Reviews for The Somewhat Cracked Mind of Uchiha Itachi
Dark Elf2 chapter 51 . 9/19
Any chance of more of this, Please? I love this fic.
tiwari2041 chapter 51 . 8/6
I don’t have the amount of words in my vocabulary to list how much I love this story.
katsekala chapter 51 . 7/26
Awesome! Many kisses!
JLZ18 chapter 6 . 7/25
I love your story. your sense of humour, the portrayal of the characters..brilliant
clover cat Klee chapter 51 . 7/21
erm, so, I totally am in love with your story, it's absolutely awesome! A lot of fun to read, defenitely very exhilerating, love that the Uchihas and Kisame are on the good side, Orochimaru has managed to be dragegd to Konoha - I think that awas my favorite moment! But there were so many good ones! Now I just wait for how this fight will be resolved. And god, it's probably not for a while yet but I am reall ylloking forward to the moment they all lren who the masked idiot really is...
Foodmoon chapter 48 . 7/15
Well, Izuna and Madara were the clan leaders, and feeling responsible for a loved one's death can awaken it, if I'm recalling properly? Not entirely sure that canon commented on it beyond Itachi's take on it, but Itachi didn't actually kill Shisui either, so. It wouldn't be surprising if they blamed themselves for their brothers deaths or some other clan member's death that happened in front of them.
Guest chapter 43 . 7/15
Lol at Chiyo. Poor Matsuri.
Guest chapter 7 . 7/12
I love that you made Samehada female. Never seen it done that way before. :)
Guest chapter 4 . 7/12
Lovely, and hilarious!
Guest chapter 51 . 6/28
Update? Please? I like stories like these where everyone’s happy.. sort of.
IveGotNoIdea chapter 47 . 6/3
Well, THIS was a coup. The one that would fail rather miserably, but still a coup.
IveGotNoIdea chapter 29 . 6/3
This is going to be epic.
IveGotNoIdea chapter 27 . 6/3
That's a really novel exam invasion approach.
IveGotNoIdea chapter 26 . 6/3
Ah, reminds me of 'It's for a good cause, I swear'.
IveGotNoIdea chapter 22 . 6/3
I wouldn't be surprised if the Chuunin exams were rigged for the exact purpose - betting to gain additional founds.
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