Reviews for The Prince of Swords
Septimus714 chapter 3 . 3/31
I really did enjoy this story, and you are an excellent wrote. The only errors that I've noticed are with your homophones. You know, the words like their, they're, and there. Or to, too, and two. Seriously though, bravo. It's excellent.
Stealthguy12 chapter 2 . 3/29
Update? Please?
Guest chapter 11 . 3/28
Im very dissappointed that you never finished the story. But I congratulate you. It is a very good story. I love the way you combine sinin and kirito s story. Good job
Crimiduck chapter 11 . 3/23
This was the best fanfic I've ever read! When is the next chapter coming?!

You're not going to write another chapter, are you... :-/
TheDarknessRises11 chapter 11 . 3/22
We're did dis go?
Blaze chapter 11 . 3/21
Best fic ever read,plz update i want to see the rest of the girls' reaction when they meet sinon.
Guest chapter 2 . 3/21
This is the best fanfic ever :) :)
guest chapter 11 . 3/19
I like your story,it's the best,plz update more,even though it has been a long time.
Crimson Homura chapter 11 . 3/14
Hey, just read that whole thing in a few hours. I know it's been over a year and a half, but roughly how long will it be until chapter 12 comes out?
Other than that, this is incredible!
Biblio388 chapter 5 . 3/5
Like how this was carried out. Also had to laugh when I read the omake.
Biblio388 chapter 3 . 3/4
Very few grammatical mistakes present. If there are any they don't affect reading the story in any significant way, as far as I can see. Liked the chapter length but realize it is not always possible. Just happy to be reading this period.
Biblio388 chapter 2 . 3/4
That was certainly amusing. Do have to admit that Argo is one of my favorite female characters in this series. Seen her in multiple stories and more often than not she is greatly entertaining. Like the characterizations so far as well as the interactions, which are two of the biggest things I look for in good stories. Looking forward to reading more of this until I finally decide to be responsible and do some school work.
Biblio388 chapter 1 . 3/4
Very cool chapter. Haven't read many SAO stories but the few I have checked out were good. This is the first I have read that does such a good job of setting a foundation for the outside world. Cabn't wait to read more.
Guest chapter 11 . 2/28
More PLZ!
MagicShinobi chapter 1 . 2/25
I love your story and felt you absolutely deserved a 1000th review.
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