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VirtualRealityGamer chapter 1 . 12/7/2013
Love your writing it's amazing and I think you could professional. This book hooks me from the start to the end and it really sucks that the updates are coming in slowly, please update.
rdde chapter 11 . 12/4/2013
I like how you had linked Kirito's past with Sinon's tragedy. It certainly would help him to take things more seriously and perhaps help him be more patient as well, as a lot of things we would normally get troubled by is small compared to Sinon's experience.

I would love to read more.
ProtossZergTerran chapter 11 . 11/30/2013
Unsatisfied chapter 11 . 11/29/2013
Ok, so I was browsing SAO fanfiction and I refound your story so I started rereading parts of it. Most of your chapters and the badassery of Kirito I really liked. However, there were also parts that I did NOT like. This chapter was one of the latter.

Let me just say this, for a badass character, Kirito gives into the girls WAY too easily. When it happened in CH1, it was cute, but it has been increasingly worse as time went by. It seems like he cannot do ANYTHING without the approval of the girls. He can't fight, make decisions, or even do things like nap when he wants to? He has basically been catering to their every whim. I tolerated it to some extent, but that thing with Argo went WAY too far.

Her suddenly recruiting random people without his input AT ALL? He is the GUILD LEADER! In ANY MMORPG I have EVER played, that would not stand. Not only should he have had a say in the matter, he should NOT have felt the need to apologize. Argo & co should have apologized to him for going behind his back and making decisions for him. She even KNEW she was manipulating him and would get him to agree. She was SMIRKING while thinking about it! It is wrong that they thought that was ok, and even more wrong that he ended up agreeing with them.

He is a teenage boy, not a saint. He can and SHOULD get angry every once in awhile. He went from being a badass player with a growing harem and a habit of giving in to girls to a player that can't be badass if his harem doesn't approve. He has NO backbone! He constantly needs their comfort and support (remember in the novels that he was a solo player and though he was comforted occasionally, he spent most of the game alone for the most part he is obviously strong enough to make his way on his own).

My next issue is with this chapter... I don't hate Sinon, but I feel this was an inappropriately placed
piece. There was just a MAJOR defeat and everyone in the game is reeling from it. There was an introduction of conflict with him and the other guilds and he may lose his place as the "best player" and loved prince. Sudden cut to Sinon. I am probably not the only one who thought WTF?

I didn't even end up reading this chapter through because I was so thrown off. I don't really care about her back story and would have been much happier without it. Even if this chapter was entirely Kirito being emo, going off alone to grind somewhere until the girls (once again) interrupted him and get angry again. Even though I would find such a thing annoying, it would have been better than what this chapter gave. In fact, I am tired of the girls always following/tracking him down. People NEED alone time to figure themselves out and I feel it would be good for his character to decide for himself to get stronger/better/whatever. It would help him grow as a person if he was more determined. It is easy to do things that people to tell you to do, it is much harder to decide for yourself what you should do.

In conclusion, a chapter of JUST kirito would be very refreshing. I like the harem, especially since the girls are able to get along in this one (really implausible, but it is fine in this case), but it has gotten so bad that I would almost rather see him go back to being a solo player for awhile than keep reading him as a puppet to the whims of others.

Sorry, I realize these probably aren't things you want to hear, but I doubt I'll keep following this fic if nothing changes.
A Dude chapter 11 . 11/26/2013
If every chapter is this good then you can take as long as you want lol. Just don't make use hanging too long :D
Tyufvfv chapter 11 . 11/25/2013
Add more chapters NOW! The story is just to good...
Ragnar92 chapter 11 . 11/25/2013
Damn, I want more! More and more! Never stop! This has been feeding my recent SAO addiction. Seriously, I think I would prefer being a Heroin addict- it would be easyier to wean off of! :D

I was surprised you didn't put the Two headed giant boss of the Twenty fifth floor in- the sheer surprise of the it would have created some good drama :)

Anyway, I love it!

*Eagerly awaits more*
Shadowprice chapter 11 . 11/20/2013
this is great you should make more
ragef33 chapter 1 . 11/19/2013
"You can call me Imouto-chan"
If you were trying to say to call her sis, it would be "Nee-chan" (pronounced "Nehh-")
Guest chapter 1 . 11/15/2013
Agh it's nearly 4 months since the last update (;_;

And 3 since the last if ANY if this writer's stories D:

Hope the author returns soon, I enjoyed this story too much for it to be abandoned like this n
Mike1924 chapter 11 . 11/10/2013
I absolutely love this. One of my favorite reads on this site. Excellent work with extremely vivid description of the landscape, characters and the battle scenes. I especially love the gorgeous attention to detail as you really allow this story to flow into itself, slowly but surely. I very much so enjoy the length of the chapters, so much content! This is an excellent write and I'd love to see where you go from the last chapter giving us a very enjoyable backstory on Sinon (which i personally thought was magnificent). I don't care much for grammatical mistakes as long as I can discern what it should be. This story has extreme potential and I'd hate to see it end like this. For the hundreds of people still waiting on the next chapter (myself included) please update soon!
BloodTrinity chapter 1 . 11/1/2013
Real life Kazuto is badass, 'nuff said. Narration flowed along quite nicely, hints on the backstory are given at nice timings too. This fic, is going onto my fav list :D Keep up the good work dood
Reeves-san chapter 11 . 10/24/2013
SINONON! WE HAVE SINON! Ah Sinon always was my favorite heroine in the LN. Maybe because she was one of the few people who really was able to connect with Kazuto, with both of them generally being loners and have killed a person.

Please continue! Amazing fic!
Guest chapter 11 . 10/23/2013
Honestly, I skipped this entire chapter.

I hated it.

I barely cared about Sinon in the shirt segments in the other chapters, and having read the GGO LN, I pretty much know her backstory, and IMO, she's only any use as a character in the GGO Arc, after that she just becomes background noise.

I enjoy reading this fic because not only is it long, it promises to tell a complete story (floor 1-75(or 100, plot twist?), but I just feel that Sinon adds so little to Kirito's character, the group dynamic, and interactions with others, that she isn't really worthy of a place here.

I stayed up until 5am reading the chapters 8-10, and was very much looking forward to the next hour or so reading ch11, yet I feel disappointed that so much time and effort was wasted on this chapter.

Not concerning this chapter, it has been very well written, with a good story so far, the only two points I feel the need to bring up are as follows:

1) Not enough Kirina(or is it Asuto? Either way, Kirito x Asuna), I know it's probably to break from the standard, but IMO the standard is standard because it's good (though I'm probably biased, as my favourite episodes of the Anime were the end of the one where Kirito nearly dies, until Yui 'dies' - basically the 'Happy Family mini-Arc')

*cough* I mean, ahh... I'm frustrated that you left it at such a cliffhanger ending with so much tense drama, then proceeded to tell us the slightly altered backstory if a character with little relevance for 1/11th of the entire story :)

Good Job so far, I hope to see a p12 soon ( preferably with less Sinon)
Jarjaxle chapter 1 . 10/22/2013
This is what you get when you reread Good Story's First Chapters...You fell love with it once again...This is Awesome! Nice going with OC they are well made...and in this Kirito Has Girls after him in Real World too eh? did not noticed before... As said in later chapter...Love your story Update soon
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