Reviews for Beneath a Shattered Sky
107derwent chapter 69 . 9/12
Whyyyy? Why is it over! I'm an orphan now! I truly didnt want this story to end, but at the same time I wanted to know how everything would turn out. An amaaaaazing novel, L! I just cant wait for more from you, seriously!

And i love that HJ's song is The rain song! Is one of my favorites, so beautiful and with so much love in it. 'Speak to me only with your eyes' always reminds me of everyone who have been in love for so long that they dont even have to actually say words to get their partner, and they both experienced that in this story.

Thank you soooo much for sharing this story with the fandom! It was a long and crazy journey!
107derwent chapter 66 . 9/10
I'm IN LOVE with this chapter! I love crazy non-reality stuff. This place where they are is so weird and dry and lonely - perfect for finding yourself all over again. And it's interesting that Hyde doesnt remember about jackie, but he's the only thing in her mind at the same time. I wonder if anyone is going to break the diamond in the outside world so there will be an shattered sky. Ooooor, they will break it from the inside when they finally find each other again! Ayyyyyy! I dont know what i'm gonna do when this story is over...
107derwent chapter 60 . 9/2
Hyde's flashbacks are turning weirder by the second. Edna is a real freak in this story and she makes me flinch everytime she shows up. Poor Hyde! And ayyyyy, Kelso found a mirror! Is it the travelling mirror? Aaaaaah! I wonder if he's gonna be lured to leave the Nine Kingdoms in a time like this.
107derwent chapter 59 . 9/1
Ok, too much going on here and i'm so excited! What was this chapter? I was terrified on the Bernice's tomb scene. The hell! So scary! So Hyde was right all along about the curse. Damn! How are they ever gonna break it now that they know it's a dead woman's curse? It's gotta be magiiiiic!

And now i'm thinking again about that lit window at one of the towers when they first arrived at QRRH kingdom. Maybe there is where the mirror is, if it IS with Penny indeed. And i happen to think it's the same tower they were right now. And maybe that's why the stairs ended halfway. There must be a secret passage somewhere. Ayyy, you know how i like to especulate!

This is such an amazing story!
107derwent chapter 55 . 8/27
I'm almost sure now that Penny is also possesed by someone else. She didnt seem like herself when she was with Kelso - more like that people on the ice kingdom - and she told Eric "give US a hug" qhen they were at the forest. I hadnt understood why she said that, but now... ay, i love all the misteries in this story!
107derwent chapter 53 . 8/26
I honestly love Eric in these two stories. It's really interesting that he's such an important figure in the nine kindoms in so many ways. I love that he keeps finding out more about himself and how great he can be.
107derwent chapter 47 . 8/19
Yeeeeees! She's free! Poor thing! She must've been so scared. I hope the curse doesnt turn Steven into something bad, though. I'm so nervous of what is to come!
107derwent chapter 45 . 8/16
This is one of the most painful things i've ever read. God dammit! I dread the day Jackie will lose her touch and be pratically gone forever. This was way too sad to experience, but it was amazing writing. Seriously, i dont have much words, cause i'm still astonished by this chapter. A wonderful WONDERFUL work!

Ps: i'm pretty sure penny has something to do qith Gretel's murder. Ayyyy, the Forman kids are way too much trouble heheh
107derwent chapter 41 . 8/12
OMG! OMG! OMG! This is probably one of the most intense chapters of the entire story so far! Cant even say how frightened i was from the beginning to the end hahaha i do hope hyde is not dead, and if he is, there's gotta be some magic to wake him up. A true love's kiss? Damn! Please dont kill him hahahahha
107derwent chapter 40 . 8/9
Reviewing the last two chapters :) i'm soooo glad the truth about eric'a family finally came out! I knew there was something to do with wolfs from the beginning with all his new strange behavior and how stronger he was. But it didnt occur to me that his grandmother would be QRRH! And Penny being the current queen! Wow! Everything just fits together. The wolf she brought to the wedsing and everything. Still wants to know more about Laurie and what will happen - if she'd ever come back or not.

I feel bad for Donna. She's hurt, but at the same time, eric's got too much to deal right now qith these new discoveries. I hope he gets to open up more to her soon. They deserve happiness! I only thought it was weird her pecking Hyde right in front of a sleeping Jackie. No no, woman! Hahha

And i think i havent said that yet in this story, but CONGRATS for writing Jackie in here. Describing scenes with a mute, blind and now deaf character is no easy job, but it's been going great. Her connection to steven it's beyond the primary senses and i guess that's what they need to realize how much they love each other and what really matters. You're doing a great job here.
107derwent chapter 38 . 7/31
Big Rhonda around here is reeeeally a surprise, and a nice one! I love how she got the troll nation's attention and love and I sense she'll be a key element to all kingdoms peace - because i root for her and Fez! Hahaha they should've been together on the show.
Leeloo87 chapter 69 . 5/31
I have to say that you are an amazing writer! Your imagination, your style of writing and the way you make your characters come alive are exquisite!
I loved "Reflections Through the Glass" and "Beneath a Shattered Sky".
Of course, I adore "Hyde's Long Way Home".
The "Vuk" and "Vojin" were a bit of a poke-in-the-eye for me (really?Serbian names for killer wolves?), but the overall story is great.
And you implement smut in all that beautifully.
Love your work!
107derwent chapter 29 . 3/9
Yay! Finally a hint of explanation about the curse! Althought it's still vey blurry! I wish the Wolf had had the chance to tell Donna more stuff, but anyway, i know it will all be revealed later. And i also love that here we got a connection to the story's title!
107derwent chapter 28 . 3/6
What a chapter! I loved Hyde's magical flashback, although i felt so sad for him. Poor kid, damn it! Almost cried, also when Hyde found out Jackie was blind. Omg, she's getting worse and this one might be the worst of all :( anyway, i wonder who was the one being enchanted by Carly Simon's song if all the gang was together and away from the stones.
gotye chapter 69 . 2/21
I've enjoyed all of your completed stories but I confess I skipped reflections they the glass cuz I have never hear of the 10th kingdom and when I read the first chapter had trolls and wolves i thought...nope I'm out but after I read everything you've written and noticed beneath a shattered sky was a companion piece to it, I stuck with it and loved it...then I read this and I have to tell you very few stories have made me cry or get overly emotional but this is amazing. Youa are extremely talented and I hope you never stop writing to jacki e and steven...season 8 sucked and they should have ended up together! Thank you for sharing all your stories.
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