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Harley S. Quinn chapter 302 . 7/15
I loved this chapter (and the previous one)! Loved the exchange between Loki and his mother. I'm looking forward to the adventure between Thor and Loki. I loved the Civil War movie. I remember that after watching it, I phoned my best friend like I ususally do after watching a good movie and he had already seen it, before me. So, I asked him which side he sided with: Cap or Iron Man. And to my utmost surprise he said Iron Man. I was like: WHAT!? Since I definitly sided with Captain America's side. And he laugh and was as surprised as I had been myself with his choice and told me: "You're choosing CHAOS! You're a lawyer, how could you side with Captain America." And then, we argued for like twenty minutes. But, again, reading your story, I keep siding with the Captain. I do see Iron Man's point of view and perhaps, as a lawyer, I should side with him, but again, I choose... CHAOS!

Thank you so much for your story, looking forward for the next chapter! (If Thor does not have a love affair with the goats, I clearly do!)
skydancer2ooo chapter 302 . 7/14
Great chapter! I almost wish Loki and Ross would have met. They way he said boyfriend sounded irksome. Loki should have definitely been the one to read the Accords. He would have found every flaw and hidden clause. Wow I think everyone went in hard on Tony. I notice everyone making a comment concerning Tony and his weapons manufacturing, his disaster with Loki's staff, to him having a kid now. Well kids are a game changer. They also went in on Ross for losing Bruce. That was fun.

I knew Illyana and her brother wouldn't sign. The Civil War lineup seems the same with a few key new people. I think Johnny is leaning towards his uncles side of things but I feel his is going to talk it over with Maria before making his final decision. I also don't no where Spider-Man is going to go. He has a realtionship with Steve, Loki, and Hel. Then there is T'Challa. He knows Bucky now. Oh man Carol and Bucky on different sides wow. Natasha's mind is very interesting. So she believes her feelings will change if Client's not on the team anymore? Well I guess she is attracted to bad boys. I can't wait for more of your Civil War.

Peggy dying was sad mostly becuase Steve cried and Loki let him. Also I think Loki is a little hypocritical when it comes to letting Frigga mourn Hodur and when Steve mourns Peggy. They both mourn someone who was once important to them. So Odin is going to let them go to Heaven just like that? No argument? No discussion? It seems so soon just after they lost Hodur. Great chapter!
skydancer2ooo chapter 301 . 7/7
Great chapter! So much angst, distrust, and ignorance, yet hope. Loki and Steve's talk with T'Challa was a bit dry. I believe T'Challa is in a bad situation. He knows the Avengers personally, but as King he can't let this slide especially if he has someone breathing down his neck. Ahh Loki the guy who is all about getting stuff done. Loki wants a preemptive before one is made against them. Loki knows this game very well and wants to protect the Avengers.

How long are Reed and Sue going to stop burying their heads in the sand? Really working with the local authority and customs. You think international terrorist wouldn't have some of the authorities in their pocket. They have to start thinking global or are they too narrow minded. The world is much bigger than New York. I think I read Reed was in favor of superhuman registration. I don't think Ben is as far sighted. He's been The Thing and knows what its like. Hopefully he has a broader spectrum of the world. I my they really mad me angry.

Erik and Charles are right back where they started. They seem to never move from that argument. Erik may direct his attention to Wanda and Pietro, especially what happens if they go to prison. Mystique and Kurt are so alike but different. Another stalemate from the mutants.

Sam is so great. Wanda sees her mistake on a grand scale. Sam breaks it down for her so she'd see little pieces and not something as huge and not shoulder the guilt on her own. He makes her understand this happens a lot more times than she thinks and it could happen to anybody. Death is a part of their lives.

Danielle is all about her political career. Hank deserves better I hopes he gets better. Let Danielle have her politics and the end I hope it keeps her warm at night when she retires. I like Ethan. He's more perceptive than his politician mother. Part of me hopes he's a late bloomer mutant. Great chapter some much reality to it. I hope we can drain the real swamp soon.
Verteller chapter 301 . 7/7
...such as flight isn't so bad.

*Sorry, I hit the post button on accident*
Verteller chapter 301 . 7/7
What if Ethan posted a picture of him hanging out with Hank, or someone else happens to snap a picture and post it online?

Also, why not make the president less terrible by making him against only certain types of mutants? For example: inherently destructive powers like fire is dangerous but abilities such as
Guest chapter 301 . 7/7
Today's America... Greeeat...

It's not as bad as people make it out to be. He's by no means the best president but we've faced far worse.

The nazi party is a political party like the democrat and Republican parties. Not a catch all term for alt-right people.
Luzi22 chapter 300 . 7/5
Uhm I didn't actually read this but I'd like to congratulate you for 300 chapters and 1.9 million words
T-TrainOrTurkeyT chapter 300 . 7/2
That was good. Wanda’s thoughts about trading lives made me recall one of my favourite Captain America lines from Infinity War. (“We don’t trade lives!”)

It was really nice to see Kelda again, however briefly.
Rhyme2Rhapsody chapter 300 . 7/2
300 chapter!
I remember back when I forst started reading back in chapter 20-something. Your perseverence and dedication to this fic is inspiring
Guest chapter 300 . 7/2
I didn't have to wait long! I liked this chapter, loved the connection between Pietro and Wanda. It had been a while since we had seen female Loki, I remember I told you I prefer male Loki, but hey, only fools never change their minds. I shall await the next chapter now. Thank you for this chapter!
Verteller chapter 300 . 6/30
Chapter 300! Wooo!
skydancer2ooo chapter 300 . 6/30
First off 300 chapters! I love Pietro going to Wanda. He knew he was needed and I hope no one will see that as a liability, but knowing them it will be. They will have to resist the urge to aid the other if they are separated. Interesting taught about who they will side with in Civil War. Wanda's guilt might make her side with the government. Unlikely but interesting. I'm glad Loki was there for Wanda as well. He tried to make it a little clearer for her, and for a moment he got through. That food for thought is going to linger along with her guilt. Sam is going to have his hands full the next couple of days. I do like him trying to help Steve first. He knows Steve has some of his thoughts under control but some thoughts of guilt could seep through. He may feel some responsibility for Wanda.

Loki is trying but he's being a butt too. He isn't going to make it easy for them. I do think he understands, but he's angry that he does understand and almost feels like he's betraying his children by understanding their grief. He needed Steve to hurt him because he doesn't feel remorse for Hodur, but he probably knows he could have done better. Steve need to soothe his own anger about the mission. I don't know I be going to in detail about what's going on. No doubt Bucky has heard along with the Charles,Erik, and the F4. Interesting to see what they think of the Sokovia Accords.

Oliver receiving an unwanted hug, makes me thing of a GIF with a cat hiding between the couch cushions and sticks his head out but tucks it back in after being touched. Great chapter!
Harley S. Quinn chapter 299 . 6/30
Here at last! I'm both glad and terribly disconcerted to have finally caught up with where you're at... Waiting for the chapters to come and being reasonable and unable to just binge your story will be terribly painful. I might begin it anew if it gets too much.

I loved the wedding... or shall I say, the weddings!

There isn't a thing I did not like in your story and I look forward to read the rest. Like Steve, I like Toothgrinder, don't ask me why since the goat his a VERY secundary character, but I would like to see him again. Also, I wonder what will be the effects of the boosting of Steve's magical abilities, will he be able to travel Yggdrasil in a near future or at all? I do love Oliver and hope we'll get to see him more, it's so cute when they interact with him.

Like Loki, I can't help but to hope that Odin will someday tell him he loves him and is proud of him, the scene in the baths just broke my heart and it would be ooc and maybe I'm projecting my own difficulties with my father, but I can't help it. It breaks my heart each time...

I love the place where Steve and Loki are at right now, I just love them. They're the sweetest.

Thank you for taking the time to share this magical story with us.
I will be awaiting the next chapter with impatience!

Also, I do hope we see more of Loki's youtube channel and of Asgard!
skydancer2ooo chapter 299 . 6/23
First great chapter!

I'm not sure Loki was being hard on the parents or not. At the same time its still their son. I understand their grief. Loki should understand being a father and all. You can't just stop loving your child. At the same time Hodur also murdered and framed his twin and their son setting off a chain reaction. This made Loki a lose his twins sons, his marriage, and made him look like a murderer. Its a no-win situation. Don't you dare grieve for your dead son because of all the terrible things he did. Also it makes you look like you love him more than me. It almost made Loki seem a little petulant but at the same time he's not wrong. Great intervention by Thor to Odin. Odin needs to consider what he has left oppose to what he lost long ago. Loki is still trying and Hodur was gone after killing Baldur. Perhaps a private pyre will do. Besides I'd try to get on Loki's good side because Hodur's soul belongs to Hela now. Maybe Hodur and Baldur will get to speak one last time.

I love Hela and Pietro. They are hot together. I wonder will Pietro feel Wanda's need of him. I love the Lagos mission. I like how you added Hawkeye in. Also how they are training Wanda more on how Steve wants Wanda to come to conclusions herself. Wanda is still learning and maybe she wasn't ready for the field yet.

Well played Ross. Poor Tony guilt is a constant companion now. I can't wait for the next chapter. How are Loki and Thor going to tie into Civil War or will they? Can't wait for T'Challa's response. Also there are other the new Avengers who will tie in.
skydancer2ooo chapter 298 . 6/16
Ahhh Civil War is upon us. I can't wait to see that adaptation. Wow Ross really knows ow to pull the strings to get what he wants. Also there will T'Challa's reaction to consider. He's a king now instead of a vengeful prince. Yeah Nicholas kind of deserves that little punishment, but its so cute.

Hodur's death was too quick for me. He deserved more and I truly believed Loki would have spared him if it were just him alone. Poor Thor he didn't wish it to turn out like this but he has to know this is the kind of future and decisions he'll have to deal with. Although I have a lot of hate for Odin I know he wears a heavy crown and is troubled by 'some' decisions. Perhaps Odin can help Thor understand. However I think Storm mostly will help. I don't know what will happen in Asgard once they return. Will he receive a prince's funeral? So Frigga is down to one perfect coin. Ahh wow next chapter my be a little angsty. Good chapter.
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