Reviews for Strange Visitors From Another Century
Jack chapter 29 . 5/19
Okay...harry wants to have sex with his cousin then? I dont see the need for them to be cousins when you're already setting them up for a relationship.
Jack chapter 27 . 5/19
Aaaaand angst harry strikes again. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Jack chapter 18 . 5/18
Harry wont be angsting forever. Just until the next time. Or the next repeated conversation.
Guest chapter 29 . 5/6
I really loved it Will you be making another chapter or is this finished
kgfinkel chapter 29 . 4/15
Wow, this has been one Heck of a story!

Do you have a beta? if you do, fire them. They've missed some big spelling and grammatical errors throughout.

Still, I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. I just wish you were a Harmony shipper.
CunningDauntless chapter 29 . 4/15
I adored this story. Its the first I have read in the founders and time travel so...I like it.
hunter32322 chapter 29 . 4/15
Looking forward to the sequel.
Winxrosame chapter 18 . 4/14
Is it merlin
Guest chapter 1 . 4/11
i love all the questions of people asking how are they talking between modern and old English. would you enjoy a story bogged down with the translation.

Hey stargate fans wanna take a crack at why everyone in the galaxy speaks English.

Enjoy the story folks don't quibble over language
The Fountian Pen chapter 1 . 4/1
I miss this!
Ceiros chapter 29 . 3/22
This is one of the few Founder's era fics I have read, and it just leaves me wanting so much more. There has been so much playing with our hearts - warming them, twisting them with worry, and then breaking them with grief for the friends we have made so far.

The way that you build these characters relationships is truly something to behold - they feel real and breathing, ever changing with the situation, just as real relationships do. You have done so much more for this fictional world, especially in emotional depth, than JK Terfling ever did. Hermione and Ron felt like they actually grew so much, and you have given us such a wonderful view of the Founders, as more than brave, smart, kind, and cunning.

Thank you for your work, both in this fic and in the NHS, I look forward to reading more. I am likely to do exactly that, and read all of your Founder's works, not sure whether here or on AO3, but I will definitely be doing so.
apls79 chapter 29 . 3/12
This is a great story. I look forward to your next update whenever that happens.
LAB1 chapter 29 . 2/22
I've really liked this story and what you've done with it. I'd honestly mark it as done. It is a great stopping point. A sequel with their journey back would be great, but the story breaks off here nicely.
Griffalope chapter 29 . 2/20
This has been excellent. I am really in awe of the way you handle the characters and their dynamics with one another. The progression has been seamless and the plot is really engaging. I know you haven't updated in over a year, but I hope you will come back to this sometime. Such an epic deserves a proper ending.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/16
I recognize Aragorn and Boromir from LotR, you know.

Nice story!
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