Reviews for To Be Redeemed
Earthsong1 chapter 277 . 12/10
Awesome chapter as always. Look forward to more chapters.
Verteller chapter 277 . 12/10
This was by far the best family chapter yet. Speaking of family, any progress on deciding what you want to do with Vali?
skydancer2ooo chapter 277 . 12/10
Hel and her mother have the most volatile relationship. Dagr is just looking for a throne it seems. However I'm wondering how far he's willing to go to get it. Perhaps a power struggle for Hel's kingdom.

Movie night with Loki kids and a few Avengers was nice. Sleipnir has found him a mare. Probably a wild mare just caught. I love Loki and the grandpups. Death was a character I didn't concentrate too much on in DC comics so I had to do a bit of research. You had me laughing when Steve said. "That doesn't sound ominous at all." I got a flashback from Jigsaw. Wade and she should be fine especially since she is very neutral in the stance of life and death. Yeah I never thought about how both Hel and Wade liked Peter. That would have been some major sibling rivalry. Especially now when both of them are so close and Wade wants to know more about Loki. I feel sad for Wade.

I guess it really is cold in New York this time of year. I have recently become fascinated with Lady Loki. I may have asked before but who would you fan cast as female Loki. My personal opinion is Katie McGrawth or Eva Green. I would have reviewed last night but the site was down. Glad to see it up and running.
sweetandsimple1 chapter 276 . 12/4
This is officially the longest fic I've ever read. I've spent the past couple months reading it from chapter one until this one, and I really, really enjoyed it! I'm honestly surprised it's still being updated regularly — not that I'm complaining; by all means, carry on!

I have a couple of suggestions, if that's alright:
1) If Anthony Hopkins's resemblance to Odin means that he's a descendant of one of Odin's affairs, then why shouldn't Tom Hiddleston be one Loki's son / descendant? Or what if he's Vali, or Vali's son?

2) Hodur could play Ragnarok!Hel's role and cause a little drama. He's been a bit too well-behaved as of late, I think. He could be used as a plot device to reveal Asgard's history and such in-story.

3) Much as I love Thor's old look, maybe consider giving Thor the new look somehow? Maybe he goes undercover and has to cut his hair, and then loses his eye in an epic battle. If you don't want to give Thor a haircut and have him lose an eye, then maybe have him go undercover using one of Loki's glamours?

4) I think one way or another, Mjolnir needs to go, and Thor ought to get his lightning powers. Someone — maybe Storm — should remind him that he was known as the god of *lightning*, not the god of hammers.

5) I reaaallllyyyy want Valkyrie to make an appearance. I know her whole "last of the Valkyries" contradicts Thrud being an ex-Valkyrie (because Thrud can only retire from being a Valkyrie if there are existing Valkyries to retire from) but still!

6) More Fenrir, please! I really adore reading about him and his family. And I'd like to see some more Clark Kent, too, if that's alright.

7) I feel like Sleipnir should also get more attention. He's one of Loki's children, but sometimes I feel that everyone treats him more like a very smart pet instead of, well, Loki's kid.

8) The whole "science is magic" thing... Science is the process of discovering why and how things work. Whilst the statement makes sense, it also, by definition, does not make sense.. If that makes sense.

9) I remember Hela mentioned bringing Death over to a film night a few chapters ago? I hope that's still in the cards. Following that,

10) Pleaseeee will you include Constantine?

11) Wanda mentioned JARVIS in this chapter.. The line about asking JARVIS about her brother and getting a reply that he was in bed, snoring. I think she means FRIDAY?

12) Have Steve and Loki watch Steven Universe, maybe? I think they'd like it. Or get the cubs into it, maybe. Also, I think Hela would be into anime and Kpop. Not completely sure why, but it feels like it.

Thanks for writing such a wonderful fic, and for reading my length review. No matter what you decide to do with To Be Redeemed, I'll be following and eagerly reading every chapter. Have a nice day!
skydancer2ooo chapter 276 . 12/3
Nice chapter! Steve and Loki using 'training' as foreplay. One day they won't be able to get out of their clothes fast enough and take each other partially clothed. I am surprised the Asgardians didn't ask Steve for a spar, or some former spurned lover.

Frigga and Loki making wedding plans but they also sound like gossips. Yet I get how they wouldn't want to cause a Intergalactic incident. Then again its Loki's weeding there are bound to be some unnatural occurrence. The talk with Heimdall was really good. I imagine Heimdall has a lot of things he disagrees with and may have a lot of regrets. He sees all and heard all of the pain that has befallen Loki. Although he says he is Odin's tool I think he could provide a bigger picture for Odin if he were allowed. Odin would make better decisions. Young Loki pestering Heimdall about the whys and hows of the universe makes a great scene.

Wanda is still suffering from her childhood terrors. For the longest it had just been her and Pietro. He was like a security blanket for her and now she in a transitional state. She has to adapt to being independent from her brother. Maybe she was the one always being strong for him but now that he's adapted to a new society the need to be strong is no longer needed and she's letting herself finally feel. Sam really listens and jumps on those small key words. He's great and I think we need more therapy sessions. I know Sam has his own problems but I believe there is someone out there for him to talk too as well when his own advice fails has tried to set up Steve in Winter Soldier. That might be a nice idea.

I was so disappointed with Warner Brothers. They are killing their own franchise that has stood on its own for decades. I loved MoS and WW. Those two movies is where the Suits and CEO stayed out of it. When the suits and CEO start trying to direct with the director we get Dawn of Justice and JL. I wish someone could buy the franchise because I hate the studio. I'm sure Infinity Wars will be great. I haven't watched anything about it. I don't plan to. I start making prediction and thinking when I watch trailer. Then it doesn't turn out how I want, I'll be disappointed. What can I say its Disney although I wasn't a fan of Rogue One.
Verteller chapter 276 . 12/2
It looks like you've got a continuity error. Steve already knows about Loki's previous crush on Hiemdall, and all three have discussed about, yet this chapter has Steve ask about it as if he was figuring it out for the first time.
Earthsong1 chapter 276 . 12/2
I loved the chapter especially the sparring between Steve and Loki. Loved it.
skydancer2ooo chapter 275 . 11/19
Good chapter! I don't know what was up with Steve while Loki and Frigga made plans, but it probably what Thor said. They are perfectionist. Either that or Steve's the typical guy who is not interested in elaborate wedding plans. Loki is really anticipating something to go wrong in his final move to happiness. He projecting his feelings by being angry with Odin more. Poor Frigga, she's feels she's been replaced. Its not true, she is the one Loki runs to when he and Steve are being butts. I like the sound of the ceremony. I'm not sure Steve will let someone bathe him though. Hopefully Steve will make a speech as good as his Winter Soldier speech.

Are Asgardians incredibly vain? You betcha! Storm is going to have her hands full with them. I hope it isn't more than she an handle. However I think she is patient and Frigga will teach her more in the future.

Rhodey is Tony's translator. Yeah only a few people speak that language. Ross took a couple of shots below the belt. Worse he knows what he's doing but I feel Tony does not. I hope Rhodey tells Tony this so Tony want go to that black hole he and Loki are so fond of. I never knew Tony blamed Wanda for so much. I would like for you to explore that more from Tony's POV. Then he might be trying to push guilt off himself.

What's up with Wanda? This dream sounds ominous. I think Loki would be instrumental here since Helena told her what Loki says about dreams. Maybe premonitions in that case Frigga would be someone to speak with. I'm in love with Helena and Pietro. I think she's the only one who can keep up with him. Bummer! No new chapter next week! Oh well I reread some of my favorite chapters.

I'm guessing you didn't enjoy JL since you made no mention of it. Although mostly fans gave it praise. A far cry from 2016 BvS.
Earthsong1 chapter 275 . 11/18
Awesome chapter. I will wait on pins and needles for the next two weeks… just kidding. I love your stories and look forward to more. Have great Thanksgivings!
Verteller chapter 275 . 11/18
Next thing you know, Odin makes the trial as easy as possible while still making Steve look badass.

I'm curious, what would it take for Loki to at least lose his grudge against Odin for mutual respect?

Another thing: Would it be possible to turn Oliver into a temporary human (or human with cat ears and tail) for a chapter? He doesn't have to have human intelligence, I just kinda want to see what kind of havoc he'd cause.
dlione chapter 274 . 11/6
Goodness, the Oliver bed wetting scene reminded me of myself with my husband. I understood it's her only way to communicate certain things, still frustrates me though. He's not so understanding, but tries to be patient with her.
Poor Jess. She just needs to call Sam up.
Verteller chapter 274 . 11/6
Yeah, Hel is too sweet to be a villain. Although, you could try having her brainwashed, or replace her with someone else entirely, like the Enchantress. Side thought, what if it was Hel's suppressed dark side manifested as a second Hela, created by a third party?

As for the movie, was interesting how they changed Hel from being Loki's daughter to being Odin's, while Fenrir was her riding wolf. I guess they wanted to keep Loki single and without kids for the ladies (and guys).

Also: Loki looks good in leather.
skydancer2ooo chapter 274 . 11/5
Good chapter! I'm glad they are back and I can't wait to see how your Civil War will play out. You say Loki nor Thor will be involved and putting Hulk in makes it a bit unbalanced unless Abomination will be on Tony's side. Bruce could be captured by some foreign entity like Angela. Perhaps you could go the way 2009 animated movie Thor vs Hulk with Hodur/Amora/Skurge as the villains this time. You kind of threw me for a look when Ollie peed in the bed. Yeah that never would have flown with me to just clean it up.

Clint has come a long way considering he hated Loki in the beginning. He hugged Loki. Another person who needs to work through their issues is Jess. Sam was actually different from the kind of guy she is use to and I think that scared her. Carol picked up on it and told her like a friend should. Jess is afraid to let herself become vulnerable. Basically she's afraid to fall in love again after Clint. I think Charlie Brown reminded Bucky of Steve pre-serum. Yeah I imagine anyone watching Alien would have the look Bucky had. RIP John Hurt.

I hope Loki doesn't try to leave Steve because he feels like he's hurting Steve's reputation with the people. If people/government comes down hard enough I think it will provoke Loki into doing something drastic. Especially if they stop Steve from doing his job.

What no bragging rights against Steve and Bucky for The Astros winning the World Series? I'm not watching Thor based on what I've heard and I didn't like what I heard unless you convince me otherwise.
Earthsong1 chapter 274 . 11/5
Why don't you have Banner and Logan get married and be on their honeymoon during the civil war? This chapter was great. Look forward to more of the story.
T-TrainOrTurkeyT chapter 274 . 11/5
An easy solution might be to say that Bruce is going through rehabilitation so that he and Hulk learn to share again. Both halves need to learn to trust each other again so that damage doesn’t happen when they need to fight bad guys.

I watched the movie for a second time this weekend. It’s so good! I’m glad it won’t be in here though. Although, Thor’s new look, and especially his end-of-movie look (if you know what I mean) are really cool!
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