. I mean he said "Look after Tony". Gibbs would never single one person from his team out. Also the way Tony is reacting half the time to what is happening to Gibbs/his team is totally OOC. It wouldn't just be Tony who was worried about Gibbs but again, you are singling him out. The characters would never cry if something happened to Gibbs, but you have them crying every 5 minutes. They would stay strong for Gibbs. Also you seem to be forgetting to add other characters reactions. I mean for example something major happens you say "tony did this" "McGee did that" "Abby was..." "Ducky had..." But you forget to add others. One character I noticed you seem to forget more about is Ziva. You're not a very good writer at all and that is all I have to say.
TracyTravis chapter 54 . 6/28
Ridiculous! If someone doesn't enjoy your writing...why keep reading! Forget negativity and focus on the positive!
GranddaughterOfCaskettAndTiva chapter 54 . 6/27
I am absolutely blown away by how you handled these reviews, I just want to say bravo!
gobuckeyes chapter 54 . 6/27
Glad you are keeping the bad review (3 from the same guest reviewer) in perspective. The part that made me laugh was that they said the werewolf stuff was fine but other aspects of the teams behavior was OOC. I mean even you have to admit the team being werewolves is very OOC. I commend you for your work so far, you have put a lot of time and effort into telling this story and I hope you continue to write more.
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