Reviews for The Howling Wind
Reversed Universe chapter 2 . 11/19
In the original, Naruto was obsessed with Sakura. In here, he doesn't even remember who she is... This is a great fanfic.
PokemonMaster101 chapter 2 . 11/16
Good,but shorter then the last chapter.
PokemonMaster101 chapter 1 . 11/16
Really good first up the good work.
Guest chapter 32 . 11/9
B can't really rap either so I think you're all good. So glad to find you've continued this - loving your story and hope you keep it coming.
Guest chapter 32 . 11/6
nora9gina chapter 1 . 11/3
I have recently been told you were 13 when you wrote this.

Dear god, that amount of talent honestly terrifies me. Good job, sir. Good job.
CookieMonsta1233 chapter 32 . 10/24
Mate, I dont even know what I will do if you make Naruto rhyme for an entire chapter.

All I can say is that it is going to be great
Dark Lord Namikaze chapter 32 . 10/20
Hey, just wanted to show some support and say that I love the story. I'm so glad you disdiscontinued it, because it's so well written and so compelling. I hope you continue to update and keep up the good work.

Dark Lord Namikaze
AvidReader chapter 32 . 10/20
Man, I really like the stoey you have here. It is very different from canon but doesn't screw up like most do. I really hope you continue with this story, I really like how you have portrayed Naruto here.
Guest chapter 22 . 10/18
This is really good
Heavenlyenigma chapter 17 . 10/17
I seem to remember naruto saying that when he broke I to sakura's room to get the scroll he heard her MOTHER fighting with Anbu. So why all of the sudden is she an orphan with no parents?
Eurigos chapter 32 . 10/10
Bwahahahahaha Killer B is always awesome
Ironman088 chapter 11 . 10/7
This story is absolutely amazing. how the hell have i not seen this before?!
TheExilez chapter 32 . 10/4
Hey, this is an awesome fanfic! It's really one of my favorites. I'm surprised I haven't found it before. Hopefully it's still ongoing and just had a long break, because I love it!

Also, you're rapping is a far shot better than 80% of attempts at B I've seen. So good on you. :)

I really like the whole unique approach on Bijuu and the Shinobi world in general. One question about this, is Naruto the only jinchuuriki? Because that's how it seems so far. I mean, Gaara is intimidating, but not bat-shit crazy. Fu was a prodigy and respected. The Yokai Corps are still active, meaning there are still demons roaming. B seems to suspect something, but didn't put two and two together. I mean. C'mon. If he was a jinchuuriki, there's no way he wouldn't know by the end of this chapter.

I really like the Samui/Naruto stuff. I can only assume you're either making this the main pairing, not afraid to make/break relationships (most people stick to one pair throughout a fic), or are planning a harem. I mean, there have been plenty of Naruto/Random Girl other moments (namely Hinata and Sakura), but nothing to the level you've been doing Samui. Which would be really cool, considering there are so little of that pairing out there.

With the Kyuubi, I'm not entirely sure if it's sealed inside Naruto, still alive, or if it was sort of "absorbed" by Naruto and he's learning all of it's memories/abilities. I'm also digging Kazu. I mean, he seems so cool so far. I don't really think he's Obito or Madara, considering you're making him out to seem fairly honest, if secretive. Since he's claiming the Sharingan was a gift, I guess that means he's not an Uchiha. Or he's an Uchiha that had his eye exchanged to attain the EMS.

Your writing is done very well, I have no trouble finding interest in or following the text.

Another random afterthought; I love that you focus the Kyuubi's main element to be Wind. I'm tired of seeing Lightning and Fire as his elements. Especially fire. I feel like, with the legends they put forth in manga, Wind would be the best option. I mean, the only time we relate him to fire is when he almost breaks the seal during the Pein arc, and he breathes fire onto the falling rocks. Otherwise, legends were about "causing tsunamis" or "felling mountains" with a swing of his tails. Sounds like Wind/Air to me.

Overall, great fic! Can't wait to read more!
Insane Days and Evil Laughs chapter 32 . 9/24
This story contains so much awesomeness it is coming out of your and my ears! You write battle scenes very well, your characters are very believable and understandable, the power levels are appropriate and you have taken this story on a rather original track. I kind of wish that you had some authors notes explaining why each character is different than cannon but the story is so good I can push past it and just enjoy the writing. I really hope that you never abandon this for real because that would be a tragedy. Keep up the good work, we're all cheering you on! : )
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