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sandalaris22 chapter 69 . 8/14
This was amazing. Another one for the reread at some point. I forgot he lost the eye ring, which is kind of sad. He seems to lose a lot in the Kingdoms. But he gains a lot too. And having Jackie's ring be a copy of it, her first engagment ring, was amazing. :)
sandalaris22 chapter 68 . 8/14
I meant to say this earlier, but the nine kingdoms are not good for Hyde's sunglasses.
Red finally told Eric he was proud of him, Donna didn't give up on Eric, and Kelso should just move Brooke and Betsy to the 4th Kingdom. Ok, so that's a little presumptuous to think Brooke would want to, but I lie the idea of Kelso living in 9 kingdoms. He seems to have found himself there.
I love how Jackie was so accepting of her and Hyde not having kids, even thought it turned out it was because he was afraid. I'm glad he got past that fear too, but as someone who doesn't want kids it can be tough having those around you not accept that.
sandalaris22 chapter 65 . 8/14
Red needs to take off that damn bracelet. Pretty sure it's spelled to make him feel like being there is a dream.
sandalaris22 chapter 63 . 8/14
Kelso waking up to "You idiot!" makes me smile.
The casual touches and nudity amongst the group is actually a wonderful bit of signs of their closeness. I'm a sucker for Found Families who's closeness allows for a break down of societal norms between them.
I'm so glad Red's there! And I hope I don't regret that because he says something at the wrong point and/or in the wrong way. But this is his heritage, he should know. Plus, it'd be nice of him to see what all those dumbass kids in his basement have done.
I wonder if Eric is really being affected by the ring, or if this is all part of his plan. He did tell Donna to keep her faith in him because he was going to have to do things.
sandalaris22 chapter 61 . 8/14
Stealing their ability to touch each other really is horrible. They were always tactile, from what I saw. Even when the focus wasn't on them there was all these little touches and kisses and just little connections between them going on.
Making him not be able to help? That's cruel of the curse no matter who it is he can't protect. He seems to always be the protector in the group, and that's got to hurt him not being able to.
sandalaris22 chapter 60 . 8/14
Edna is horrible. I don't even remember her that well, but if she's half as bad as she is in this, she's horrible and abusive and Eric probably saved Hyde's life just by being around him and keeping him from diving off the deep end.
I've kind of wondered about Hyde's apparent crush on Donna. I didn't really remember it at all until I saw it mentioned a while back about him kissing her. I remember a kiss, but I don't remember the context or anything. But I also remember Hyde saying he's "never felt that way about a girl before" and it makes me wonder where Donna fit into that. Was the crush real? Was it just not very strong? Was it just him getting mixed up because of a combination of friendship and attraction? Or was it because he never fell in love with her?
sandalaris22 chapter 59 . 8/14
I wondered if the warmth Hyde felt was a sign of her touch hurting him. And I also wondered if at some point one of the flashback things were going to end in violence/an actual hit. So I was kind of half-right on that one.
I love the various shades of gray you've woven into the Kingdoms and the policies. It makes for a complex bit of story telling and leaves me curious as to how it all get solved.
sandalaris22 chapter 58 . 8/14
Out of curiosity, when did Jackie start calling Hyde 'Steven'?
sandalaris22 chapter 54 . 8/13
I...don't hate that idea. Donna would make an excellent ruler, and Eric would be good politically in different ways. Of course, that'd mean living in the 2nd Kingdom instead of Point Place...
sandalaris22 chapter 53 . 8/13
I don't like Penny, but things aren't always so black and white. I don't think she killed Gretel, but nor do I think her motives are as pure as she claims. Although maybe it's all drive by a true desire to do right by her people.
sandalaris22 chapter 52 . 8/13
Aw, Wolf x Virginia. And Kelso being in love. I mean, it's been there a while, but it's nice he seems to know now. And to be putting the pieces together.
And Hyde's curse controlling his words, taking his nicknames and his zen. I love how Jackie both takes advantage but also doesn't. She doesn't want to steal his confessions, but after everything they both went through with the curse on her end not all of it is reluctantly given. And well, Jackie wants to know, lol.
sandalaris22 chapter 51 . 8/13
Of all of them, Eric very much is the "mate for life" kind. Hasn't he been in love with Donna since they were children? Even when they were apart, the times I saw at least, he was still in love with her.
sandalaris22 chapter 47 . 8/13
As weird as it might sound, I feel like Donna make have in part tried out Jackie's suggested position not only for Eric, but also in missing Jackie. Kind of like how you might listen to someone's favorite band when you miss them. That's not all of it of course, but still might be part.
That was heartbreaking, how Hyde got the ring off Jackie. I had a brief thought about that maybe that might break the curse, since she took it off not because she chose her own comfort over Hyde's, but because she was still choosing him. She didn't know if he was OK, and since no one else was around she didn't know if he needed help. As much as it was a mindless act of desperation it was also an act driven by her willingness to do anything to protect him.
sandalaris22 chapter 43 . 8/13
Can Eric enter the house? Is it spelled against all wolves? Or just wolves who aren't trusted by the current occupants?
sandalaris22 chapter 40 . 8/13
The second chapter to make me cry! But at least I'm at home now, lol. Eric has it really rough sometimes.
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