Reviews for Turning The Tide
jkwhedon1919 chapter 1 . 6/24/2015
I've been reading your fics for about five days straight. They're amazing. Incredible. I don't really have the words because saying that your characterization is nearly flawless or your plotting is amazing or the themes you've developed make me think about war and friendship and rebellion in different ways- those words seem too hollow to truly encompass how amazing these stories are. I read DAYD in three days. I hadn't even realized I read something that was longer than any of the Harry Potter books in three days until my mom asked me how long it took and I lied and told her it was a week so that she'd think I was doing other things too.

But the reason why I'm finally writing a review now, (because I think a ton of people have already told you how incredible these fics are and honestly, I didn't have anything besides hollow praises, which just weren't enough and probably wouldn't mean anywhere near what they were supposed to), the reason I'm finally writing a review is because Colin mentioned the "star fields of a galaxy far far away", and I just broke. I've loved Star Wars since I was seven. There's been a huge mosaic Yoda poster hanging in whichever room I've slept in for the last fifteen years and knowing that this incredible man who was only 16 and loved Star Wars just as much as I do, knowing that someone with that much life died- that broke me. It broke even more than reading through Terry experiencing Michael's flogging, which also made me cry. I wanted to tell you that you are an incredible story teller because you have made me feel this things. You have made me hate Snape, a character I used to grudgingly respect, you have made me angry at Dumbledore, you have made me whoop for joy when Neville saved Hannah in "Slaugh" and you made me cry tonight. Thank you.

I'm still working my way up through your stories and I'm only in 2012, and I don't know how many I have left because I don't want these to end, so I haven't figured out when they stop, but whatever your doing now, you are an incredible storyteller. I hope you keep writing.
A chapter 1 . 9/27/2012
Hope you are feeling well and so excited to see stuff up again. I know it consumes a lot of your time, but many of us are so incredibly grateful.
RavenEcho chapter 1 . 9/27/2012
Simply incredible.
yellow 14 chapter 1 . 9/29/2012
So-so. Not all Slytherin's are fighting for Voldemort or staying neutral. Some fought besides the DA. Keep writing
badgerlady chapter 1 . 9/27/2012
These are always good, but this one is exceptional.
Arnel 63 chapter 1 . 9/27/2012
Another riveting story. How I love your Colin. He's such a Gryffindor! So brave, so focused on his cause. I'm glad you made him a leader. He didn't get a very good start in CoS and you've made him into a hero, even before he leads the fourth, fifth and sixth years into the Battle of Hogwarts. By the way, I found it funny that Colin has such a filthy mouth on him and invokes the wrath of Thor at the beginning of this story. Seems appropriate at times like the battle.

I've read DAYD three times and it looks like I'm going to read it again because every time a new outtake shows up, I get as fired up as Colin does in this story and have to relive the suspense and drama all over again.
Technomad chapter 1 . 9/27/2012
Shai Dorsai, Colin! *taking off my hat in respect*

Eerie coincidence: I was reading this, when Nick Cave's "O Children" came on over my speakers; it's on my list of favorites at Youtube. It's so appropriate for this story.
DawnRiots chapter 1 . 9/27/2012
This is awesome! I've been waiting for this piece for ages, and you never disappoint, do you? The desperation and the willingness to fight just shines right through, which makes it a thrilling, yet sad read.

My only objection is that Salome wouldn't say "Inshah'Allah, we've got to find a way to help them!", but rather "Wallah, we've got to find a way to help them!" Insh'Allah means "God willing", but would be used as "Insh'Allah, they will be fine!", rather than the ferocity I think she's saying it with. Wallah means "By Allah", and is used to enforce something you say ("By Allah, we've got to find a way to help them!" or "By Allah, we can't let them die alone!") or as "I swear!" ("Wallah, it's true!" would be "It's true, I swear!").

Seeing as I don't speak arabic I can't be entirely sure, but from what I do know "Wallah" would work better. :)

Now I'm off to wait for the next chapter of AP. :)
SWaddict1986 chapter 1 . 9/27/2012
"You ok, LC?" He recognized Art's voice, the tone of genuine concern, but it was the use of his unofficial rank, even in its abbreviated form, that yanked him back to the reality of their situation.

Mm, that makes sense. Sometimes things are so engrained in people that it helps knock them back to their senses.

"They need us up there, Colin! I've been watching the - you can't see much, but either the Weasley Twins have set off enough fireworks for a lifetime of Guy Fawkes days, or they're fighting like demons! Inshah'Allah, we've got to find a way to help them!"

:\ Oh the poor ‘young’lings. After everything they’ve been through they just can’t know.

"Take me down now, take me out for the rest of the night, disable me, kill me."

"Why would we -"

"Because if you don't, Art, you're with me.

“You’re with me or taking me out of commission to keep me from doing this.” I like :D

"Oh, for Merlin's sake, all of you. There's no need for Gryffindor drama. Are we DA or not?"

Hell yeah!

"They've underestimated us in locking us in.

That’s for sure!

Hahaha I love Gertie

His eyes narrowed, remembering Renny's courage as proof that the color of her robes meant little, but unwilling to simply accept someone into their midst who was so tied to one of their most persistent enemies. "You'll fight with us."

"I will not." She thrust her own arm at him, turning the unmarred white skin to the yellow streetlight. "Not having one myself doesn't mean I don't love people who do!"

The first part is a great focus on the fact that just because the colour doesn’t matter, the attitude does.
The second is a great example of humanity.

He pushed his way through the tightly packed room, pausing only to quickly ruffle Dennis' head with a kiss on the forehead and a probably unleader-like grin at his younger brother

Oh good. Oh I’m so glad he was able to get something in before they died.

Colin’s speech was awesome. Very, very him :D

You will see things that no one should, of any age. You'll probably die. But you'll go to whatever next thing you believe in with your heads high, with the blood righteous on your hands, and you will be able to face your God saying that you died for love, for friendship, for right and the hope that good will triumph and for every youth who has ever been forced to swallow someone else's damnation of their future."

The first sentence, I thought: That’s for sure.
The rest of it, I thought: Damn straight!