Reviews for Tankards and Tempers
Theodur chapter 197 . 8/21
Usually, the kind of berries that gives you diarrhea will also taste incredibly unpleasant. Or have some bad germs. Or cause allergic reaction. Oh well, maybe these ones were just incompatible with Drow!

Watcher's Keep, eh? Bring it on! One final chance to get Keldorn killed before his retirement? (I forgot if he's even coming or not :P)
Guest chapter 1 . 8/17
How long untill this story is finally completed?
Theodur chapter 196 . 8/11
I believe that 'What is Love?' was a trashy euro pop song released in year 1993, which was incidentally, exactly 5 years before the Undertaker threw Mankind from the Hell in a Cell through the Spanish announcer table. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

The mention of Laska sharing tales of romantic conquests with her mother felt pretty damn disturbing! Those elves, nothing is sacred to them!

Bye Keldorn, Minsc and Dynaheir! I would love to trade you all in for Imoen, but oh well. I enjoyed your company while you were around. :)
Auctor chapter 196 . 8/10
Oh dear, Laska trying to reunite back her team by force, what a sight to expect !
Theodur chapter 195 . 7/31
Right, it's the chapters like these that make me want to strangle Imoen. Hey, at least my story is now a safe space from Imoen. Pfew. Good riddance!

Dho'mai is incredibly black and white minor character, but even though she was terrible, I still enjoyed her duel with Viconia. Though I have to say, Viconia made an embarrassing blunder by giving herself advantage by removing armor for second challenge and then completely blowing it. I think the pokemon challenge was probably the best. Even if at one point the wolf became a bear before turning back into a wolf. :D
Ye chapter 194 . 7/26
This was super good! Could you please write some more bellamione I re read those stories 527 times I worship you
Auctor chapter 194 . 7/10
Ooooohh, familial drama, this is going to be good !
Theodur chapter 194 . 7/6
Ellesime's torment has come to end, I guess. When she backed down, I kinda felt like she seemed almost relieved. I don't think it would have been much fun to govern a city where almost everyone hates your guts. I also think she might actually do a good job in her new assignment. Even if she is motivated by spite and resentment, I think she would probably feel like she has a lot to prove.

Laska's reaction to her mother leaving... definitely a human reaction, not elven. I don't think she's in the wrong, none of them are, but it shows neatly how her perspective is very different because of her upbringing.
chaosrin chapter 193 . 6/29
Nice to see her get along with stick up ass Bro, would think there's friction between them.
Theodur chapter 193 . 6/26
I think a vegan would be more likely to give a lecture on why NOT to eat the flesh of living creatures, so maybe you would like to fix that typo.

Looks like Korgan has had enough of the elves and is about to storm off, leaving the party... and somehow thinks that someone will try to dissuade him? :P If anything, I think they should stay in Suldenessellar until he buggers off!

Well, the brother is nice enough, I suppose. And Laska has now given him a great tip on how to pick up chicks... name dropping for the win!
jukehero461 chapter 193 . 6/25
I love family vacation XD

Brekthiel kind of reminds me of Percy Weasley from the Harry Potter series, except for less of a stick in the mud once you actually talk to him.
Zoranor chapter 192 . 6/17
A full re-read done now, over a couple of weeks. Great story, and really the way I prefer to remember the story Baldur's Gate these last couple of years! Always a big fan of Viconia and her slowly changing viewpoint in regards to the pink tornado.
Nimloth chapter 192 . 6/16
Very nice chapter, both moving and funny! I loved the part of Laska's mum watching over her daughter through the scrying bowl, it was so sweet...And Laska was right in describing Keldorn as "the party's kindly uncle", it really suits him. Oh and the banter between Laska and Rose, starting with insults to end with a love declaration, was great! Nice work! :-)
Theodur chapter 192 . 6/16
Hmm... when Leilani was talking about the Solar... at some point it became Salor... and then immediately afterwards there was the mention of Balor. Dun-dun-DUN! The code has been cracked! Solar Balor. You know it.

Was there a reference to your NWN stories (that I have admittedly forgotten all about)? Alris was involved with Aribeth?

Shame about Laska getting no more siblings. :( I wonder though, was Leilani being honest about the reason, or did she hide the truth that the damage was done because Laska was basically a giant elf baby?

Maybe mentioning that scrying bowl was a mistake. Or did Leilani intentionally want to further mentally scar Laska? That would also be perfectly fine with me. :D
Auctor chapter 192 . 6/15
Heh, Laska's mum as an unintentional voyeur would be funny. With a different set of moral values, it could go way differently.

Does Laska mum going to join the party with her bros and sis?
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