Reviews for Strange Visitors From Another Century
allenmischief chapter 5 . 11/14
I would like to point out that a proper sword of most any period should be quite light, especially the better ones that Gryffindor would own (a little over a kilo, really). Of medieval weaponry, the sword should require the least muscle power, though forearm strength would be something they would have to develop.

That's a minor nitpick. The story's brilliant, though one does wonder if there is any magic-infused maille. Maille is nice, and most everyone who had the money would have had some
ProcrastinationIsMyCrime chapter 23 . 11/13
The is an amazing story and I hope the plot continues to progress along. One of my favourite things is the relationship between Harry and Sal. It's good to see that Sal genuinely cares about Harry and Harry looking up to him.

I can't remember reading mention of it anywhere, but weren't the Founders going to heal Harry's eyes so he didn't have to worry about his glasses?

Your Myrddin is a very funny fellow and makes me think of Merlin from the TV series. Brilliant, has little tact, but funny.
Linda chapter 22 . 11/12
Love the story and can hardly wait to read more
Hippothestrowl chapter 3 . 11/11
Still a good story and well written but apart from descriptiveness I mentioned in an earlier review, another weakness is slow pace and the writing would benefit from being pruned to half its size or less to cut out routine stuff and move things along faster. All writers have to learn this hard lesson to keep improving - myself included!

- Hip
Guest chapter 23 . 11/11
Wow Myrddin invented the term foot in the mouth.
Great chapter!
Could it be possible that Helena leaves to be with Harry?
TheMMMG chapter 23 . 11/10
Great chapter! Can’t wait to read more!
Hippothestrowl chapter 1 . 11/10
Mmm... the theme didn't sound too exciting but the writing is very good. The dialogue is okay but the narrative could use a little more descriptiveness and activity woven in to balance the speech and paint the background so they are not talking in a void. Anyway, it held my attention right through Chapter 1. I'm curious as to how the story will develop so that's what really matters.

- Hip
geekymom chapter 23 . 11/9
I love this story! I am definitely going to follow it.
Guest chapter 23 . 11/9
The scar is actually not only the shape of a rune, it's also the wand movement fof Avada Kedavra. Yes, I'm serious. Look it up if you don't believe me.
sunsethill chapter 23 . 11/9
As always, you are juggling your cast of characters masterfully and doing a great job of filling in the holes in canon. I especially appreciated Hermione's discussion with Helga and Rowena as they addressed the castle ghosts and Hermione's parents. I'm so sorry that the Trio will not be able to spare Helena from her fate.
Guest chapter 23 . 11/9
Loved it! So excited to keep on reading your story!
Rori Potter chapter 23 . 11/8
Ah, geez. Wow. Amazing chapter. Update soon.
avid reader chapter 23 . 11/8
As always, a pleasure reading your stories. Excitedly looking forward to the next chapter.
mudbloodpotter05 chapter 23 . 11/8
A very good chapter. Good to see things movinvg

Keep up the great work!
stylo1 chapter 22 . 11/8
almost every statement makes no sence you are constantly contradicting yourself. i want to fight, but not kill. i want to tell you about the future, but not change anything. i have a want good at combat, but cant do transfiguration or charms(patronus is a charm, an army of golloms or blocking unforgivables is transfiguration) hermoine want to learn to kill im guessing some dark magic, but wont touch weapons?
every arugement goes like this, how are you? fine. you sure? yes. really? yes. if you say so.
they really cant agree on anything, not for a reason just for argument sake. its getting so enoying that im starting to hate all your main characters, ive skimmed through the last few chapters because of it
it feels like some form of multiple personality disorder
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