Reviews for Strange Visitors from Another Century
Lmb111514 chapter 15 . 9/30
I have a feeling that the vision ravenclaw had to do with the founders and the trio: I both hope this is true and false, that Salazar will leave his fellow founders and follow the trio to the future- it seems the closest thing to fitting the vision. Well, I absolutely love this story; it has given me a whole new perspective on the founders and allowed me to more delve into who they each are as a person more than I have before. Thank you for all your hard work, I can't wait for more of this amazing story!
Oblivian03 chapter 15 . 9/26
I love your take on the four founders, especially Godric and Salazar. This story is also an interesting idea and brilliantly written. It keeps getting better with every chapter, and I love the way in which you address the darker nature of them all, Slytherin in particular with the way history perceived him, the whole Voldemort issue, his backstory/fears, and the dark arts.

This new development with Hermione I find fits perfectly - she would indeed see the benefits of knowledge in the dark arts (or darker nature of magic such as what Salazar used against the two people) in war due to her logical nature. The way you write it makes perfect sense as well - sometimes using the dark arts is needed (after all, magic is merely a tool, is it not? And it is the intentions it is used for that drive home whether it is good or bad) and, if not, at the very least knowledge of it is needed to defend themselves against it properly. In any case, Hermione is the perfect choice for choosing to acknowledge this (if it is indeed what she is acknowledging) even though she does seem like the most unlikely of the three of them at a less deeper level.

You also cleared up the matter of a good Slytherin vs. the Chamber of Secrets issue quite well in my opinion. It makes total sense. The founders are also well rounded characters - Godric isn't just a rash, dumb, battle-ready wizard. Helga can be quite intimidating as opposed to a quiet, submissive person who is a pushover. Rowena isn't just a bookworm. Salazar isn't purely evil, but not a complete angel either. Their relationships with each other are also fantastic the way you have written them, as are their respective backstories (from what you have written). Their relationships with the trio is also well done and realistic (as can be in this story ;).

I haven't left reviews for your other stories containing the founders, but thought I would sum up my thoughts here in one word - brilliant. I love the pollen you have developed over the course of them - from their meeting to now. I am glad that their contact with the group of darker wizards was somewhat explained in here, but wish for (and look forward to) further explanations of the matter. In any case, keep writing when you have time. This is fantastic and exactly what I was looking for when I was searching for something about the four founders and their story.
Karou WindStalker chapter 15 . 9/22
I do hope to see updates on this fascinating story!
Guest chapter 15 . 9/11
Most people don't notice the ruthless part of Hermione. Well done.
gaharbert chapter 15 . 9/8
damn good... keep it up
a1993 chapter 9 . 9/8
I am liking this story so far to be honest. But i can not justify Dumbledores actions in keeping harry in the dark in any way. He was abused until he was 11 and still had to go to said place. He dealt with things kids shouldn't experience at all. If Dumbldores best excuse was to have a normal childhood or not letting his fame go to power then i find myself hating him as a man. I honestly couldnt believe what happened at the end towards book 5 and even the events when he clearly ignored Harry instead of trying to help him, instead trusting someone who hated him to teach a hard branch of magic. And book 7 even though it was pretty much happening inside Harry's head he forgave him too quick. The man is a master manipulator and i really feel sorry for Harry in that way (that was a bit of a long rant)

Anway as i said im enjoying the story so far although the last line is quite ominous
Rising-Midnight chapter 15 . 9/8
Cool story! cant wait for the next chapter! :)
Maybe2Morrow chapter 3 . 9/6
Love this! And I'm gonna go ahead an guess that her vision is about the founders and the trio, and someone from the founders (maybe Salazar) will go back to the future with the Trio? And the sadness is because they won't see him anymore? Maybe?
EsmeraldaSnarkle chapter 15 . 9/5
This was absolutely wonderful!

I love the focus on Hermione. She really was one of my most favourite characters. :)
DragonScale2000 chapter 3 . 9/2
About the vision in this chapter, there are four founders and there is the Trio... does that mean one of the founders (possibly Salizar) will be going to the future with the Trio?
It was awesome to see Helga being devious here! Normally she is always the mother hen.
Saj te Gyuhyall chapter 15 . 8/31
I'm really glad I found this fic. It's excellent. The writing is wonderful, and although the beginning (the first meeting and explainations, specifically) seemed a tad stiff and a touch OOC to me, I figured that was in large part due to the WTFness of the situation. *g*

I love how you've gone to so much trouble to make the Founders more then the semi-mythical mary-sues they became through the fuzzy lens of history. The emotional investment I now have in these guys is a little ridiculous, honestly. I knew I was in too deep when my heart physically ached for Salazar when he found out that not only was he a historical villain, his lineage (even if indirectly) had spawned the worst dark lord in a thousand years. (Well, one of the worst. Certainly the most EVIL of contemporary dark lords, anyway.)

Okay, question time! So, it's pretty obvious to me that Salazar is going to go with them when they return to their own time. The foreshadowing was excellent, BTW. The timing lines up... Salazar Slytherin vanishes from history and into myth soon, supposedly after fighting with the other three founders. My question is, does he plan to go incognito for a while, or will he immediately own up to who he is and deal with the cards as they fall? How is he going to adjust to the future? The wizarding world has changed, but not nearly to the extent the muggle world has. I kinda see him being fascinated despite himself, at least in some areas?

It also looks like they might be there in the past long enough to at least start on learning to be animagi? I know you put it on the back burner but I'm really hoping it's something that you come back to. I know it's a cliche, but I really love it when the trio become animagi. Especially when authors but real thought into the forms and don't just automatically assign them their patrons as an animagus shape.

When Salazar has his storm-out, Ron mentions that according to magical inheritance law, Voldemort really isn't the heir of Slytherin. Will this come up again? Because I gathered from the whole, Gryffindor glancing speculatively at Harry thing, that was a hint that he thinks Harry is just as related to Slytherin as Voldemort is. Actually, since it's been over a thousand years, RON is probably related to him too. Maybe even Hermione if my thoughts on where certain muggle born lines come from is something you've thought of as well... Namely, that some muggle born lineages can probably be traced back to squibs and the non-magical bastards I'm sure happen occasionally when a wizard has sex with a muggle woman. I don't know what you plan to do here, but I'm sure what ever it is will be AWESOME.

On the horcrux in Harry... When they get it out, will this Harry have any abilities it's been suppressing? Be funny in a ohmiGOD kind of way if he's been something like a storm caller all along, or had his own parseltongue abilities that the damned (literally) bit of voldemort has been covering up.

Finally, I love the end of this last chapter, and the thought that Hermione, out of the three time travelers, is the one who is most like Salazar Slytherin, at least when it comes to ruthless practicality. Is she going to learn his style of fighting perhaps? The quick, here/not-here use of apperation and knives?

How old are the founders right now? I've tried to guess, but I'm pretty bad at guessing ages. Late thirties to mid fourties, maybe?

Oh, one more thing! I really love the cover art for this! I'm guessing that Viggo Mortensen is playing Gryffindor, and Matt Bomer is playing Slytherin? That's what I've been picturing anyway.

Anyway, love the fic to bits, and I dearly hope your RL let's you keep writing! I'm just dying to know he things unfold!
Fallow52 chapter 15 . 8/30
Kudos :)
Mysteryfan17 chapter 15 . 8/23
Oooooh. OK, my mom wants to wait until this is finished but I or my sister will be reading this to her once it's done because she just complained today she finished Deathly Hallows again but wants to read more HP. ;)) I can't wait, this is still so good. 5/5
Mysteryfan17 chapter 14 . 8/23
"Reacting calmly and logically. By blasting his closest attacker through the wall." I LOVE that line, had to stop to say it. I am trained in martial arts, started when I was 10, and I will say, anyone, ANY ONE, that messes with my family, blood or not, would find a similar reaction from me... although I may have the intermittent step of introducing their nose to the back of their head or something similar further south. No one messes with my family and Godric's reaction made me go 'understandable and commendable'.
Cool idea with the chamber. Well, 5:50 am, sleep, newest chap tomorrow. 5/5
Mysteryfan17 chapter 12 . 8/23
Oooooh, the Blood Quill, Harry's scar on his hand, I can't wait, how did they miss that, or did they figure it was from the battle or something else and leave it at that? How did I miss that the 'I must not tell lies' was never noticed? 5/5, almost 4 am again but this is sooo good.
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