Reviews for Tankards and Tempers
Theodur chapter 136 . 2/26
I think Solaufein lacks the stamina to handle a lot of things, including the drink that Laska was having. ;)

Can't blame the others to be concerned, though I have to wonder has something actually happened that leads them to believe that Laska might betray them? But yeah, right now nobody's leading this group, and that's never a good sign.
Theodur chapter 135 . 2/24
Don't recall this chapter at all. :) Fun bit of comedy, though. Also, isn't it time for a certain dashing pirate captain to show up? (And by that I don't mean Saemon.)
Theodur chapter 134 . 2/18
Whoa there, crazy, creepy Laska. Yikes. I think I'm scared. Was that new material? I don't remember her being this messed up.

"A Jansen gnome ASSURED me that this is the best turnip quality available." Wow. There's so much WRONG with this statement that I don't even know where to begin with. Given that it's Jansen selling to Drow, I'd expect most of the turnips to be hollowed out and filled with shit.

Heh, nice save there, Imoen. I'd avoid more of those 50/50 bluffs if I were you. :) Also, Phaere, you definitely do NOT cook cats. But you definitely can roast some dogs, yep, yep. :P
catti.h4x0r chapter 133 . 11/19/2014
Har har! Oh man i love your Korgan, ya know next time i start a new game i will recruit him. It would be hilarious having a pack with your dialogs, your version of the underdark in a mod, with all the quests going wrong, madness and chaos everywhere xD
For a half elf Laska has quiet a constitution drinking all night long, how can she handle that? I need the secret, one drink and im done.
Theodur chapter 133 . 11/19/2014
Hmm, better get this review in quickly before Inquisition arrives and drags me away. :)

Ah, that's more like what I imagine sex in the drow society to be like. You might find the next chapter of Angels and my Viconia's thoughts on it particularly interesting. :)

Heh, that Jeb Jansen seems like fun bloke, alright. I remember hearing about him. Now, if we could only beat Yxunomei that way in the sodding game, that would be grand. :D
chaosrin chapter 133 . 11/19/2014
Ah that explains the delay and it will be interesting to see where Laska go.
Writing looks fine.
chaosrin chapter 132 . 10/28/2014
You know I kind of wonder if its possible to do an crossover of Laska and company...
Phaere sure have a nose for business, would to see more Imoen and Laska interaction feels a lacking...actually kind of wonder what everyone is doing.
Theodur chapter 132 . 10/25/2014
I think I would have preferred Solaufein as Ardulace's groom of the stool - a more fitting position for him. What a dumbass. :)

Looks like Laska is having less frustrating time with Phaere than before. Also, no exhausting duels in gladiator pits more energy for something far more fun!

Heh, almost seems like Viconia is playing a similar game with Imoen like with Leah in my story. :)
Theodur chapter 131 . 10/1/2014
You know, I said it before that Phaere reminds me a bit of Aria T'Loak, and that is being reinforced even more in this chapter. Controlling to the extreme, also through sex. Ust Natha is her Omega, and the spire is her Afterlife. It just makes sense, see. ;)
Casual reader chapter 130 . 9/20/2014
Theodur: So, did they create a new kind of dildo,?
Actually, they did, one with tactile feedback, or so the rumors go. Too bad there are no smileys here, this is a joke, hope no one will be offended.
Theodur chapter 130 . 9/17/2014
Advances made in drow erotic arts? :D God, they really are a pretentious race, aren't they? So, did they create a new kind of dildo, or perhaps found another orifice to penetrate? :P

It's the Laska fight in the gladiator arena that's the highlight of this chapter for me. Love it. :) Especially the part where she and Phaere pretty much sex each other up with their eyes. (And Laska nearly gets stabbed - that is so her.) :D
chaosrin chapter 129 . 9/12/2014
Nice to see progress develops from Rose's front, seeing the flashback interactions.
Again its nice to see Laska in process of falling in love.
I hope you update more faster.
Theodur chapter 129 . 9/10/2014
Bittersweet. Hmm, I do seem to remember though that Rose had her own little distraction while Laska was gallivanting off with Phaere... I guess that's to come. :)
freya-vanshee chapter 128 . 9/7/2014
I just finished reading the last chapter you left at the Attic, sheesh, dont want to spoil to other readers so... just wanna say i loved it and its a good thing you are working in this story. Dunno why but i just dont feel the chemistry between Laska and Rose, but may be its just me, in the other hand i really did like her second love interest, A LOT.
Theodur chapter 128 . 9/6/2014
You know, I always thought this whole 'mastery of erotic arts' as a society completely devoid of love deluding themselves. I don't care what sort of technique they have, it just could never compete with having sex with someone you care about, and yes, I'm aware that I sound like a moronic sap for saying something like that. ;) (It's kind of ludicrous if you think about it, though, I mean, everyone likes different things, different more/less sensitive erogenous zones... discovering that is a process, and to think that someone would just hit everything perfectly first time... yeah, that's not going to happen.)

Still, I get it. Laska doesn't need love right now, she just wants to fuck and be fucked. Good on Sinvyl, though. There's a girl who really seems to enjoy her job. :D
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