Reviews for Tankards and Tempers
Theodur chapter 123 . 4/8
I think I like these chapters in particular because they show very well how strongly Laska actually does love Rose. Sometimes it just doesn't come across so well because of how readily Laska takes on casual lovers, but this really drives the point home. :)
chaosrin chapter 123 . 4/7
Surprise to see Laska back down, it feels like one those 'The moment' changes aaah great friends.
What's up with Question three? Its nice to see Laska's madness staring.
Theodur chapter 122 . 3/27
Considering Laska's preferences, I almost expected her to be more friendly to sahuagin. (There, that's exhausted the line of 'lesbian in fish market' jokes) :P
Chris of the Skazes chapter 43 . 3/5
Wow...hell of a way to abuse the fourth wall AND bust your own chops .
Chris of the Skazes chapter 42 . 3/4
Slenderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... :P
Chris of the Skazes chapter 41 . 3/4
I completely lost my shit at Legolas. Also, cookies are good. That is all .
Chris of the Skazes chapter 33 . 3/1
Irenicusssssssssssssssssssssss :)
Chris of the Skazes chapter 29 . 3/1
Korgan, you're my hero :)
Chris of the Skazes chapter 23 . 2/28
Damn, nice chapter! Some action, some romance, a miraculous house-cleaning, a well-written brick joke... .
I wish I had a Lasalla at my house, though. So much messy... -.-
Theodur chapter 119 . 2/21
Wow, Sendai isn't really good at this, is she. Kinda good thing that she has Diaytha, brainwashed as she is by Lolth's dogma, because without her she'd probably be ripped to shreds!
chaosrin chapter 119 . 2/21
The Mirror chapters is all quite deep in giving me new understanding of the characters.
Chris of the Skazes chapter 20 . 2/19
Oh, my feels :D
Risa must NEVER leave. EVER!
Chris of the Skazes chapter 17 . 2/18
Dammit, Jan! You missed it!
Chris of the Skazes chapter 16 . 2/18
Nice. Way to play the real estate game :3
Chris of the Skazes chapter 11 . 2/18
Geez, Laska. You could have at least left them with enough coin to pay for a rez. I mean, shit, you just got paid five gees. Btw, I fully approve of how you handled Edwin XD. Classic.
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