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xehsous2 chapter 10 . 7/25
Wtf is going on in this fic ?

Everytime I get hyped up for some Shirou awesomeness with ubw only to be disappointed as he get either one shot or doesn't fight at all.

The novel is just basically Shirou's point of vue as a side character watching the main character which is Godou defeating his foe and getting girls in his harem, just what's the fucking point of getting Shirou in this fic ?

This is getting harder and harder to read, I really, REALLY hope it does change, but at this pace it seems hopeless...what a waste of a good potential story...
nkbplays263 chapter 46 . 7/23
At this point its almost a Joke on how shirou kills divine spirits in fate. If you look at it. he killed angra maiynu in Heavens feel,and if you count muramasa in the lostbelts his whole shtick was that he curbstomps mons divine spirits.
nur.syahfei chapter 46 . 7/19
I had read this far because I hoped this story would get better. But damn it, it's one of those stories that frustrates and is a little disgusting.

Almost all of shiro's battles are the most frustrating. And on top of that is this most frustrating chapter. Besides the battle in the 'fake avalon' even to a certain extent there is something that prevents Shiro from going all out. There were no heroic battles, even when he killed Venus, mostly due to circumstances and luck. The persistence that exists is only overshadowed by bitterness and irritation because Shiro was made stupid so that he could be more persistent.

There is a high possibility that the author is a sadist.

And this chapter is the peak of annoyance because the author makes the seventh campion the main character who saves the day. There is no sense of satisfaction, the rewards don't feel real. Only Shiro's sense of helplessness makes readers feel the same way!

Seriously I don't know how to express the feelings I have after finishing reading this. Disappointment, anger, disgust? But at the same time there was a sense of resignation because I understood there was nothing I could do about it.

There are some little things that are quite annoying too. Examples are illusory progress (very little is shown), critically forgotten issues in a pile of annoying text, fragmented chapters (no problem with relaxing and drama but too much of it is also annoying and disjointed and forced fusion is more irritating). .)

I wanted to scream, but I knew this wasn't going to accomplish anything.
ocomolinaehain chapter 24 . 7/11
In regards to the Campione grail: Ah shit, here we go again
ocomolinaehain chapter 17 . 7/9
I wouldn’t be surprised if Sakura and Rin (and Rider?) shivered when they read about what Illya had created
ocomolinaehain chapter 14 . 7/7
That homeless rich guy is fuckin makin *assassin*, Hassan must be laughing somewhere
ocomolinaehain chapter 3 . 7/1
I...don’t really get the curse thing, like, how are those curses...or is it that he’s just cursing him with those things?
ocomolinaehain chapter 1 . 7/1
“Emiya requires some form of link to those he is calling” wait...could...could he call EMIYA?
Daisy chapter 3 . 6/28
God I hate Shirou. He's just so god damn pathetic.
Crainium9 chapter 26 . 6/27
Oh my god I read none of 26
Steppe14 chapter 46 . 6/16
I have been procrastinating reading this fic since how many months ago. And now that I finished it, I have to say, I have greatly enjoyed this. It was really long and took me about 4 days to finish, but it was worth it. I have nothing more to say.
Guest chapter 46 . 6/13
As much as I love this story I really just don't give a shit about godou at least when he keeps stealing the spotlight from shirou
liamrodhudson331 chapter 14 . 5/31
The fight between Ahriman and Godou isn't even inspiring either. Like a previous review said, it should've been Shirou vs Ahriman, that's what the whole set-up pointed to. Shirou even has the perfect counter too, having been able to resist All The World's evil in Fate route, having access to a NP known as the crystalization of Mankind's Hope(Excalibur). It could've been an epic f-king fight, Hope against Despair, Justice against Mindless Evil. But nooooo. You just have to subvert the audience's expectation instead by having Godou fight Ahriman. Meanwhile Shirou is having trouble with f-king 'fairy dust' on the side. Like what the fuck?! Just change the fic's f-king name to something Godou-related instead. I feel cheated so f-king much. That's like me saying I have Coca at my house and then bringing out a bunch of Pepsi. Nobody fucking likes Pepsi!
liamrodhudson331 chapter 10 . 5/31
Just let Shirou has his moments, please. The guy got wailed on by literally everyone, and it's getting really annoying. You keeping hyping up his abilities only to nerf him EVERY. SINGLE. BATTLE. He's even controlled by Aphrodite! For f's sake! It's a common misconception to say Shirou is weak, when in truth he's literally the strongest Magus of his generation, overly-specialised, yes, but still incredibly powerful in his own right, limited by only his Mana. And, as I've stated, that isn't even a problem anymore.
liamrodhudson331 chapter 8 . 5/31
The name of the fic is 'Godslaying Blade Works'... Can we stop focusing on Godou so much? I get it, you want the guy to be a side-protag, but I was here to see Shirou, not Godou. Not to mention, I feel like Shirou is being given a bad rep. The others are all so cool, so powerful, while Shirou, despite having advantage in the form of Unlimited Blade Works seems so ridiculously weak compared to his adopted siblings. I mean, if he has struggled against Gods with hard-counters against his skills, fine. But Odysseus... Really? Just spam trace-bullets filled with Curses. Use any of the more powerful NP. Fucking nuke the guy with magical energy! Do something! I mean, he has a f-ton of Authorities, but he struggles against literally everyone. This is Archer!Armed Shirou, not forever-seeking Shirou. He should be able to deal with Odysseus effectively if he just uses any of his abilites. Trace Gae Bolg! Odysseus can't block that shit, even if he can(And that's a big if), it should still immobilize him long enough for Shirou to spam trace bullets like Gilgamesh on crack.
If it's just a normal version of Shirou, you could've used lack of Mana as an excuse, but we're talking about Archer!Armed Shirou, as a God-be-damned Campione here! Just, let him do something cool once for Christ's sake. He nearly got beat by Mordred, nearly got beat by Hades, nearly got beat by the Supreme King of Britain. Every battle I feel like you're nerfing him for some reasons. And why isn't he tracing more powerful NP?! Why is he using normal blades, or the Married Blades?! Archer used those because he doesn't have Mana to support more powerful NP, which isn't even a problem anymore!
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