Reviews for Tankards and Tempers
Theodur chapter 184 . 2/15
I seem to remember Ellesime being somehow even worse in the first inception, did you tone it down a notch? She's still awful, of course, but seems to be a little less so.

I feel like I really need to play through this part of the game again to truly figure out whether Ellesime is that loathsome or whether I just let myself be cucked into hating her.
Auctor chapter 183 . 2/1
I don't know if it's because of the release of 'for honor' but I can clearly see some multi-civilizations fightings in sceneries like this, something like nords/kara-turians/elves fighting in one huge messy melee
Theodur chapter 183 . 1/30
Whoa, I'm actually sorry for Ellesime now. I wouldn't wish being tortured by Bodhi upon my greatest enemy, that's for sure. You know, I still don't really like Ellesime as a character, but I feel like by now I've broken out of the 'we hate Ellesime' echo chamber, so I'm more willing to look at more benevolent interpretation of her actions. In this chapter, I simply got a bit of a feeling of maybe trying too hard to make me hate her, so I ended up with the unintended sympathy.

I remember being pretty upset at the deaths of Anadielle and her lover (even if you really telegraphed ahead where it was going), but now I feel like it really worked well for such a brutal and visceral chapter. I imagine this wasn't a very easy decision for you to kill them off, especially Anadielle.
Winding Warpath chapter 181 . 1/16
I just want to say that 'War and More War' is the best name for a fake literary novel that pretentious friends insist that you should read. 'Planescape: Torment' was a nice touch too.

The excerpt from the terrible romance novel was great too: so many elements of bad writing stuffed together in one block of text.
Theodur chapter 182 . 1/16
Well, that's the first time I've heard about a swallow shoreline. :)

I don't remember what happened with Elhan, but he really should be strung up the same tree with Ellessime. Heh, maybe it would be fitting to have them both hanged from the Tree of Life.

Anyway. The awesome elven coalition is about to take their city back and make Suldanessellar great again! Kinda forgot how it all went down, but as far as I remember, Laska never went to Evermeet on a vacation.
Auctor chapter 182 . 1/15
Finally, glorious battle ahead ! Can't wait to see that !
Auctor chapter 181 . 1/6
Huh, so she had a talking sword ? Don't remember that
Theodur chapter 181 . 1/6
I like to focus on throwaway details, so I'm just going to ask... why wouldn't Dyna teach Imoen the spell to disguise campsite? Is Imoen too stupid to learn it, or is it some kind of Wychlaran-only spell, or is Dyna just an arrogant bitch? :)

Hah, the book excerpt was hilarious. Well done. :D It just unfortunately yet again throws me out of the whole Imoen/Viconia romance, like most Imoen being childish/stupid/annoying moments. Just makes me feel like there is no foundation for Viconia to be attracted to someone like Imoen. :(

For an expensive, magical tent, it sure seems to have a rather major fault in its design. Also, all hail the return of Ipsiya. I had forgotten about her, but it's nice to have her back!
Theodur chapter 180 . 12/23/2016
Geez, I really don't remember any of this. Did you really install a river in the Faerunian landscape just so they could sail from Athkatla to Suldanessellar with Swiftwind? That is preposterously awesome.

I can't remember, did that Riatavin secession plot really go anywhere? Or was it just simply a backdrop to them basically leaving the city in a highly complicated manner in order to return to Athkatla. Hey, at least I got a chuckle out of Jan's turnip tragedy!
For Spite chapter 180 . 12/22/2016
It feels weird to have Viconia telling Laska that Imoen needs to get laid while secretly laying Imoen. I guess she's good at deception.

Although if Imoen is going to keep kissing her in public, the deception won't stand long. It's not like Korgan is known for his discretion, so it may be doomed now.
Theodur chapter 179 . 12/14/2016
I like how I could now recognize so many hints about Naraphim and his role in the story upon this re-read. It's really quite clever, but still the twist was too big for these subtle hints to be much of a help.

Also, I think the bit where he's casually eating crisps while Laska is getting brutally slaughtered would pretty much shoot any such theory to hell. Considering his true nature, it felt a little weird that he'd just be so chill!
Auctor chapter 179 . 12/13/2016
I half-expected Laska to say something like "you could have helped me whenever you wanted!" when Naraphim pretty much took down the Slayer by himself
jukehero461 chapter 179 . 12/12/2016
Laska's not an idiot... yt at the same time, I doubt her Wisdom and Intelligence are stellar-


...Well, I'm going to go see a cleric six inches of about metal poisoning. Loved the chapter!
Deskath chapter 178 . 12/11/2016
Is really good, tho Elf fanboyism gets old :P
Theodur chapter 178 . 12/8/2016
Bit of a sympathy for the devil there. Yeah, it's kinda hard to keep the anger going because this guy just seems to have nothing in common with the monster that tortured Laska.

Ellesime is set up as pretty irredeemable bitch right here. I still think it was funny how so many people fervently tried to find excuses for her. Just because she was of Good alignment meant there had to be excuses!

So, Irenicus is completely changed by Laska's spirit, and I seem to remember the earlier chapters where Bodhi was acting all ridiculous and childish with Imoen's soul. And yet here she is the ruthless and cruel warmonger? What's up with that change?
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