Reviews for Tankards and Tempers
Auctor chapter 153 . 2/5
Arf, I imagine so much the eldest son faint and fall into the lava after seeing the glorious boobs... it would make a good porn plot, minus the falling in the lava part.
Theodur chapter 153 . 2/5
The move from absurdity of the previous chapter to the more serious social commentary in this one was so sudden that I think it gave me a whiplash. Ow!

Weird that with all that cannon fodder in the slums, Ardulace hasn't rounded them up and sent them to fight her pointless wars. Similarly, Nathrae might be spot on about Ardulace, but at hey at least her husband hasn't been drafted.

Anyway, an interesting look at a layer of the drow society that we generally might not even think of, but that has to be there or else the society on the whole would probably collapse. They all seem the type who'd vote for drow version of Bernie. :)
Theodur chapter 152 . 2/4
Whoa, that was almost too much slapstick even for you! :P I literally had to disconnect parts of my brain while reading this. It was kinda like one of Creationist Cat's bible study videos... an objection of 'hey, that doesn't really make sense...' followed by 'JUST STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!'
Auctor chapter 152 . 2/2
I'm imagining Laska and the others women doing it with the half-orc... my soul is stained.
chaosrin chapter 150 . 1/31
Its very nice to see the other party members argue, it nicely rips apart the fronts they put up.
And I love Laska and Viconia's interaction that can admit each other's real intent and not dragging out the drama, I feel like its a true measure of their development with each other.
Now I wonder how Laska would handle this better than before, she have changed for better if she pull it off.
Theodur chapter 151 . 1/22
Looks like Sendai is teaching the Drow a much better way of raiding. Hopefully it will catch on. Well, if it won't, Diaytha will just crack the whip, problem solved.

I dunno Mellissan, I don't think think Sendai will be so easily controlled if you ask her to do something heinous she'll probably have trouble with that. She's not the type to do evil even for greater good, unlike Balthazar.

Nice flashback to Rose's meeting with Astlyn. She should totally go on that sea-voyage, even if she might end up spending most of the time tied to the bedposts in captain's cabin. Eh, what am I saying, that's the biggest pro argument to go. :)
Auctor chapter 151 . 1/21
hmmm, filling chapter, not much to say and yet so much to happen.
For Spite chapter 150 . 1/14
... She also doesn't know you're a surface elf, Laska. The whole thing's based on a lie.

Not a bright future down that road.
Theodur chapter 150 . 1/13
Damn it dude, you have to be more careful with these chapter titles. For a moment I was worried there might be a Scotty cameo in this chapter, which would have been awful. Unless you had changed him into the gnome butler named Scottsworth.

Well, an even bigger problem with any sort of Laska/Phaere future is that the drow illusion probably won't remain permanent, and they have no reason to believe Phaere would react well to finding out that Laska is a surface elf. I mean, Adalon isn't going to wait for her eggs for like several centuries and let Laska prance around as a drow all that time, right? Best thing they can probably do is to get the hell out of there, and then maybe somehow contact Phaere to test the waters on how much she wants to kill Laska for the deception...
jukehero461 chapter 150 . 1/11
Oh damn.

Okay, Laska's been shaken back to the land of the living, and the secrets are out of the bag, but there is still the small but very pressing problem of Phaere and the eggs...

...It's either going to work like a miracle or go down in flames.
Auctor chapter 150 . 1/11
Ooooohhh glorious sex scenes, I will take you to my grave ! And with the nude nod in Skyrim, I don't even have to imagine Phaere naked !

About the "we will tell Laska later" part, I expected that the party would knock her out, escape Ust Natha when Ardulace fails to summon the demon and finally tell her when met the surface elves.
Auctor chapter 149 . 1/5
Yes, now that the angst scene is gone, we will be rewarded by glorious sex scenes ! let's enter the ebony beauties and the shameless shagging !
chaosrin chapter 149 . 1/5
I love how Laska handle girl, she really hit it. I always view it as one of her best characteristics.
I quite like Vilaya chapters, it have a nice Silent Hill vibe to it and Xare interacts in her setting have an emtional impact to it. Hopefully Laska sees more clearly with Phaere and honesty i think its time for her to let go of Phaere, as nice seeing a drow romance, once is enough.
Theodur chapter 149 . 1/5
Heh. When that little girl mentioned Laska and a ‘hole in her that is empty and wants to be filled’, my first thought wasn’t about Laska’s mind.

By the way, she uses Laska’s name a few sentences before actually asking for Laska’s name. Also, if she sees Laska’s mind, she’d now it anyway.

I very rarely get creeped out by the written word, but that scene with Imoen and Viconia watching the priestesses stabbing someone inside the bloody bag was seriously effective. Wow.

Also, Laska has been temporarily made less insane. Hopefully they can capitalize on that!
Auctor chapter 148 . 1/2
Damn I should update my memories of Monty Python. And Dynaheir really should slow down the beer
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