Reviews for The Uzumaki Tales: Return of the Whirlpool
narustar93 chapter 1 . 7/5
Continuity error the third world ninja war is the war the fourth hokage is acclaimed to help turn the tide not the second that’s jiraiya and tsunades era
Andorxor chapter 72 . 6/15
A genjutsu clan should really welcome someone with a lots of s genjutsu
Andorxor chapter 34 . 6/14
No drunken fist from the narcotics?
Andorxor chapter 29 . 6/14
Sasuke should sell his Tora summoning services
boredguy21 chapter 72 . 6/12
Now this chapter has been bugging me a lot. Naruto, despite being a MASTER of Frog Kumite (which btw is still an excellent taijutsu style even without using Sage Mode) as well as rapidly gaining ground on, if not nearly matching, Jiraiya in taijutsu, is still being totally dominated by Hinata there. That doesn't make any sense at all, period. Not saying her taijutsu is too good, just that Naruto's taijutsu was obviously and deliberately gimped here (he never lacked in taijutsu at all in canon). What makes it worse is that he trained in kenjutsu for a fraction of the time spent training his taijutsu, and yet he still massively outclasses Hinata in close combat there. What you should have done there (to balance things out) is at least make him competent enough to be able to fight Hinata defensively and hold his ground there, and overpower her to a respectable degree with his sword. Also, Naruto and Sasuke should be A, not A. If Hinata and Sakura are A-, Lee should be A-. Personally, all 3 should be no higher than B if anything, albeit being close to A-.

That aside, the story is a massive improvement from the early chapters.
Gako959 chapter 3 . 6/4
The last time you returned to the story, you said that you have though of rewriting it because of a few mistakes you made, but what were those mistakes; I mean you are almost up at the three thousands reviews and that its a lot. maybe it's because you are doing something right, don't you think?

Anyway I hope one day you return, sooner rather than later.
JinGraph2178 chapter 60 . 6/2
I know I already left a message on chapter 1, but I felt I had to mention another things that I love about this story, and that's your development. To be brutally honest, your level of writing at the beginning of the fic is not great, in part because you're effectively retelling the beginning of Naruto. However, as the story progresses, you steadily increase your mastery over language, something which, as a reader, gives a weird sense of you developing with Naruto. I just wanted to say that by this point, the writing is phenomenal, and it's from here that you can say with all honesty that you have become a very good writer. Anyway, thanks from a longstanding fan
for writing this!
JinGraph2178 chapter 1 . 5/30
This isn't a review of the chapter as such. I just wanted to leave a message for you, the author. I owe you a great deal. This fanfiction continues to be my favourite fic. I love it. I read it when it came out, and although I have since made a new fanfiction account, I just wanted to say that this story is AMAZING. I myself enjoy writing, I write a lot in my spare time, and it's this fic which started me on writing, because it's just so goddamn UNPUTDOWNABLE! Yeah, of course there are things I don't like, but no-one likes everything in a story. And to me? In terms of story and progression, this is the most like an anime I've ever read. This story works in exactly the way it should, and runs exactly like Naruto does; Smoothly and with each chapter promising more. This fic is written exactly like a book, and no matter how well-written someone else's fic is, I have read few others which achieve this atmosphere of an actual story. Kishimito himself could have written this shit down, put it into manga form, and it would work the same. And that is why I want to congratulate you on being the first person I came across, and I haven't come across many, to have written not just a story but a true alternative series of events. I salute you, and goddamn I love this fic.
Guest chapter 72 . 5/26
As much as I like this fic, there are some stand-out issues I want to address (and this is my second reading ofnthos fic yoo)

- Post-skip Naruto and Sasuke are a bit too weak for my liking. Both honestly should be A/S- at base (Sasuke was at least A in early Shippuden), Naruto is alreadu a first-class fuinjutsu user and has an S-rank ninjutsu, while Sasuke is the perfect combination of skill variety and power. Are you telling me that a master of Frog Kata (even without Sage Mode, his taijutsu improved massively because of this) and an expert at his clan's taijutsu doesn't already make him one of the best taijutsu users of his generation? High-chunin level taijutsu, seriously? I know you're trying to kinda balance things out, but factoring out the reincarnation crap, Naruto and Sasuke were bound to be absolute freaks, even without MS hax and Kurama.

- In Shippuden, 4-tails Naruto alone put up quite a showing vs Orochimaru. V2 Naruto shouldn't be any lower than SS- imo. You also nerfed Sage Mode quite a lot, S- is downright too low, and he was by far the strongest in Konoha (minus 7 Gates Gai) by the end of Pain Arc. Sage Mode allowed him to react to 3rd Raikage's Hell Strike better than at KCM1. S at minimum. I personally think you should include SSS Rank too, reserved for the likes of Hashirama, Madara and the level Naruto and Sasuke reaches in the end.

- Lee should be B or A-. His dependence on taijutsu honestly isn't that much of a hindrance here. Hinata and Sakura shouldn't be THAT close to Naruto and Sasuke here.

- I found Jiraiya predicting the physical development of Hinata quite... disturbing, even though it was purely to tease Naruto.

- Let Minato be that one insanely-talented prodigy who never came from a prestigious clan (the Namikaze were practical nobodies in canon), it only makes his achievements so much more impressive. chapter 90 . 5/26
Amazing piece of work! Looking forward to more!
AnimeLord127 chapter 1 . 5/24
Please continue this awesome story. It's literally the best Naruto fanfiction I've ever read.
Whitefang24 chapter 90 . 5/7
Please continue
djextinct13 chapter 1 . 4/27
literally was looking for this specific story for 3 hours now i didnt know what your profile was and google is total ass but idk what i clicked i just suddenly am here now
Guest chapter 73 . 4/21
It’s 2018, and a week or two to wait is nothing. That you announced this say that you care about both the story and the readers is good in my book. My bad feelings (read annoyance, angry, hateful and so on) is mostly based on those who just abandoned their stories without an explanation. The only reason I’m not running amok through the Internett to eat (or pummel or decapitate) jayan phoenix, a writer on this site, is that I’m not sure he is dead yet. Can’t kill the dead:D. Still, he just left many good stories behind, and if (you do the same, please have the courtesy to tell us readers).
Guest chapter 70 . 4/21
A wonderful homecoming for Naruto;D
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