Reviews for Sweet Little Angel
TrillionSchiffer chapter 28 . 6/20
Guest chapter 29 . 6/13
I love your story it is really good I can't wait for the next chapter
ValeryVzla29 chapter 29 . 6/3
love this story!
VampiremommySA chapter 29 . 5/28
LOVE IT! hard ass bella is awesome!
jk chapter 23 . 5/21
lets paint my room butterscotch...sigh...just like edweirds eyes...puke...why have we been listening to Edward bitch and whine for 23 chapters if bella as just gonna give in anyway...we all knew it
I wish this story had less lizzie in it...I hate her
jk chapter 22 . 5/21
whats with the damn flash backs randimly placed in the chapters? fucking stupid
jk chapter 19 . 5/21
Edward needs to stop being so bossy
bella needs to grow the fuck up and take care of herself
they both need to stop babying lizzie
bella needs to file for custody and work out a visitation schedule
bella should move back lapush she cant isolate herself like this...jake was right! Edward has money he can visit..and lizzie can just shut the fuck up shes not the parent
jk chapter 18 . 5/21
now bellas whining ...great

and lizzies playing fucking matchmaker...please don't start that shit! I fucking hate stories where the kid pushes the parents to be together...their parents and they need to act like it and tell her whos the boss anyway lizzies a spoiled annoying little shit...and for the last 3 chapters shes been acting younger then her physical appearance! shes acting like a damn spoiled baby
jk chapter 17 . 5/21
im annoyed that its all about bella not believing Edward loves her..and not about the hurt he caused..thats what it should be about
and lizzie needs a wake up call...she cant whine and bitch and get her way, of course she wants her parents to be together but someone needs to tell her that she doesn't get to make decisions like that shes just a kid her parents will make a visitation schedule and she'll follow it...that's it. and shes what 8 but mentally older right? why is she still sharing a bed with her parents? that's kinda wrong ya know...she needs to be more independent...she seems so damn spoiled to me...I kinda hate her
a baby that's never put own doesn't learn to walk
just sayin
jk chapter 11 . 5/21
after all that she tries to kill herself and all she does is cut one wrist...what a pussy and why would she kill herself when she was dying anyway? wants to go to hell huh? yaaa smart choice! what a fucktard
jk chapter 10 . 5/21
I wish he'd stop calling bella angel so damn much! he didn't do that shit in the book...he just says it SO much its annoying!

I really hated that he insinuated that he couldn't be with Tanya because he loved that was the only reason! yes that's how it reads!
Like if there was no bella Edward would be all over fuck that!
rinnie21 chapter 29 . 4/24
This story is amazing and I can't wait until the next chapter
krzpepper chapter 29 . 3/19
So happy Bella is finally starting to accept that Edward is telling the truth about loving her and never leaving! Looking forward to the tent scene!
tiamvayne chapter 29 . 3/14
Welcome back! So glad to see the update! OMG this story totally owns me. Please update soon. I'm so glad you haven't given up yet. Please don't ever give up on any of your stories.
TeamEdward-aka jacobhater chapter 29 . 3/12
Another chapter. At least I know you haven't completely given up on it. That's good news. Can't wait to see what you mean by "what's gojng on in Bella's head" and the tent scene. Wonder how that's going to play out within this context. Good stuff here! I'm seeing progress. Loving them. And keep them coming!
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