Reviews for The Mysterious Affair of the Purloined Suspenders
Pacifica Grove chapter 1 . 10/15/2012
Hi SD,

I wanted to place my review here in a more public forum in order to persuade folks into reading this wonderful story.

Fresh and original. One of the most original stories I’ve read in Lancer fanfiction. I was smiling from the first paragraph.

The narrator’s hero-worship of Val was exquisitely done and so funny; only he was astute enough to detect the sheriff's hidden superior intellect and investigative skill as Val went about his everyday routine and actions.

I've never asked my husband to read any Lancer stories, but I'm seriously thinking of sitting him down to watch "Man Without a Gun" and then have him read your story. I'm always telling him how impressed I am with the quality of some of the fanfic and this would be a great example for me to use to show him just that.

It was witty and superb. I loved it.

thank you so, so much - Pacifica