Reviews for THW
objectivepersona chapter 29 . 12/4
bi annual means twice a year
objectivepersona chapter 32 . 12/3
'B has a good sense of direction.' epic line
objectivepersona chapter 31 . 12/3
fucking awesome stuff. amazing drama. how the hell is naruto going to convince them
objectivepersona chapter 25 . 12/2
anbu. the scary badasses that appear to die and make your own character look like a scary badass
objectivepersona chapter 22 . 12/2
he should call that move Wind release Final Fantasy
objectivepersona chapter 22 . 12/2
iwa bashing. because kurotsuchi was a flat breasted chick
objectivepersona chapter 21 . 12/2
Iwa bashing. who doesn't love iwa bashing
objectivepersona chapter 19 . 12/2
fuinjutsu master
2nd in line to the uchiha clan
9tail bijuu
No shit Omoi
objectivepersona chapter 2 . 12/1
interesting take into naruto
Typhlosion8 chapter 33 . 11/19
As disappointed I am that this story which is really amazing and I'm really interested in is cancelled and being rewritten from scratch, I wish you luck on the rewrite, and I will be following it as well. I hope it turns out better for you than this one, and that your drive grows only stronger still. :-)
Naru1chimaru chapter 33 . 11/13
are you kidding bro why did you have to rewrite it all the way over smh and it was getting good too you couldve just rewrote the chapters instead of starting a new story makes no sense dude I'm beyond pissed but its your life just don't make me waste my time and other's time leave this notification on the 1 st chapter instead of the last dude. Don't make people have to come all the way to chapter 33 to realize you basically quit smh smh smh smh smh smh such a good story too such a shame
Dang chapter 33 . 11/5
Well this was great while it lasted. Sucks that this will most likely never be finished since rewrites have like a 1 in 100 chance of actually being completed.
Markus-Antonius chapter 33 . 11/3
This was pretty awesome! I'm looking forward to the rewrite too though!
qwertypous chapter 2 . 10/18
i dont like the change in POV. im done with this...
death390 chapter 33 . 10/17
Just finished I thought this was a nice story and have added it to my favorites. Can't wait to see what you will change in the rewrite.
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