Reviews for The Uzumaki Tales: Return of the Whirlpool
Calypto chapter 44 . 4/19
Wow seriously? A very Important to the plot scroll rolls under a rock just for kabuto to find?
Croa chapter 29 . 4/4
CHAPTER 29. I'm not a big fan of how some people exaggerate the hatred towards Naruto, citizens did this, council doesn't like that, beat up every year on his birthday and so on. The approaches are never subtle and serious, instead they come off as chilidish, or as a blatant declaration of "oh poor Naruto, let us pity him". It's not much different here sadly, but at the very least it's not blown out of proportion to cringy levels like others, but it is off-setting like for example the last scene in the mentioned chapter
I believe making it subtle by having the other characters notice it here and there but never directly from Naruto (or anyone in that case, besides eluding to the fact and then finally coming out with a simple and short declaration) is a much more humble and serious approach. Build up on that angst, don't throw it in our face
Croa chapter 26 . 4/4
I actually appreciate the clones being able to transfer memories as long as it's done in moderation. Naruto isn't bright and a ninja used what he has available, so while others have intelligence and talent, he has a lot of chakra and therefore clones to compete, mixed with his luck and unpredictability. Same thing with Kurama, he is a tool (logically speaking, I understand he is a sentient being and should be treated as such) to be used to its fullest and has godly potential. The curse seal doesn't apply obviously since it's potential is ultimately detrimental to the user, unless being consumed by Orochimaru is what you strive for. Anyways one thing I find hard to believe is that a person could consume hundreds of clones memories in one day regardless of whether the Kyubi can even heal the mind, so as long as you don't exaggerate there use I won't argue or complain.
yellowflash-reincarnated chapter 84 . 4/2
Do you plan on continuing this story? I really love what you've done to it and I would love to see this continued and eventually finished seeing as it's been almost 3 years since you've updated
Maximum Over-Saiyan chapter 10 . 3/5
So why is 26 year old Yugito Nii taking the Chunin Exams? She was a Jonin in Part 2
Lucker chapter 64 . 1/24
your story sucks, it is literally impossible for anyone in Naruto to know over 10 jutsu.
khannarie chapter 1 . 1/7
I have seen this story whenever I search for Naruhina fic and yet I keep ignoring it thinking this was a story of Naruto leaving Konoha to rebuild uzu. I never liked those type of story because for me, Naruto is for Konoha only. But since I'm a Naruhina shipper, I know I will read this eventually I'm glad I did! Because aside from my fave ship, I am lso a sucker for seal savvy Naruto.. there also alot of things I love about this story. (1) I like the pace on how you made naruto strong... I really really like it . I never once feel that you made him over powerful. No fancy bloodlines or summons. The whole trip/training was perfect and the power he gain through those years are really acceptable... (2) I appreciate that there are no bashing esp Sasuke even though I'm not a fan of him. I like that you made him naruto's equal and that their rivalry turned healthy. Him remaining loyal and no longer revenge driven are also nicely pace. I never like sasusaku though so there are times I skipped some part where those two are involved. It has nothing to do with your writing. I just dont like sakura and sasusaku pairing. I also felt that sakura had way to many mentors while the others had to rely on their clan or sensei.. I guess that's my only problem. (3) the lack of OCS that tend to steal Naruto's thunder. Well you introduced some but only because it was needed esp in Naruto's quest to find his clanmates. I really appreciate the limited number of oc and their role. It means more screen time for canon characters which I feel deserve it more than oc. (4) I get a good laugh from this too . Some of my fave were naru's poor attempt to mimic psychotic gaara(I hurt my tummy thinking of Kurama reaction) back when they did the interrogation exam in kumo's chuunin. I also laugh so hard at those Pervy's antic at icha-icha book and movie release... lmfao esp the book release! They even pitch tents the night before the release. It was freaking hilarious! My most fave was when hinata jyuken sai's nuts back when they reached Karin.. that was epic!

I really enjoyed this story and it saddens me to realized that the last update was years ago. I hope and pray you find the inspiration to continue this story someday. I will be placing this in my fave/follow alert in hopes that one day I'll get an alert from this. There are still a lot of things I look forward from this story namely, you delving at Naruto's namikaze side as well him learning Hirashin, I think you hinted Kakashi teaching Naruto his father jutsu. Will Kakashi help him learning it even if Kakashi himself can't eo it?. Then there's the conclusion to hyuuga's affair, and the Kiri arc.. are you planing for Naruto to get all those seven swords from Kiri? I mean Kiri betrayed uzu, I think Naruto should get those swords back pff... then there's I am also curious and would like to know if the Sandaime hokage was the victim of danzo's stolen uchiha eyes.. if that was the reason why he seem to allowed all the misfortune that Naruto experienced years before he graduated.. im betting danzo's used to eye on him, although I hate for it to happen, it's the only logical explanation esp since Sandaime weird decisions regarding Naruto started after the massacre..
You see, there are still a lot of things you can do with this story.. I really hope you continue this... and thank you for letting us see your take on Naruto's world . I truly love this fic
jake006 chapter 84 . 12/7/2016
First thing first this story has not been updated I nearly 2 years. how ever it is a must read the right is clean the fights are nice to the point and not bloated the only bad part is it is not finished and most likely never will be but if you under stand that it is still a great read top ten for my list
ExBlazE chapter 4 . 11/13/2016
Ch 4: 'Somewhat like the canon plot line' is not what is going on here. I literally skipped through the first 4 chapters, reading only the tree walking part and nothing else. Not even that Hinata, Ko or whatever part previous chapter.
Here's me hoping for changes in the next chapter.
gonzalo.flako chapter 84 . 11/9/2016
una gran historia solo espero que la continues, ya que deseo seguir leyendola. saludos
LockNesTom chapter 1 . 11/2/2016
You know. Every few months I come back here and look. Hoping you will actually return and finish the story, it was perfect. Naruto wasn't super op plez nerf nor was he cannon. This was how he should have been. I'll keep looking though, hoping that one day you actually finish this.
Kylo Azarath chapter 6 . 10/31/2016
4 real . You gave zabuza the rank of chunin when he was a fucking member of the kiri shinobigatana shichininshu . That's pretty stupid IMO.A jounin would have been a fitting rank but alas what's done is done.
MomoLake27 chapter 84 . 10/18/2016
Please update I can't wait until the next chapter
Gold Testament chapter 84 . 10/4/2016
Why did you never finish this?
Gold Testament chapter 77 . 10/3/2016
*Smashes you with a massive mallet* That was for making the Castration Palm that ridiculous rank. It's ZZZ at best with the 1000 years of death being Z rank for the whole humiliation factor.
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