Reviews for Strange Visitors From Another Century
L.D chapter 29 . 9/8
It has been awhile and I was wondering if this was still on going or not? If so when would the next update be? I decided to reread it for the first time in 2 years, and I have to say I miss it. It is one of the best Harry gets a father figure fic I have read that does not sound sappy or forced. If possible please update soon!
Bloody Phantom chapter 29 . 7/17
I love this story! There's not many good, long stories about Harry meeting the Founders, particularly Salazar Slytherin. I've been following this story since the early chapters. I just re-read the entire thing, and there is something I noticed that was getting really annoying, something I didn't notice when I was going from update to update. The whole "It's my fault. If it wasn't for me..." and everyone saying, "it's not" so sympathic. It happened a lot, and it was getting to the point where I wanted someone just to get angry for either Harry or Salazar (mostly Harry) for thinking the world revolved around them and that everything was their fault, because I was getting annoyed.
I am glad Harry got over his crush on Helena. I think a romance between them would've been distracting and unnecessary for this type of story, especially since we all know how it would've ended. But I can't wait for them to return to their time and realize just how The Gray Lady and The Bloody Baron is! And the stern talk Salazar would have with them once HE realizes why they are ghosts haunting the school. Yikes! lol (because, of course, he will go to the future with Harry and them, right? I hope so)
Cyclical Beats84 chapter 6 . 6/16
Honestly, I really don't care for how stupid Harry, Ron and Hermione are. Canon it may be, but reading about the anxieties and insecurities of 3 dumb kids aint all that entertaining. I'll pass.
2022elfinladyluvsbla chapter 17 . 4/23
nintschibintschi chapter 29 . 3/24
Wonderful story I hope you update someday
Dragon of Yin and Yang chapter 28 . 3/22
As part of my annual "read my favorite fanfics," I came to visit. I still love your story. Thank you.
tahlia13k1ng chapter 29 . 2/22
Was this the final chapter? Or will there be any more? I absolutely love this story by the way!
Griffalope chapter 28 . 1/17
I know you have heard this from hundreds of comments already, but this is a masterpiece. All of your characters, even minor side characters are so fleshed out that they feel like real people with real motivations. I've read this story all the way through three times now. I know the last two years have been crazy for all of us, but especially you if you work in Healthcare. I completely understand why you might have put writing on the backburner. But I sincerely hope that someday you will come back to this, your most beloved of stories, and give it the ending it deserves. I don't even care if it gets a sequel, though of course I would be delighted if it did, just a few more chapters to wrap this one up with a bow would be enough. Even if you never feel inspired to finish it though, I'm sure I will keep returning to it over and over again, as I do with all my favorite books. Thank you for writing it.
Riya chapter 29 . 12/22/2022
I'm sorry if I seem desperate but please update.
Riya chapter 29 . 12/1/2022
Love the story. I've read it 3 times now. I just wishthe story got updated. No pressure though! Just please update.
mccargos chapter 29 . 11/15/2022
Excellent story but is it abandoned?
StarsAndSparkles chapter 29 . 10/24/2022
Hi there! I would just like to let you know, I love your writing! This story is so inspiring and the way that you seamlessly blend characters and character personalities together is just...*chef's kiss*. I would love to know what happens if Salazar Slytherin returns to Hogwarts during Harry Potter's time, so if you don't mind, would you pleeeaaaassseee update? *Grins*.

Please update!
Please, please, please!

(Sry for being annoying tho)
Ravenstar chapter 4 . 10/2/2022
I really love this story. I was wondering if you e would consider making a oneshot fic of what happened in the forest with Godric and Salazar.
N. A. Wennerholm chapter 10 . 9/25/2022
The Founders need to put protocol into place to deal with bullies and child abusers and accessories to child abuse and headmasters and headmistresses who lie to and keep secrets from their students that results in harm. And Harry has been harmed far to often. And quite frankly I would have the Founders send messages with spells attached to punish the adults of the future for the founders and present for the kids. And by not telling Harry the truth from the very beginning Albus has shown he doesn't deserve respect and not to be shown respect by anyone ever again. And obedience is never to be given again. I would never give or show respect to such a man ever. And I would tell others no ever to do such ever again if they value their lives and don't want to share in Albus punishments for his crimes and sins. so as a result The order must be punished for not tell Harry the Truth and that punishment would be physical by me. In other words spankings whippings and beatibgs. And considering what the Dursleys did to Harry and the fact that Order kept sending Harry back and never interfered and stopping them from the abuse and neglect which is physical mental and emotional. And the Ministry must also be punished for their share in Harry's Abuse. And one thing ai have always hated in both Canon and fanfiction such people where never disappeared for their actions towards Harry.
goldopals chapter 29 . 9/6/2022
This is truly a masterpiece and I enjoyed reading every bit. I hope it can be finished one day, but it ended on such a powerful hopeful moment
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