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Navn Ukjent chapter 15 . 7/5
Some fun elements here.

I do think that the locals display WAY to much modern sensibilities. Slavery and serfdom was widely accepted. Torturing your enemies was the norm and executions were seldom quick and painless. The idea that powerful and accomplished adults of the time would be so very aware and bothered by the feelings of children seems to be strange. The reaction to the relative mild abuse of Harry is also strange, as people of the times thought little of putting children to hard work or to beat them if they didn't obey.

I also think that Hermione and Rawenclaw should reflect a bit more about the time travel paradox. One interpetation is that everything they do has already affected the future, and nothing they do will change the history as they know it. Thus teaching the founders the Patronus should not matter.

Now that the Founders know how far Hogwarts have fallen, they should also make contingency plans that can go into effect AFTER Harry and the gang return home. This should include hiding books and artifacts in a manner that only the gang can find and unlock AND a way to fix and power up the wards again.
cinnamonarabesque chapter 15 . 7/4
I honestly can't tell you how happy I am that you're back! I was seriously worried you had abandoned it, but I didn't want to believe that you would leave behind such an incredible story.
this chapter was just as incredible as all of your other chapters, and then some (although part of the intense fan-girly squealing that was going on was from the sheer excitement of seeing that you had updated. I'm at a month-long summer camp where they take away your phones, but we get them back for one weekend. When I saw you had updated, I actually screamed).
Let's see... I love how you totally came through on the epic backstory. I was worried that it would be anticlimactic (although how could it possible be with you writing it), but the amazing idea with the intense flashbacks just created this incredible emotional experience. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - the way you've characterized the founders is amazing, but your characterization of the trio is somehow even better. I can't tell you how many fanfictions I've read where the trio turn into all-powerful mature adults in about a day. By in your story you keep them as Rowling intended: as kids. They're just the right amount of immature, and the way you brought out Hermione's character? Stunning. Honestly, this chapter was truly, truly incredible. I honestly don't think you're capable of writing anything less than spectacular. (At camp I ran into another fanfiction-lover, and when I brought up your story like I generally do within the first five seconds of a conversation with a new person, and she had already read it! It was so exciting!)
Im so glad that you're back, and still alive, and feeling better, and I can't wait to hear more about the best, most three-dimentional characters Fanfiction has ever seen. Seriously, I read a lot of fanfiction with OCs with my friends, and we literally grade characters on a scale of My Immortal to SVFAC, based on backstory and overall depth...which is kind of creepy now that I think about it... But my point is, never doubt in your skill on writing. I only wish I could get anywhere close to your level of skill so I could write down my own ideas. You're truly incredible.
I hope you'll come out with more Tales of the Founders stories. Nothing is more exciting than seeing that in my inbox. I'm especially looking forward to finding out how Helga met the group.
Hope you update soon - I'll start having withdrawals, I think I'm addicted to your works.
I love you story!
Acolyte of the Blood Moon chapter 15 . 7/1
Good fic, I love it. I thought that Harry would think a bit more like Hermione did in the last part though. Oh well. So good work, keep it up please!
Sailor Pandabear chapter 15 . 6/29
thosetooweaktoseekit chapter 15 . 6/29
I am beyond relieved I decided to check up on this fic, you've updated! You've updated! You've updated! You've updated! Yes! Your writing fashion is fantastic, and I love how in character you spun Ron, Harry, and Hermione. There are so many layers to the Founders, and I appreciate the effort you put into creating that effect. I've been literally re-reading this for months since I first caught sight of it, and now voila there is another beautiful, lengthy chapter. This one showed a lot more about Hermione and Slytherin, in particular. Personally, I would like to see Harry become that which he despises in desperation. It would certainly change him, and his perspective of, well, everything. Also how Ron, Hermione, Slytherin, and Gryffindor would react in that situation would be interesting to see. Bah, ignore my pathetic mumblings. It was a stupid idea, I know. Nonetheless, I am going to patiently await your next wonderful chapter. You really have a way with words, do you do any serious writing? Like, non-fanfiction? You should. Anyway, laters, and don't let real life get to you! -thosetooweaktoseekit
Araytigre chapter 15 . 6/28
Unfortunately, I knew that Salazar would get injured to some degree at the ambush, it was inevitable when the odds were stacked against him like they were. Also, one has to do some things that one wouldn't normally do during any conflict in order to survive. It would appear that Hermione may want to learn a little more about the Mind Arts. Thank You. TTFN
thedude19859 chapter 15 . 6/28
Great story so far can't wait for the next update
FallenAngel10086 chapter 15 . 6/28
Still amazing. I think that your writing is still amazing, and this chapter was well worth the wait. You completely nailed Hermione's character, and I just love how she's the one willing to do what's needed despite what Harry and Ron would say.
I hope life is going better for you, and I completely understand that sometimes fanfiction takes the backseat to taking care of yourself, or responsibilities.
I hope to see a new chapter soon. :)
fictionlover2166 chapter 15 . 6/27
I've always been hesitant with stories involving time travel, they're often very cliche and illogical. However, I'm so glad that I clicked on this one! I think it's brilliantly written, and the plot isn't 'typical' or 'predictable'. Please update soon, I've really enjoyed the read so far!
HP.HG. fan forever chapter 15 . 6/27
In a way I'm not surprised it is Hermione that agreed with Sal, but I am a little disappointed in Harry. Hadn't he already done much the same? He might not be able to break into someone else's mind, but hadn't he faced danger to protect others? Will you have Harry tell Sal and the others what he had faced in the graveyard in order to find out what the founders were holding back and understand what truly bothers them?
Wren Truesong chapter 15 . 6/27
Yay you're ok! Yay you beat up all the grues in the path and managed to write! Izzyaro-mousie is being alive, and Sun is shining. ;)

Unf, though. Rereading from the beginning really makes some things clear. I love how you balance them all. particularly how Harry and Salazar being closest in friendship, experience, and personality doesn't automatically mean he's the Ruthless One. indeed, for his own sanity, he can't be. But Hermione can and will do anything for her boys. And so she does.

loving this! plz forgive phone syntax.
Our Mismatched Socks chapter 15 . 6/26
This was so fantastic! I thought I was dreaming when I got the e-mail. This exceeded my best expectations, and I loved every word of it. This review cannot accurately convey how excited I was to find out that you were still updating!
However, I did want to ask you about something you've mentioned before- Founders Read. I can understand that you took it down from this site, but is there any other site I could still read it on? It sounds so amazing!
Laesk chapter 15 . 6/26
interesting chapter, I look forwards to seeing what happens next and wish to thank you for sharing this with us all. it's great
SortingHat chapter 2 . 6/26
Sorry but I couldn't read past the *innocent Dumbledore* lies. I don't read what I can find in the trash for free!
SortingHat chapter 1 . 6/26
It's called politicians and paid disinformation agents.

That's what's happened to our world. If you don't follow the laws of God and do unto others what you'd do to yourselves what choice do people have then to follow the laws of men and their unique ability to be corrupt with lies and half truths even within the church?

Then the government is no longer *We the people* and as a result with little to no moral we almost need tyranny because people no longer know how to think for themselves or take responsibility.

Yes the dreaded *R* word.
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