Reviews for Tankards and Tempers
Auctor chapter 146 . 3h
So, ingame Vilaya is the part of the map where we have to get the eye of an ancient beholder, right ? Nasty place, full of despair and ragequit. And what about the crazy kuo-toas ?
jukehero461 chapter 145 . 20h
Oh, naughty Boo! Leading your ranger to depths of depravity like that! For shame!
jukehero461 chapter 144 . 20h
Aaaaand cue the demon summoning! I like how you worked in how terrifying tremors would be to underground dwellers, it's a clever detail.

Laska appears to be slowly... ebbing back. And her wanderlust is returning, but she still likes being down in Ust Natha.
Theodur chapter 145 . 11/23
Heh... I had forgotten that Phaere actually had the real set of eggs. Doh. So much for that awesome heist, eh?

Also, what happened with Laska at Dragonspear? Or are you just promoting the new game for Beamdog, you shill? :D

Heh, Minsc... maybe one day Boo will be able to explain what happened there so that you actually understand. Not surprised that Drow was so happy though. It was probably a similar experience to riding the Bull. ;)
Auctor chapter 145 . 11/22

So basically, Viconia and Imoen stole Phaere's fake eggs ? And unless she tell Laska about it, there's no way the party could guess it. I think Phaere will have a big role in the party escape, after all she wants to open trades with the surface so the party could vouch for her is she helps them to get the hell out.
Auctor chapter 144 . 11/19
I honestly don't know what to expect from Phaere, since this one didn't broke from the torture and is smarter than canon. So next chapter will be "we have the eggs, let's plan the escape" I presume ?
Theodur chapter 144 . 11/19
Naraphim's demonic reminders sound like bloody annoyance. I hope that guy gets punched in the face by Laska. ;)

It's funny, but if Laska hadn't been displaying this sort of bugger it all careless attitude, then maybe her not giving shit about the cavern collapses might have appeared suspicious. But now, her ignorance was just like IC not giving a damn.

The chat between Ardulace and Phaere... it feels like you're trying to give Ardulace a few fair points here and there, but the overall psycho just wins out so clearly. The problem is that normally in drow society, the one that curries most favor with Lolth tends to win, but that doesn't seem to be the way of things in your Ust Natha. Ardulace here doesn't have enough of a leg to stand on to win out on sheer zealotry. It's like she's trying to apply the usual methods where they clearly don't work, and doesn't have any sort of flexibility to adapt.
Auctor chapter 143 . 11/15
Aaaahh, such a good story, how many reviews... 175 ?! Let's start the 'one chapter/ one review' policy ! I dearly hope that Laska will get a massive bitchslap from the others to put herself together, maybe with the help of the elves of Suldanessellar.
chaosrin chapter 143 . 11/10
Aww I was hoping Imoen would get even more screw deeper into the doghouse with the gold thing.
Still i'm a bit surprise that losing soul also resulted in memory loss or is all this is Laska's way burying/drinking away her sorrows over Rose's fate?
Nice to see the goddress peanut gallery but I do wonder what got the evil gods concern...their chosen worship Barney?
Theodur chapter 143 . 11/9
Lasaonar's base belong to us. Yeah. Laska was really settling in for good there, until those cheating goddesses jerked her memories. Keldorn probably should avoid speaking with Phaere, but so should Dynaheir. I mean, she made the biggest gaffe, why mention the temple robbery if Phaere hadn't brought it up herself. Doh!

You know, in context of Imoen/Viconia and Phaere/Laska making out throughout the chapter, I totally expected that gathering of sexy goddesses to descend into a lesbian orgy. Maybe it did later, right?
Theodur chapter 142 . 11/2
Epic duels, epic (albeit interrupted) Jan story, epic heist... how can you top that? By ending the chapter with a lot of hot monkey sex!

Low point of the chapter... being bitten in the balls. Gah, ouch! I'm surprised he won as many duels as he did without wearing a codpiece? What's his excuse anyway? Such ginormous balls that he couldn't find protection that fits? :D That was a hilariously painful moment.

Kinda forgot why Laska's demon friend was trying to distract her during the fight. Should be seeing more of him soon, if I remember correctly. :)
jukehero461 chapter 142 . 11/1
Alas, poor Imoen, we hardly knew ye... though Viconia's going to get to know you rather well it seems. I foresee drama on that score, with a chance of denial.

The Voice is certainly interesting. A balor? Pretty strange, as it's quite ambivalent and clam for a balor.

Laska is rich, powerful, and a champion of the city. I'm really hoping Rose puts together a Sending spell soon, otherwise she's gonna have to be dragged out of the city with bloody, bloody effort. Might be best for the companions to return the eggs ahead of time.

Torm preserve me, I can't wait for the next one!
jukehero461 chapter 141 . 10/28
Tymora's tits, and any other extremity of any deity you care to name!

This. Is. Fucking. Phenomenal. I hope you are satisfied, because you've made me waste about five days-worth of free time reading this sexy beast of a story.

You have managed to give incredible life to characters that, while epic, never had more than the games to shape them, and you've turned them into PEOPLE. Flawed, arrogant, funny, witty, breathtakingly epic and strange people. I feel like I could walk up to the damn house, knock on the door, and after ducking to avoid a sudden barrage of turnips (no wait, turnips are too precious. Carrots then), I could strike up a conversation with any of these nutcases.

I love the changes you've made, from Rose's background and beautiful character to Keldorn's return to his family and taking on VICONIA of all people as a student. Taking the 'evil' characters and turning them into extremely pragmatic allies was a genius move, and your use of others like Anomen, Nalia, Dynaheir, Mazzy, Aerie and Edwin make it all the better.

To be perfectly frank, I've read the 'official' Baldur's Gate novel, and found it a travesty. I suggest that after you finish this story you send it to Wizards of the Coast and Bioware and see if they can do a retcon to make it canon.

I am LOVING the most recent developments in the story, including Laska's spiraling fall. What makes it even better is that Phaere is not so cartoonishly evil. In fact, she does incredibly good things within the city, which makes is all the more AGGRAVATING that she's such a manipulative scumbag!

I cannot wait to see more, and I wish you the best of luck in continuing the story.

Now I've got to bugger off, as I've been unable to tear my eyes away from this damn laptop for 5-ish days.

Unnofficial flatterer and Jansen-dueller
Theodur chapter 141 . 10/19
Heh, loved Astlyn's prank. :) I can understand why Rose got all emotional there. But I mean, she knows that if Laska's alive, there's a good chance she's not denying herself any of the various pleasures of life. So Rose, don't feel guilty about anything you may or may not do. ;)

Ah yes, a Jan wrestling story. That just made my eyes water a little. Let's hope Cena Jansen explodes together with his turnip fueled rocketship. Just thinking, wouldn't the drow servant girls pick up on that story being very... I dunno, surface-y? Ah well, it made me laugh anyways.
chaosrin chapter 140 . 9/25
My its great to see an update and boy Imoen is really in for it...Laska awww you're falling into the dark side!
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