Reviews for Dempsey & Makepeace: Art For Art's Sake
abeed chapter 62 . 9h
Poor kid! Case closed! Is #it home time now? No way can Dempsey drive himself! #isallimsayin ;-)
Castlefan68 chapter 62 . 16h
Poor Billy! I hope he's not the only one to suffer and everyone involved gets what's coming to them.
haveunotthought chapter 62 . 4/17
I feel for Billy.
We get to know him in a pure sort of way. Not purely right but wholly known. (Or words to that effect)

But what about peter coats and Inga and all the others?
Do we ever know their scheming plots?
haveunotthought chapter 61 . 4/17
I like plot. I wanna know why and when and what all the others were up to.
I might need it spelling out loud and clear...
Duann chapter 61 . 4/16
I am so sorry Miss K for slight delay in me reviewing but I have been very busy lately! I blame #them and the extended weekend) Please don't punish #others for what I haven't and won't do in the future. I promise to try #harder tho.

Anyway, back to the chapter, I start to look forward to hearing Harry talk to the Masters bloke. Might be interesting. Substitute? Of course you were substitute! duh!
I felt for them a bit especially Harry when they revealed their true identity to Gloria. that woman sounded genuine.

What I can't wait tho is Harry making James happy. He will love it!

p.s. Also love how thw way Harry says his name makes me go softer.
aunt sal chapter 61 . 4/14
Dempsey wants to make Harry happy. Harry wants James to make her happy. You make me happy. Happydays are truly nearly here.
Really looking forward to the PM fall out. Now I heard on the grapevine that fecked up hands can heal really quickly esp if the person is in lurve Please please please post soon
abeed chapter 61 . 4/13
Well I'm a little #bummed I didn't get review spot #699!
Hearing PM & Harry converse is kinda like torture but I guess I must like torture cause I'm actually looking forward to their chat and her explanation!
My personal best b#it, obviously...
"Yeah, I'll see whoever you want me to see if it makes you happy."

"Good." Harry completed a perfect three point turn and drove out of the carpark and onto the quiet street. "Because I'm looking forward to making you happy." Go Harry! Quite looking forward to #it myself! #hinthint
Thanks, Miss K! Hope #62 is #coming real soon! :-) Xx
alex77-d chapter 61 . 4/5
I really really wonder how you manage to make me love your stories more and more! You're a genius!
Please, update soon !
Rytx chapter 61 . 4/3
You write so well. I appreciate how well crafted the plot and the characters are. Of course all of us who visit this site do so because of our interest in D&M but by giving even minor characters a degree of depth you create a better story. Please continue writing!
sophiesworld2 chapter 61 . 4/4
Great to see an update Krato, although I'm still in the dark as to what Billy actually did, but then I guess that's what you are aiming for.

It seems a bit simple for Billy to be the killer, but then maybe that's the twist?

Its obvious that Paul realises exactly why Harry went to bed with him, but apparently Dempsey didn't hear that bit, or did he?

I hope that Paul doesn't cause any problems in their relationship. I think that its probably best if Dempsey doesn't know the real reason why Harry had a one night stand, as I think that it might make him mad to realise that Harry had a thing for him all along, and ended up sleeping with a stranger rather than admit to her true feelings. But then again I could be totally wrong.

Keep up the good work, I want to know how their relationship develops now that they are back in London.
NightOwl22 chapter 61 . 4/4
Well, this chapter had a very D&M, the show, feel to it. I can't quite put my finger on what it is about it that rings so true to the series, but I have a feeling it is the actual dialogues within it, in particular, Dempsey's demeanor. You nailed it!

Still enjoying this fic quite a bit as it comes to a wrap. I was hoping there would be a bigger explosion with the Paul Masters situation, but I guess the other shoe hasn't dropped yet? I am dying to read about Dempsey's reaction when he finds out what happened. Will he even find out? I'm cringing just thinking about it.

Nice to see the duo back at the SI-10 offices. It feels rather homey. I especially love the interrogation sequences (I guess you call them questioning or interview sequences but, well, "tomayto"/tomato. ;P) I'm looking forward to the rest of that scene, because that chilling last line managed to raise the hairs in the back of my neck. I'm curious to know what Billy Higgins means by that.

Again, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful writing with us. :-)
Castlefan68 chapter 61 . 4/3
Who knew calling him James would have such an effect!
So looking forward to the next chapter.
Mint Julip59 chapter 61 . 4/3
I haven't had the best of times lately so really looking forward to this
NightOwl22 chapter 60 . 3/29
Nice chapter with a perfect balance of humor, plot and implied romance. Just when we thought they had the case almost wrapped up, that pesky Billy Higgins gets away. Darn! Poor Dempsey, if he'd only been in a better shape.

I really liked the beginning of the chapter with both of them in the car and Dempsey mouthing the words to the Chris Rhea song, as well as Harry's subtle reaction. Clever tie in to the title of the chapter.

Was it only me who thought at first that the time they spent in the bathroom they were doing something *other* than putting the pregnant suit on Harry, or do I have a dirty mind? ;P It is endearing the way they are both stepping on eggshells when it comes to the subject matter, and yet, it is clear that their relationship has transcended to another level. At least they talk to each other at this point.

I particularly loved the way they cornered Billy Higgins with that passive aggressive intimidation, so typical of them. Very true to the show. I enjoyed seeing them stepping into their cop shoes during that scene. And when the chap takes flight, this line was just brilliant: "Oh, hell!" Makepeace groaned although Dempsey's response was a little less restrained." LOL! (I can only imagine...)

I'm curious as to how the rest of the scene is going to unfold now that Paul Masters has come into the picture, hmmmmm...

A couple of more chapters to go. I'm sad to see this one come to an end, but very, VERY excited to hear about your next project. Thank you so much for bringing us such wonderful (and juicy) entertainment. :)
aunt sal chapter 60 . 3/29
Even with a fecked up hand, 20 mins is a bit long to just do up a few press studs. Can we please have a flashback or complete chapter on toilet antics? Showdown time is a coming. "Why did you sleep with Masters honey?"
I love Gloria but I think she might get the handbag out when she finds out they are not married or pregnant.
Must be time for the next chapter now #please
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