Reviews for Dempsey & Makepeace: Art For Art's Sake
Lady Omenia chapter 59 . 2/26
AWWWW! that chapter was bittersweet. I love the whole James4Harry in the sand. Please don't make them go too sad after this.. Always , awesome job Ms. Krato.
suzywoo70 chapter 59 . 2/22
Love it, love it, love it. But I do wish Dempseys shoulder would heal so we can have some proper action. Great writing as usual Miss K. Keep up the good work.
Castlefan68 chapter 59 . 2/21
OMG so cute. How are they going to live apart when they return home?
haveunotthought chapter 59 . 2/21
I'm weird. Every one happy cos of the beach and I need to understand the van and biscuits
Although I am eternally grateful that James would forgive Harry anything and really understands the deep love they both have.

Was great fun flicking back tho.
Chapter 3 was singing in the rain!
aunt sal chapter 59 . 2/21
Wowser what a Wonderful way to wake up. Yeah they went for a walk on the beach sooo romantic just remarkably beautiful.
Biscuits! He saw biscuits better go back to look for digestives.
Brilliant as ever, Thank you I'll put the kettle on
Duann chapter 59 . 2/21
Omg! Omg! Miss K, I love u! This is the only time I read a new chapter BEFORE Mandy & Ange! Ong!
And this is a bloody good chapter!I love every word! The humour is so #them! But what I love most are their thoughts about each other. At some point made me feel what they are feeling.
And there's the #kiss! And #handsholding and #James4Harry! Omg! Thank u!

Btw, message to #someone - THIS is what I call #love darling!

P. S. Was lying in bed while reading. There's was cute #obstacle there but not as #cute as #hotamerican

P. S. Forgive any spelling mistakrs I made. It's bloody dark in this #hotel
Angervo chapter 58 . 2/20
Fabulous chapter, again. I cannot wait to find out what Dempsey saw. And it is nice to know that you have the next story planned :)
aunt sal chapter 58 . 2/19
Oh oh I have finally got time to review.I'm meant to be packing but I secretly did that this morning
Don't know why but every time I read 'remarkably efficient' I smile, nah grin to my little self.
"he'll have that pretty little police lady to lick his wounds for him, won't he?" We wish... Roll on ch60ish
Get to Hessey point quickly I'm dying to know what Dempsey saw.
Could do with another stroll along that beach though before the head home.
alex77-d chapter 58 . 2/1
Pack up their stuff? I wonder what he saw in this van...
Please, update soon! And thanks a lot for this great chapter.
abeed chapter 58 . 2/1
Ok, you got me! I'm intrigued as to what he saw that she didn't! Love that even though their relationship has moved on, he can still annoy her & we're still getting the usual banter! :-) Now what would be really really nice would be to get #59 next weekend! Let's get this wrapped #up & this shoulder fixed! Btw, loved the waking #up together flashback! ;-) Great work, Miss Krato! Xx
Mint Julip59 chapter 58 . 2/1
That shoulder is getting really annoying!
Castlefan68 chapter 58 . 1/31
Yes a new chapter, makes me realise how much I like this story. Hope there's more soon.
suzywoo70 chapter 58 . 1/31
Brilliant as always and as much as I love the #them stuff its nice to see the story moving on. I did laugh at the ref to Plymouth Argyle as that's my local team!
NightOwl22 chapter 57 . 1/11
Last comment was mine, btw. Somehow I posted it as "guest" (oops!).
Guest chapter 57 . 1/11
Hi Ms. K! I’m sorry this review came in so late (the holidays were beyond hectic this year), but I assure you I absolutely *loved* the chapter! And the more I read certain parts, the more I like the chapter. So many perfect moments between those two, it is hard to settle for a favorite. Let’s take it one step at a time, though.

I really liked the way the scene was set up at the beginning, with Dempsey lying in bed looking out into the night’s sky and musing about his and Harry’s new situation. I particularly liked your description of the room’s light as “graphite”. And, needless to say, I love the closeness the share in the bed, and how comfortable they are around each other. I couldn’t help but feel the pain they were both feeling when talking about that decision that still haunts Harry. I absolutely loved the ending to that first part, where Dempsey’s layers are stripped in her eyes and she realizes how much she loves him. Aw, I wish she had told him!

It was kind of hilarious that, while they both cuddled in bed, Spikings was in the office praying they would not end up killing each other. If Mad Gordon only knew! Seems like the investigation is coming to a close. Funny how Chas was the one team member with enough professionalism not to lust after Inga (or, at least, show it). The recent acquisition of a microwave by the Gordons was quite the entertaining read.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy D&M cuddling together? Gives me the warm and fuzzies. The mermaid dream was hilarious, and yet, kind of telling – especially after the whole race at sea the day before.

The part in which Harry sees them both reflected on the dresser mirror is fantastic – how she feels like she is, in a way, observing them as if she were a stranger, and how she becomes aroused by Dempsey’s body. Little naughty Harry indulging in her partner’s pain by morphing his moans into those of pleasure was kind of hot (is that weird?) That whole scene was fantastic! *swoon!* Of course it lead to the unbelievably frustrating moment in which they are both so close to giving into their urges, only to end up with Dempsey musing on the definition of “throbbing” (which I found hilarious).

Great chapter! Thank you so much for giving us such fantastic moments between those two. 3 Bring on the next one soon, please. :-)
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