Reviews for Justice League: Clash (SupermanCaptain Marvel) (alternate approach)
BigDubWins chapter 1 . 8/20/2018
The ep. also shows just how much Luthor loves playing mind games with Supes. Any chance he has to make the Man of Steel look bad and himself look good he takes.
SupermanFriend chapter 1 . 10/9/2013
The story above is interesting. Some of it would have fit in AFTER "Clash" - during a reconciliation between the two superheroes. BUT, CLASH should have happened just as it did. There's a reason for this.

Superman is awesome...however, he HAS to have some sort of god-complex somewhere inside him. He can't be harmed (except for maybe kryptonite) - he has all these duper hero capabilities. Superman can't help but be a bit jaded...and think himself the best and mightiest hero on the planet...and he should because he is. Superman is an adult who tries to do good...however, over time, he believes himself the final authority on what is good and what is well as what is right and what is wrong.

Captain Marvel was the perfect hero to go against Superman...and to take a stand against him. Marvel has almost ALL the identical powers of superman...however Marvel is mortal and Superman is not. Marvel also views things as an innocent child since his true identity is a normal ten-year-old boy (Billy).

Marvel/Billy sees things much simpler than Superman. Marvel/Billy believes that everyone can turn a new leaf...that there is good in everyone. However, Superman has become short-sighted and only sees things in his own narrow view. Marvel/Billy point was NOT to fight Superman...but to only calm him down and await more useful information. In fact, Billy adores Superman and views him as his own hero...if not his own personal father-figure. We also see that Superman is VERY jealous and guarded about Marvel. Superman feels threatened by Marvel because he as so MANY of the same powers of Superman.

But Superman believes that Lexor City is a trap. Superman is just too short sighted to notice the facts that Marvel points out and decides to take action immediately.

Marvel/Billy does his best to stop Superman from destroying Lexor City...but if you get down to brass tacks... Marvel/Billy is a mortal (although the mightiest) and Superman basically overpowers him. It was amazing how CLASH showed how ruthless Superman can be. Overpowered by Superman, Marvel/Billy uses the last trick up his sleeve and grasps Superman and begins uttering the word SHAZAM which calls down lightning bolts in order to stop Superman. However, Superman grasps Marvel and switched him upwards so that he is hit by the next thunderbolt. This causes Marvel to revert to Billy. Before Billy can utter SHAZAM, Superman gags him so that he can't speak - stopping his ability to change back into the superhero. Of course it ends up that Captain Marvel was correct the entire time and it was Superman in error.

This episode was direly needed. Many fans have wondered, just what keeps Superman in check? How does he maintain control. Is he perfect. No, thru CLASH, we're shown that Superman is NOT perfect and all knowing...and that it only took a child (Billy) to prove to Superman that he does not own all the rights to ethics and knowing right from wrong. This was a great episode.

I would love a reconciliation between Superman and Marvel. I think it should start with Billy (not Marvel) because Superman possesses such a dislike for Marvel. I think after Billy explains and says some of the stuff in the note above...I think that Superman and Marvel would have a great start to a wonderful friendship.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/22/2013
Hah! Just rewatched the episode this week and I do remember thinking Supes was a wee bit over emotional. I like this better. Although, we wouldn't have gotten that amazing fight sequence!
urbangirl98 chapter 1 . 10/6/2012
good job, I do like this better than Clash. I was a bit upset of how it ended, it didn't give much closer on the matter and then CM didn't show up in the shows again. Good idea, and well written