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Senrab Nomis chapter 5 . 10/6/2012
Option B i think. The Tau'ri really should be doing a lot more damage than they are. I fully agree with the principle that 300 ships of varying classes would overwhelm the Tau'ri eventually but it would take time. I won't comment on the effect of warp bombs but i am surprised they didn't just use them from the off since they prove to be effective super weapons. Maybe the Tau'ri ships were caught with their shields down but i doubt it.

Tau'ri ships are incredibly fast and manuevrable, even the Aurora's were supposed to have incredibly fast sublight drives. No sane man in their right mind would just sit there when faced with a swarm of ships. It is much better to be amongst it where the enemy ships will be shielding you from others.

Kinetic barriers don't stop energy, which means every shot fired by the Tau'ri ships plasma beams should be an instant kill on any ship in the enemy fleet. The focused fire of a GARDIAN laser array might be able to slow down a dedicated drone swarm a little, but the kinetic barriers should arguably not since the drone weapons produce a high intensity energy field allowing them to drill through armour. A kinetic barrier wouldn't stop that energy field and so the drones would be able to get through. The GARDIAN lasers also can't keep firing forever. They're designed to take on a group of fighters, not hundreds of drones at a time and they are short range only.

I can understand the Aurora's not being upgraded heavily if the Tau'ri plan to use them as effective missile ships but they were believed to have some energy weapons since the Asurans apparently used them. The Tau'ri wouldn't leave the ships completely defenceless however if a simple thing as mass weapons fire could break them, especially considering the Wraith are capable of doing exactly the same thing with their darts.

People do also have a point about beaming weapons onboard enemy ships. Hell that Aurora could have just beamed a bunch of drones aboard and watched the enemy ships explode from the inside after they remote activated.

Lidanya is certainly going to be relieved when she finds out how easy it is to deal with that particular dreadnought.

Your story is quite interesting and i am taking an active interest in it. I will happily talk about all my points though the PM system. I look forward to seeing more of this story.
Aras chapter 6 . 10/6/2012
I think, the better way would be that Citadel fleet engages Tau'ri fleet. They attack Tau'ri fleet and Tau'ri ships flee. To show Tau'ri ships superiority they could take ridiculous amount of damage from Citadel fleet before leaving without firing back. So Citadel would know that Tau'ri can take a lot of damage and if they can dish as much damage as they can take then Citadel would think that 3km Tau'ri ship could take on all Citadel fleet. Tau'ri have send diplomats to Citadel so they don't want to kill any more of Citadel people. Tau'ri can wait for the word from Citadel and they have fortress world that Citadel forces would never take. It's stupid for Tau'ri to destroy any more of Citadel ships. It just would make things worse. Tau'ri should first try diplomacy. If things don't work out then they start shooting.
humo146 chapter 6 . 10/6/2012
Tau'ri do a lot more damage
Major Simi chapter 6 . 10/6/2012
well i would say b, this is because well a 304 is armed whit 4 asguard plasma weapons, which can pas trought their shields, then there are also the mark 8 and 9 naquada enhanched nukes, which can do some serious damage, especially if considering that the councils kinetic barriers only stop projectiles but do nothing to stopr radiation and heat of a nuclear explosion close to the ship, so this means even an unenhanched mark 3 nuke could do some serious damage, also where were the f302 which, also a 304 has multiple gatling railguns,10-30 of them, which are a very good point defense, while not as good as the GARDIN they are prety good at shoting down these things, ok jeah the council used many of them, but the shields of a 304 can take quit a beating i mean they once held a solar flare, and well ok the idea of the kinetic barier stoping drones was quit good and can be keept, as it is logical. also 300 ships i mean how fast can they asamble them so fast, ok jeah they have many ships, but alrightit then i would just say that in ch2 one 304 faced 24 council ships and took many out of them, so 4 should do a lot more damage than just take out 20, ok jeah outnumberd but still they had far superior thech, also but what one didn't consider, the Tau'ri got beaming thech i mean they could simply beam the nukes onboard or at least teams to take them out, because i don't know i don't think that the bariers would stop beaming, or considering their mass stoping bariers then yes ok they could block it, well this is what i would like to say so keep going
whatsit chapter 6 . 10/6/2012
Option b. I understand that the humans have to lose here for how you wanted the story to advance, but even if we assume that the citadel forces are able to take down the shields* and that the kinetic barriers can even slow down the drone weapon; why wouldn't the humans use any of the other weapons they have at their disposal. Kinetic barriers only resist kinetic energy and everyone in stargate had energy weapons (the Asgard were almost overrun by the Replicators because kinetic energy was never even considered); they also couldn't stop beaming tech. What's to to stop the Humans from beaming the bridge crew of a dreadnought into space and taking it over or just dropping a nuke? Nothing.

Also, the mass accelerators on dreadnoughts can accelerate their slugs to 4025 kilometers/second or about 1.34% the speed of light. The Prometheus (which would be obsolete at this point) could accelerate to 110,000 miles/second or about 59.05% the speed of light. If the Human ships take evasive maneuvers at those speeds only the damn lucky could hit them. And while the humans are zipping around what can the citadel forces do to catch them. Nothing. Outside of their ftl mass effect ships aren't all that fast.

*At this point the Humans probably are using Ancient designed shields (since they now have all the information needed to make them and ZPMs required). Now the oldest (and logically worst we saw in the shows) ancient shield was on the Destiny, which would routinely skim the surface of a star even when the ship was in extreme disrepair. I think the shields could take the Turians and Asari.

I can see how swarming these ships would work, the Wraith did it (but they had technology that was at least comparable to the ancients). My main problem is that mass effect crossovers always tend to nerf one side so that the mass effect factions can stand a chance and if you don't then it's 'OP'. But they aren't over powered, Mass Effect is just weak compared to most other scifi universes. And Stargate was filled with weapons that would shatter the Reapers, let alone the citadel races.

In the end it's your story so you can do what you like with it, but come on you sent 300 mass effect ships against the best ships in the at least 5 galaxies (Milky Way, Pegasus, Asgard home galaxy, wherever the Destiny was, and now Mass Effect) and they only lost 20 ships! They would be lucky to have 20 ships left.
Chaszcz chapter 6 . 10/5/2012
Tauri shuld do a lot more damage drone shuld be faster then citadel mass acelerator and in mass effect there isn't show any interception of hostile fire and aurora class batleship lunch hundreds of drone or more and drone can pass true any shield fazing to another faze going true shild and coming bac inside shild
Jack chapter 6 . 10/5/2012
Option B the tau'ri is seriously under powered right now the ancient drones should have just shrugged the guardian lasers off like it wasn't there as they are slightly phased and can bypass energy barriers and other obstacles. If everything is done using canon information then Earth might be more powerful then the reapers or at least toe to toe with them the council would get wiped.
Guest chapter 5 . 10/5/2012
Ancient drones are still indeed kinetic weapons with an energy system. However, they are capable of turning into an energized state, the barrier should slow them down, but they have the punch to get through and do damage.
excalibur812 chapter 6 . 10/5/2012
I choose option B
curlyjr chapter 6 . 10/5/2012
The last chapter was ok but the shield on Stargate ships at the end could take several hit from Ori weapons. The Ori ships could take hundreds of megaton nukes form the Earth ship and be fine. Their weapons had to be just as powerful as their shields and Earth ships at the end could take them for a time. In contrast Mass Effect ships fired in the high tens of kilotons given numbers and time Mass Effect ships can win but they would lose huge numbers of ships. A "massacre" but Stargate ships have to retreat or get reinforce is what I think, but this is your story and you are the creative mind behind this fiction and get last say in it.
santmaster chapter 6 . 10/5/2012
I choose b
Mathax chapter 6 . 10/5/2012
(B) The Tau'ri do more damage, I'm even if the Alterian's Didn't have beam weapons on the Aurora Class ships during the war with the Wraith, The Tau'ri should have done so when they got the ships. Those things are huge, Adding to the fact that the Tau'ri have the Asgard's beaming Capability they should to easily be able to add those weapons. With the state of the Galaxy's that they have been in wouldn't they be prepare for the worst?

As for the Mass Drivers, Wouldn't the Tau'ri have tried to defend against that with the replicators? They would have done quite a lot to their shields to stop Kinetic Energy.

That being said having 400 Ships attacking could cause shields to fail. Have fun writing.
Reikson chapter 5 . 10/5/2012
Drone weapons literally bulldoze through defenses and ship hull/armor with an unbelievable amount of brute force that we don't see but can be implied by the fact that they usually have the energy of a ZPM behind it.

The shield penetration effect (which is probably due to a phasic feature of an active drone's energy field) isn't JUST singular but also possesses a collectively cumulative punch.

If you're seriously saying that kinetic barriers can render a drone system ineffective, then you're arguing that they're as powerful as the energy shielding systems fielded by either the Ancients or the Tau'ri.

In other words? I'm just not buying your argument.
ldawg chapter 5 . 10/5/2012
That's because the drones should be wiping them out! That makes as much sense as saying a Gou'uld fleet could take on the Borg! I hate it when authors do a crossover, but mess with the capabilities of both sides to "balance things out". All that does is offend fans of both verses
Guest chapter 5 . 10/5/2012
Thank You!
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