Reviews for Tankards and Tempers
Theodur chapter 163 . 7/3
Kinda wonder what Melissan saw in Sendai in the first place. She just doesn't seem to be the Five material to be honest.

Illasera, yeah, not much of a 'ranger'. I can't remember, but is it Mielikki only who had rangers, didn't the evil gods like Malar have some dark rangers or something? Then again, almost seems like she's too insane and scary even for the evil gods. Hmm, maybe Melissan should know about Illasera's plans to collect a trophy from her.

Also, I've forgotten your house rules on the Bhaalspawn, but I guess they don't dissolve into dust after death? Otherwise, no trophy to collect.

Lol, maybe Jaheira should have put in more of an effort to get along with Laska. :D
Auctor chapter 163 . 7/1
Illasera's decorations look like something that Ramsay Bolton could really appreciate.

now, something to ponder: who would become the prey between Illasera and Astrid of the Dark Brotherhood if they decided to hunt each other?
For Spite chapter 163 . 6/30
Sendai thinks she's never heard of Laska Leafwalker before Illasera brought her up. But they were just discussing her at the meeting earlier. And they indicated that this wasn't the first time she'd come up in discussion during that conversation.

I also question why a drow needs a light to see.
Theodur chapter 162 . 6/22
This chapter is kinda almost impossible to review because I think I would feel like some voyeur grading performers in a sex scene, with score cards and all. But overall, I think it works because it shows a side of Laska's personality, whether we like it or not, it's just how she is at this stage of her young life.

I can understand people being a little put off because the chapter starts off with two horrible experiences, which can almost feel a little degrading, even if Laska herself clearly doesn't give a shit. I mean, she could have stopped if she wasn't enjoying herself, and in the first instance she clearly wasn't so that maybe felt a bit weird about Laska letting herself be handled like that.

By the way, it kinda occurred to me as I was reading the last scene with Lysette - which was great by the way - has Laska ever been rebuffed by an attractive woman because they were straight? Maybe that's something that should happen. At least now and then. Or maybe it has, I can't honestly remember. :)
jukehero461 chapter 162 . 6/20
Once again, you manage to write a chapter that is tasteful, sexy, intelligent, playful, dramatic and downright silly all at once, and it somehow WORKS.

I am in awe, this chapter is amazing, and I can't wait to see what happens in Athkatla.
chaosrin chapter 162 . 6/19
Okay to be honest, I don't like this chapter, too much focus on the guys, more like my eyes skinned over it. Make it really dislike it.
Honesty after that first bad one she should have punish Viconia in bed for that shit advice and go with the barmaid in the first place.
Now I need to erase it from my mind.
Auctor chapter 162 . 6/19
Eh, filling chapter, in more ways than one. not so much to tell.
jukehero461 chapter 161 . 6/6
As much as this is a bit of a throwaway chapter, I couldn't help but laugh and nod as I said to myself 'yes, that sounds EXACTLY like what Jan would do.'
Theodur chapter 161 . 6/5
You know, the tone of the story from the Underdark to this could not be more different. It's like you went 180 degrees in the other direction. I just don't remember it feeling it like that when I first read it. Maybe bigger pauses between chapters?

Of course, you are sort of going back to what it was before the Underdark. Even though it wasn't pure slapstick all the time. I like, but the only problem I see is if you want to do Laska-Phaere angst at the same time. It just gets lost next to the humor.

As for this chapter, I pretty much mentally watched it like a Looney Tunes cartoon. Hilarious. :D
Auctor chapter 161 . 6/5
I daresay it's a good thing Viconia's hair is already white, otherwise...

Aaaah Imoen and Viconia, so much material for... anatomic research. I should learn drawing faster.

Poor Jan, it wasn't even his direct fault for the two last things
chaosrin chapter 161 . 6/4
Poor Laska and i'm don't really like the whole Imoen and Viconia thing and where her dedication to her sister?
Just wondering did you pick up the horrible little man thing from the game?
Theodur chapter 160 . 5/31
I do love me some Drizzt bashing. I've been really hating on him lately, because they have really been pushing him with more and more cameos in the latest D&D games, like Neverwinter and Sword Coast Legends. It's so incredibly lazy, like trying to save a sinking ship by plastering a Drizzt face on it. And in those games, you as a character really only have options to wash his balls, not much else. At least in BG you could kill him and loot his stuff.

The only criticism I could have is that perhaps it went on a bit too long. You know I like good slapstick, but maybe an almost entire chapter is a bit much. ;) Still, gave me good chuckle.
jukehero461 chapter 160 . 5/30
Oh ye gods, that was amazing...
For Spite chapter 160 . 5/30
Drizzt does get pretty ridiculous sometimes, though I think you do him a disservice and weaken the humor by ascribing negative traits the character lacks, rather than only focusing on and simply exaggerating the ones he definitely has. When you attack someone too hard, it perversely makes them look better and you worse.

Drizzt who can't catch any subtext and is stupidly self-righteous, I can see pretty easily. Drizzt who goes around spying on elf-maidens and lover's trysts, is a bit much.
Auctor chapter 160 . 5/29
That chapter... seemed particularly sex oriented. With Viconia eager to tell her youth's feats, Laska craving to suck off a random guy (hentai material!) and Imoen on the verge of doing Viconia on the spot in front of everyone.
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