Reviews for Kratos' Lament
Leumas98 chapter 1 . 9/25/2012
See how much easier it becomes to read with linebreaks? Epecially when your story is a little longer, like now, it's important.
By the way, here's some basic terms used on this site, if you didn't know them.

OC: Own character. A character that you have created.

OOC: Out Of Character. That's when the the characters are a little off, like Kratos being very cheerful or Colette swearing often, etc etc. Should be avoided if you write anything that's not a parody.

A/N: Authors notes, you can write anything you want before and after the story.

I'm pretty sure you know all of those, but just in case. Great story, and keep up the good work. You can also try writing a longer story, with mutiply chapters. I have two stories like that, Corruption and Truth and Dare.

Good luck!