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Selias chapter 5 . 10/25/2012
Wait, is he getting Archer's memories?
reality deviant chapter 5 . 10/25/2012
great chapter!
i loved the parts about shirou. cant wait for him to meet local mystics!
and what is it with the multiple roads? is it angratimeloop memories?
who is that goddess? is it tiamat?
is the treveler odesius?
also, i think other mystic organizations may go for an aproach to shirou. or maybe another campione?
will he see about going to school or private tuitors?
plz update soon
CG-3m1y4 chapter 5 . 10/25/2012
Sorry, just want to nitpick something.

"Alexander Gascoigne possesses god speed meaning that when he moves faster than 500kmph he ceases to be matter and instead becomes thinking lightning. Now I don't want to sound like I'm downplaying the Servants but the fastest any of them have moved to my knowledge is Saber crossing 2 km in a single second with the aid of a command spell. Lightning, though, travels at 300,000kmph."

*Ahem* That only works when he's manifesting his avatar (which is very hard to do and time-consuming), and speed of lightning / speed of light. Not to mention that it's stated to be just literal speed of lightning. There're many factors to decide a battle, and speed alone is useless because it could be countered by many things (such as freezing).

Regarding ORT statement, I pretty much believe only something like 'Seven Great Weapons of Atlas', Knight Arms, True Magics (not including the Authorities/ Age of Gods magic, that's just silly), and something like Last Phantasm/Anti-World NPs could truly affect TYPEs. As retarded as it seems, Notes are at very HUGE different level than Campione! could ever hope to achieve. As I said before, they're **ing representations of planet, and you're very much an idiot if you think you could kill them in the slightest. Five Sorcerer/True Magicians don't really apply to Campione! because they denied the laws of world altogether despite their mortality. You could argue that they're also a representation of Earth.

You're too much overpowering Campione and breaking the balance too far for my taste. Well, it's okay if you want to do that, your choice really. But do keep in mind that Campione isn't all about fighting and more like harem romance comedy, whereas battles are pretty much the main focus of Fate/stay night. Some authors just focusing too much on the fights that they forgot how make drama, and when they finally focus on drama they use a lot of plot armor later, created a suspension of disbelief. Unless you could pull off something like Gabriel Blessing's Hill of Swords, I very much had doubts about this fic.
SKYS chapter 5 . 10/25/2012
Interesting...but will Shirou ever meet one of the main characters from Campione?
Tamult chapter 5 . 10/25/2012
Oh, joy. Now he is getting memory bleed from alternate realities to the one he did. Lovely.

I wait eagerly for your next chapter again.
n0mster chapter 5 . 10/25/2012
This chapter was pretty fantastic, I didn't especially like the idea on focusing on both Shirou and Godou, but this small story arc was actually quite interesting. It was a nice replacement to the battle against Perseus, with the whole battle and initial scenes (the various antics of Godou's harem were pretty hilarious) being very entertaining to read.
On a side note, just to clarify, Shirou obtained 3 Authorities from Perseus right? You explained how since Perseus willingly allowed him his Authorities, Shirou received more than the usual 1, I presume that since Shirou didn't gain all of Perseus's abilities, that he didn't receive all of Perseus's Authorities. Shirou's use of Angru Mainyu's Authority is pretty awesome, I like how Shirou's authorities have a pretty varied uses, and the elaboration about Angra Mainyuu's abilities, opens up quite a few ideas for Shirou's use.
Shirou obtaining Archer's memories has some pretty awesome possibilities, since he now would have the memories of 'himself' that never gave up on his heroic ideas (and has feelings for Rin and Saber?). Anyway, I also can't wait for Shirou to start building up his harem, when will his 'Heroes Bride' ability start to show itself? His harem aura before becoming a Campione was already great, now with that added Authority... Haha
Honestly, I'm a bit stumped as to the identity of Athena's compatriots, the thing about the Campione-verse is that so many of the gods and heroes are mixed up, so even with the clues you give us, it's hard to even start to guess. The goddess in this chapter, I presume to be egyptian, with the whole summoning of a centauriod scorpion creature, so she might be Isis, since she was a goddess of the Earth and Sky and she did give birth to Horus (an elder god).
Anyway, if you want some suggestions as to possible gods and authorities to appear, you could definitely use the rich Norse mythos, there's Odin and his spear Gungnir and his steed Sleipneir (which would complement Shirou), Thor with his mighty hammer Mjolnir and who is destined to fight against Jormungand (a dragon/serpent which would be an ideal opponent for Shirou and his dragon-slaying abilities). Shirou obtaining authorities from the king of gods and the god of thunder (and possibly Jormungand) would be pretty damn awesome. Heck, if you want to go insanely epic, you could bring in Ymir, who's supposed to be the origin of the world or Surtr, one of the major players in Ragnarok.
There's also the popular Egyptian mythos or even Native American and Chinese Mythos.
As always, looking forward to your next update.
Liddle chapter 5 . 10/25/2012
Ok, awesome chapter!

A few error though. One, Godou could fight properly using Raptor right then. The novel described it that when he tried to punch something when using Raptor, he would always miss his mark, like, 50 cm away from the target. He would fixed it in the later book though, more precisely when fighting Luo Hao. Before that he mostly used it to run or to defend himself and his companions.

That Divine Ancestor was seriously powerful. Who was she? Echidna? Man, if she could creates a monster that powerful, when she currently wasn't a Heretic God, what would happen if she was? What kind of monster that need Godou's most powerful arsenal to be used to defeat it?

If it were to fight against one of Sun Wukong's giant ape, which one would win?

Also, Godou seems OOC in engaging the monster while not considering that there's a Divine Ancestor nearly watching. He would know that the monster is the Divine Ancestor's creation. And if he use all his strengths fighting the creation, he would not be able to fight against the Ancestor next. Godou was experienced and talented in creating strategy on the go, even if it was suicidal, and I really thought that he believed he would fights against the Divine Ancestor next. I really thought he would unleash the Boar to fight against the 'Scorpion King', and not going herculean against it.

Also, why did the Ancestor didn't finished Godou when he clearly wasn't able to fight anymore?
The DCG chapter 5 . 10/25/2012
Well this was a short chapter.

Short that is when you skip the massive waste of space that the 10 pages of bold text and AN's before the chapter. You do know ffnet will ban for that shit right?

Why this huge section about some dip no one wants to read about? Only two small parts with shirou.
Zaralann chapter 5 . 10/25/2012
Nice chapter!
Jouaint chapter 5 . 10/25/2012
Hey great chapter. Loved how you made Shirou gain the knowledge of the other routes, cain't wait to see how that plays out. Also how would Alaya fit into all of this I mean Alaya does exist for the sole purpose of making sure that Humanities existence is never threatened. I am pretty sure that Alaya exist across all dimensions and time. Also for gods might I recomend that Shirou defeat the sumerian god Eniki (later known as Ea) whom Ea: The Sword of Rupture gets its name. Maybe you could have him gain the ability to trace Ea even if its only when "The "Stars of Ea" are overhead and the Sun And Moon hold equal dominion over the Sky". Though also their is always Thor with his weather manipulation, enormous strength, and Mojilinir.
Jimbobob5536 chapter 5 . 10/25/2012
Memories of the other routes, huh? Cool.
HolyMage Mouto chapter 5 . 10/25/2012
Question: Where would Servant's with high ranks in divinity stand? I'm pretty sure they would do better then Servants that were purely human, as they tend to be demigods and such.
Riverlia chapter 5 . 10/25/2012
While I agree about God vs DAA/Servant (Sun Wu Kong for example, is very dangerous), I have some disagreement regarding Campione vs Servant, namely the speed.
You used Alexander Gascoigne as an example of Campione speed. However, his Black Lightning is unique to himself, not something all Campione possess (ala Noble Phantasm.), wherein Saber was said to be able to triple her speed compare to the 2km dash feat, and she was not the fastest one. If exceeding 500kmph is enough to be regarded as 'God speed', other Campiones who usually operate below that benchmark will have trouble keeping pace with most Servants.
Not to mention, Godspeed users have been shown to be unable to maneuver normally when using it (example being Goudou and Raptor. Even Luo Hao, while capable of intercepting Goudou's God speed, cannot react in time when he suddenly slow down then godspeed again, showing that it was more prediction skill instead of reaction speed).
Unless Alexander Gascoigne has something akin to Negi from Mahousensei Negima (perpetual lightning mode, which give the ability to react at lightning speed), his Black Lightning, when used at top speed, would be something closer to a straight-line instant movement, and he'd still have trouble reacting to things like 2km dash from Saber if they are close enough.
Fangking2 chapter 5 . 10/25/2012
interesting, but it was too much Godou centric. I wonder how these two will interact. Godou was Campione little longer than Shirou, Shirou is more of a senpai when it comes to age and experience with supernatural gods and heroes.
battleking chapter 5 . 10/25/2012
I love the Curses without end authority Shirou has! Its very interesting!
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