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TheDemonLordsAccountant chapter 47 . 8/11
So I wouldn't mind giving Awakened Blood a read, but I have no idea where to read it. Even searching for the title with your name attached doesn't bring up a fetting result.
Greatazuredragon chapter 47 . 8/11
Excellent chapter, thanks for the update.
The Eternal Forgotten chapter 47 . 8/11
Thank you for the latest chapter! It’s such a great finale for this arc.
woodxvii chapter 47 . 8/11
This was solid, I really liked the almost mundane end to it. Not just for the aesthetic but it felt very satisfying to see him fall in such an ignoble way after all the trouble he caused for his grand ambitions. Very excited to see him return to nasuverse and all the chaos that will create. I wonder who you're planning on having join him
scout360pyro chapter 47 . 8/11
neogoki chapter 47 . 8/11
so Shirou got a Ticket "Home", which can be the Emiya-house in Fuyuki and the mansion he has in Tokio.
So... lets grab Sakura and bring her with you, before Rin gets a good grip on Shirou Jewel spaming ass?

Right as another Grail War is brewing.
Or maybe even underway.

And given his Luck his fellow Champione Godou is likely to be dragged along and becoming a Master. Maybe he summons Fujimura Ritsuka as a Saver? Would fit how he does impossible things with magic by accident.

In any case Zel is gonna have a field day and popcorn.
Greyfox2 chapter 47 . 8/11
Welcome back! The chapter was fantastic, the night is finally at an and, as it were. Bit of a shame he didn't get anything else from Odysseus, but good to se he can get back to his beloved. This the homestretch now? Either way, keep in good health, good cheer and hopefully we see you again soon. Take care!
Uday Sra chapter 47 . 8/11
Awesome. Please update soon
flawless cowboy chapter 47 . 8/11
So first off, I am not a guest reviewer. I am simply unable to log in to my account on my pc due to it not liking my password for some strange reason and felt that this review may be too long to type on my phone. If you do chose to reply, my account name is FlawlessCowboy2552. I likely be able to reply from my phone.

All in all, i felt that this fight went pretty much the only way it could be expected: unexpectedly. my only nitpick is the chisel being a worthy sacrifice. personally, I thought that no hobbyist woodworker would use an apartment to do their work due to space concerns.

I do have a proposed solution, though. While a little contrived it might have fit a little better if instead of going directly to apartment building, he had lost his bearings in the explosion before hand and accidentally wandered into an office building. Then, with no choice but to try his luck, he finds an office belonging to a lawyer who was holding onto a historically valuable piece of older weaponry currently tied up in the succession (legal term for the process by which the court determines who gets what possessions of a recently deceased person) of a wealthy client who had recently died in the chaos caused by Venus's descent.

Said valuable weapon could be just a simple dagger made as a tribute by a blacksmith to his noble landlord/king/whatever you come up with, which is why said blacksmith would have poured his entire soul into making that weapon, thereby making it worthy of being a sacrifice for the Titan Armor.

Also considering that the proposed dagger was more clearly intended to be a weapon, it would probably stand out to Shirou that much more given Unlimited Blade Works/ Sword Incarnation.

Aside from that door stopper, I do have an idea on other Fate related fics I think could be interesting, and which I don't think I have ever seen done justice yet. Feel free to try your hand, or pass it on to anyone of your other readers who you feel may be up to the task. I only don't write it due to time constraints.

Essentially the idea is that Rin gets some idea of Avenger's existence in the Fifth War early on due to a fluke with the dream cycle and Archer's memories, then proceeds to throw the Stations of the Canon completely out of whack trying to prevent Avenger's return. This only causes a bigger incident due to not knowing about the other potential pitfalls such as Giglamesh's continued existence.
The Richmaster chapter 47 . 8/10
After a reread, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what the aftermath is like considering the massive scale that this battle took place over as well as all the things that happened within.

Shirou's new Authority is definitely interesting too but it definitely makes me wonder what's been going on back in his native dimension.

Looking forward to seeing what Godou's Authority will be too
AthanMortis chapter 47 . 8/11
Good boy, Snow.
DracoArtemisLeopin chapter 47 . 8/11
This. Was. Awesome. It was a bit confusing that Odysseus knew that UBW was effectively sealed off by Ahriman, especially since the mages in this world don't use the Magic Circuits that made Shirou more vulnerable to his corruption, but then again, I suppose that it wouldn't make sense for Odysseus to plan a fight with Shirou WITHOUT taking care to remove his Tracing from the equation. As for Shirou's manifested sword at the end, yeah, it DOES feel slightly contrived, but it's already been established that Shirou, especially in the HF Route, is at his most dangerous when he's fighting for Sakura and close to death.

In my mind, this is exactly how the fight SHOULD go between people with their mindsets. Each side pulling a hidden ace on the other until the agressor tries to retreat, culminating in a final slugfest where everything is decided off of one improbable gambit.
Mythos7 chapter 1 . 8/11
The only thing that baffles me in this Fic is Athena, shouldn't she be more interested in Illya and Shirou rather than Godou because they're literally from another world? She's a Goddess of Wisdom and the fact that Shirou and Illya that came from a World where she have no knowledge of should pique her interest than Godou not being hostile like seriously.
yukicrewger2 chapter 47 . 8/11
If anything "Homeward Bound" could be a normal Authority (albeit probably considered too weak to be considered an authority at the time), representing Odysseus's long trip home and his drive/desire to return to his wife in his legend, only empowered by the second and third true magic
sawtooth44 chapter 47 . 8/10
man it feels like forever since a chapter was released

and it feels like this arc is finally over
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