Reviews for Dempsey & Makepeace: Art For Art's Sake
NightOwl22 chapter 64 . 5/21
Oh, God! I can't believe I had this in my in-box for a week and have only noticed it today! What a treat! I loved the scene from beginning to end!

It is so cute to see how jittery they are around each other, so true to what the birth of a relationship is like, and so well portrayed as a progression of their relationship. Her marauding about his room while you showed us a glimpse into her thoughts was a very good indication as to her uneasiness and her awareness of what *his* bed represents in his life-promiscuity. That is obviously a hard one for him to shake (erm, no pun intended ;P)

But, on to more tender matters, I loved how Harry was able to see vulnerability within him, and how he tip-toes around her not to scare her away. Also, the way she takes care of him and how he enjoys it, even through the small talk.

And, we finally got to the Paul Masters talk. To be honest, I thought it was going to go down in a different way, but the approach you took was perfect! At first I thought, "Jeez! Dempsey can be so freakin' dense!", but really, in the end, it was Makepeace who was the blind one! He is so clearly concerned by her stupidity because, even though I hate the double standard as much as Harry does, a man in that position is not in as much risk as a woman could potentially be (Horse d'Combat notwithstanding).

In any case, the hard kiss at the end made me squeal with joy! 3 3 3 You go boy! I would've given *anything* to see that on the show!

Aw, thanks for the awesome ride! I cannot wait for the next one! :-)
angie6699 chapter 64 . 5/19
Quite a cliff-hanger! The yank and the kiss don’t mean anything. Knowing how you like torture, it could still go either way.

So good the Paul Masters subject has been brought up now and the 'situation' is being finally discussed. The way she leads the conversation to make him realise himself the actual reason behind her one-night stand is really brilliant! She’s amused by his slow thinking and also a bit flirtatious and she’s trying to suggest what his reaction should be. That it is something she’s ashamed of but what, in the end, he should find amusing ... Only he does not.
Dempsey’s reaction is absolutely right and justified, no matter how much his harsh words might have hurt her. What she did was plain stupid and she must admit it loud and clear in front of him. Casting all his #otherwomen in his face like that was not a way to go!
She was hoping that he would take it with humour and that they would avoid an argument. But she should realise that his anger was motivated by his jealousy and the fact that he really does care-care.

Absolutely love it when he says “I just wanna sleep with you again. Wanna feel you next to me. I’m gonna miss you lyin’ next to me tonight, that’s all.” Is she really that determined not to stay because of the bed issues that she will ignore all this? Or is she gonna follow her 'dancing heart'?
It’s good that they are so unanimous in the way they both view the #reputation of Dempsey’s bed though. At least if she decides to tell him the real reason why she does not want to stay, he won’t be surprised, shocked or hurt ;-)

Now PLEASE hurry with #65!
aunt sal chapter 64 . 5/16
Love this chapter, it's such a tease. I just wanna sleep with you again. Wanna feel you next to me. I'm gonna miss you lyin' next to me tonight, that's all." Sooo cute
Was all moving in the right direction until the PM convo let's hope they can be honest and use the L word in the next chapter. Think you might need a couple chapters to get back to that beach though.
Love the yank
aunt sal chapter 63 . 5/16
Good old Spikings noticing the change in them. Interesting what sea air can do... Priceless
Love the office Christmas songs brilliant in joke between them.
Love Gloria and the under the table hand/leg action.
Gotta love a trouble maker.
Oh yeah and a bit of sticky wicket
aunt sal chapter 62 . 5/16
Finally have time to reveiw. Not a boring chapter at all.
Poor old Billy, feel quite sorry for him really, a heat of the moment murderer. Surprised Dempsey didn't tread on the statue whilst playing in the sea. Diving down to retrieve it, come up gasping for air. I'm sure he will get to go diving later
suzywoo70 chapter 64 . 5/14
You are stil teasing us Miss K and I do enjoy it! I just cannot wait to see what happens, though I know what I'm hoping for and I'm sure you won't disappoint. Brilliant as always you write them so well. Hope we don't have too long to wait.
Mint Julip59 chapter 64 . 5/14
I'm not surprised Dempsey's livid he's been waiting 3 years and 64 chapters plus slow repair on an injured shoulder for a chance to score a home run with Makepeace and this other character got there first after a chance meeting and only because he looked like the person that had waited 3 years and 64 chapters. LOL, looking forward to the next chapter!
alex77-d chapter 64 . 5/14
Oh nooo! Misunderstandings again...
I think that James was a little insensitive.
Are you sure one chapter will suffice to make them happy?
Please, write soon!
sophiesworld2 chapter 64 . 5/12
Well I think that Dempsey was very insensitive in his reaction to finding out the reason why Harry slept with Paul Masters.

It has also started to go horribly wrong, however the last line gives me hope.

Maybe Harry will need to fetch the suitcase from her car after all?

Looking fwd to reading the next chapter.
Castlefan68 chapter 64 . 5/11
Wasn't expecting that at the end of the chapter, thought he would just let her leave and stew for a bit. I'm hoping the next chapter will follow soon?
Lady Omenia chapter 64 . 5/11
Ms. Krato, how well do you like to tease us? Everything was going well. Hot and Heavy and then WHAM!
Screaming at each other just because they misunderstood each other once again. All i can say is about TIME!. As always, great job. Please don't keep us waiting long for the next chapter. Can't wait.
abeed chapter 64 . 5/10
Miss Kraaaaaaaaaaaato! You kill me! Loved the frowny thinky face conversation and the lift banter! And good god, the thought of Greek FOOD had me salivating! Such a great chapter, way too many good b#its to choose from! I actually quite like #it when they argue and the #PM chat was always gonna be a tricky one, but was very cleverly done! But boy, did you really have to stop there?! *angry cat face* followed by *kissy cat face* Pretty Please give us #65 soon! X
Quattro Queen chapter 63 . 5/8
Hahahahaha Iris Smellie, blooming hilarious miss K. Love the scene with them and Gloria...the baby blanket is a lovely touch...and the cocktail. I like the way Gloria susses the pair of them out, even if they haven't quite got to that stage in their heads yet. Still very much enjoying for the story - good work -)
Quattro Queen chapter 62 . 5/8
Arrh! I can see Billy scratching at his arms...please make him stop - that is so vivid a description it actually makes my flesh crawl. You've created a very interesting character here.
Quattro Queen chapter 61 . 5/8
I feel very sorry for Billy, he seems so innocent , but obviously he isn't. But I kind of understand why he snapped. You know I didn't guess that
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