Reviews for To Be Redeemed
dlione chapter 308 . 9/17
I'm gushing over Odin's last statement! He finally says it.
Poor B words in that scene just nailed home the similarities of Marvel civil war to our own and it went to the deep feelings.
Hope things are going well, as they can be, in your world. Great chapter!
skydancer2ooo chapter 308 . 9/16
Lovely update! I can't wait for them to tell Frigga. I think Loki made more of impression on Angela than any other. So far I believe he's been the most sincere. The Queen wanted her as a victory trophy over Odin. Thor and Odin wanted to be successful in battle and to bring her home. Loki offered her truth and options to choose being in the same boat she once was. While I think Odin should tell Frigga. I think Loki can help her understand more of where her daughter's heart and mind is right now. Okay what's Odin's deal? However it was funny seeing Thor and Loki's reaction. I imagine them conspiring with their heads together talking about Odin. I hope Loki can help her find some peace. Perhaps she can give Loki information about his other son. I also hope she and Brunhilde meet. Why haven't Odin's other children tried to make a claim for the throne?

What. Loki's spidey senses didn't go off when Steve kissed Sharon? I hate making Sharon a bad guy but I almost wished she had tried to go further with Steve. Steve making the guys promises of not telling makes Steve look most suspicious. In Civil War I was kind of angry at Lang and Clint because both had children to think about. Now both were going back to prison. Since Clint doesn't have any here. I'm still angry with Lang. Another thing that bothered me with Civil War was Team Iron Man wasn't listening to anything said. That's what has me angry with them. There was no room for okay lets check it out what they are saying. Carol frustrates me. She and Rhodey put too much trust and the government. They can't be that naive to think that Buck and the others will get fair trials. They have to know there are people who are held without trials; that the government won't try to harness their abilities and tech for themselves. Rhodey already did it once in Iron Man 2. In fact the whole movie was based on the government harnessing the suits. I hope you take some aspects from the Civil War comics too. I don't mind there wasn't smut. I couldn't find a place for it unless Sharon tried to jump Steve's bones. I hope you are feeling okay. Update soon!
Luke2Leia chapter 308 . 9/16
Love the sibling interaction between Thor and Loki, and how Odin handles his end. And Heimdall is always a treasure!
Harley S. Quinn chapter 307 . 9/12
I'm sure Angela is Thor and Loki's long lost sister. My bet is on it.
Also, if at first I didn't like Sif, now I like her very much. I think she is every lesbian fantasy incarnated, hahaha!

Is Bruce on Team Cap in your story, I don't see him listed there? Also, Clint and Natasha on opposite team... I guess Blackwidow will switch team just like in the movie.

I've already told you about my internal dilemma between Team Cap and Team Iron Man and your story is making it worse... I guess I just love them all too much to see them fight. I have such a soft spot for King T'Challa and Carol Danvers and even James Rhodes... Why are you doing this to me? X)

I can't wait for the next chapter! Thank you, thank you, thank you for those new chapters!
skydancer2ooo chapter 307 . 9/2
Good chapter! So the team roster is out. This is either going to be an amazing fight or a blood bath. It depends on agendas or everyone involved. I still don't believe Ross will completely stay out of it. Having some of the X-Men involved will defiantly turn the the heat on mutants. But that was what they were aiming for in the long run. I can't wait for the footage to show up and for everyone's opinion and input on their enhanced individual 'problem'. I do wonder if they'll use Loki to make a point to Steve just to get an reaction out of him. After all he did shelter an escaped criminal. Then again they should be concerned what Loki will do if something does happen to Steve.

Jane's peace of mind being away from Earth is actually something I enjoyed. She's right. The people of Asgard just live mostly. I know she doesn't see the dark underbelly of Asgard but most don't. That is kept in house. Jane and Sif pretty hot. I got a little Darcy and Bimsy. I miss them. I think Victor is going to enjoy going up against Logan again. Its never been truly personal for Victor he just likes to fight.

Jessica is really cut throat. She told Carol to forget Bucky. I hope Carol throws those words back at her when it happens to her. I would have loved to have seen Jessica and Spider-man face off. Good chapter! I hope all is going well with you.
skydancer2ooo chapter 306 . 9/2
I can't wait to see the entire lineup. I think your lineup will be more epic than the original. I can't wait to see everyone's motives and why they are helping either side.
Since CW came out I have been subjected to anger at Tony and Steve. Most of the anger is directed at Steve though. They believe Tony was was being more than reasonable and that the end of CW was not acceptable and the letter was insulting. However I see things shaping up differently with a new line-up. Ross is a scary guy. I think he wants to make a statement with the Accords. He's itching to do so even if that means sacrificing Steve so be it. He has a sinister nature to him, and I love it.

Thor does not wish to be a woman and for some reason he think these women will trip over themselves for him. I hope he pays for that arrogance. I love Loki abandoning Thor with those parting words. Great chapter!
dlione chapter 307 . 9/2
Caught up again! The funeral made me cry, it was beautiful. Your ability to put the screen and other works into text is astounding. I'm still in love with this story 307 chapters later.
I hope you can find measures to make your life comfortable while going through what you're now going through. As a fan of your writing and a fan of you as a human being, I wish you the best.
Luke2Leia chapter 307 . 9/1
another great chapter! I love how you flesh out the full cast, so everyone has time in the spotlight and motives and interactions and relationships all their own.
skydancer2ooo chapter 305 . 8/26
Very nice chapter! You captured their attitudes quite well. The conversation between Steve and Tony was quite telling even more than in the movie. I feel like Tony is Batman here. Rachel Dawes' letter says it all. "But now I’m sure the day won’t come when you no longer need Batman." Tony needs to be Iron Man its like an addiction. It makes Tony look selfish, but I think Tony feels trapped in some ways. Its not shaping up to be a good marriage. I hear a lot of people give Pepper a lot of flack about how she treats Tony believe me I understand but I understand her side as well.

Like I say these guys are from two different generations. Steve's generation says get in there and help. Tony's wait and see. Wow Steve called Tony out on 'that guy' and how he sounds like him. Its no telling what 'he' is saying about the Accords and the Avengers although he doesn't really doesn't respect the UN.

I love Wade visiting Baldur and Narfi. He didn't tell them about the unknown sister or that Loki and Thor are on their way to an unknown realm with no backup. I guess you wouldn't tell them that. I was hoping Baldur and Hodur would have some contact before he had to pay for his crimes. I have no doubt Hela is making him pay dearly. Death and Wade I love them.

I first I was going to bash Scott but he is far more level head than most. He knew if they stuck their noses in it would only make things worse right now. He knows the government will make there way back to them once they have the Avengers well in hands. This reminds me of a fic called How Did It End Up Like This by bluedemon92. Amazing story it is. Loki was teaching at Xavier Institute. The class was speaking about How one group of beings are regarded as inferior and dangerous, while another is celebrated. Get read if you don't mind angst. Great update!
skydancer2ooo chapter 304 . 8/26
Oh my I sorry to hear that. I hope and pray for your recovery. Know my thoughts are with you. I'll as we all should understand if you can't write every week.

It was a good chapter. Interesting back story to heaven and heven. Yeah I read snippets of the Tenth Realm but not enough to truly know the story.

Steve's word should be enough for them but I think being with Loki has damaged his reputation. The government and T'Challa have already passed judgement on him though. I was always upset how Vision tried to soften the blow for Wanda, but it mad him look manipulative instead. Add that with Tony Stark you have two superhuman individuals who have more reason to hate Tony. Also did Wanda and Pietro's upbringing have anything to do with Tony signing? Did he see a destructive path in both as a weapons makers and being a hero. He has to know no matter what he does there will be casualties? Steve knows this and accepts casualties will always be apart of fighting terror and war.
skydancer2ooo chapter 303 . 8/26
Yeah life just happens to get in the way sometimes. You don't have time to do what you like doing. Good chapter by the way. I'm confused on how I feel. I never though Loki would stay out of respect for the feelings Steve has/had for Peggy. I'm also glad Loki stayed as long as he did. I know in a way I think Loki may still have a smidgen of jealousy towards Peggy mixed with respect. I don't want Loki to sound petty, and I know how I worded that sounds weird. Still I'm glad Sam mentioned him to stick around.

Steve and Bucky not signing is testament to their generation I believe oppose to the newer generation of military. I think Buck and Steve are made of sterner stuff than the new kids. I'm not saying the upbringing was easier but they have insight that the others don't, and I think its that idea of freedom and a controlling ruling body that seen during the World War. I think Sam sees that to working with so many veterans over the years that may have imparted knowledge on him as well. Johnny going back to the F4 doesn't negate that they'll come for them soon. Once they get a foothold on the Avengers they'll start making more Accords for them and mutants alike. They'd probably send the Avengers in to even hunt mutants and other super humans. I wonder did any of them think by signing the accords they'd be signing away their right to choose. Poor Steve he sees that outcome with only a few people to listen.

Clint buying a farm is cool, but he's too invested to retire. He can't go cold turkey just like that. If he gradually phased out sure but this isn't how to do it. I think he knows this but right now he playing the wait and see game. I just can''t wait to see who ends up where. Good chapter.
Luke2Leia chapter 306 . 8/20
Wonderful work! I enjoy Thor facing the consequences of his certainty that everyone everywhere will like him without question. And Matt and Jess are quite the couple. On a side note, I'm glad you're getting treatment, even if it is exhausting. It is quite literally the fight of your life, we'll all understand if you need time to focus on you first.
He who rules the sea chapter 306 . 8/18
This chapter is awesome!

I am curious about the angels. They aren’t biblical inspired are they?
Harley S. Quinn chapter 305 . 8/16
I wondered if you were going to include Bucky's part in Civil War and how you would do it if you chose to. I like it! I so wonder how the rest of Civil War will be included and modified. Poor Bucky, in your story, he is one of my favorite character and I do hope everything will be okay for him. I wonder about how the fight between Steve and Toni will be included, because I feel that in your story, they have become closer to one another than in the canon. My understanding is also that Loki is also friend with Toni at this point, like he is with all the avengers, as much as Steve is. Is that right?

I also can't wait to read about Loki and Thor's adventure. I wonder how Loki will react when he hears about what is happening on Midgard ;)

I was thinking. For me, the older I get, the less I care about other's people opinion of me and the more I'm able to make my own choices without caring about what others would think and I'm only 28 years old. Could you imagine if, like Loki or any Asgardian, who are thousands of years old, that would translate? I mean, it explains why sometimes they act the way they do, saying what they think without caring to bruise other people's sensibility.

Thank you for this chapter. I wish you the best.

Iyawolfwhite chapter 305 . 8/5
I really liked that you kept everything close to current events and alined it with the movies but I was really hoping you would have skipped this part. Didn’t Loki remove that stuff from bucky’s head before he got with is lady?
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