Reviews for 55 word short stories
FariyFlare chapter 15 . 12/13/2016
These have been great so far, can't wait to see what you do for the next one
0kiJ9jio80i9j9 chapter 13 . 5/31/2015
I read this one time and didn't understand it until I reread it again and was all "oHH" when I finally got it XD
nycorrall chapter 15 . 2/28/2015
nycorrall chapter 11 . 2/26/2015
Oh, wow.
This one, of all the ones I read was truly emotional.
nycorrall chapter 10 . 2/26/2015
Made me smile!
nycorrall chapter 9 . 2/26/2015
nycorrall chapter 8 . 2/26/2015
Oh, sh.t.
nycorrall chapter 7 . 2/26/2015
Cute! So cute!
The Knight Shadow Ash chapter 11 . 2/25/2015
Dang. I love this! It is really cool how so few words can create many stories and emotions. Continue doing what you are doing, you are doing it awesomely.
zoxy2 chapter 9 . 2/25/2015
when i read this chapter, i was "Defenestration? Is that even a word?" so i go over to Google dictionary and search it up, and I'm like, "Huh, what do you know it really is a word." So there you go, you just taught me a new word, you should feel proud :)

nycorrall chapter 5 . 2/19/2015
Oh, all the possible scenarios!
So much emotion evoked from such a short story!
I love it!
nycorrall chapter 3 . 2/5/2015
Oh, sh.t.
I wish this one would be continued.
nycorrall chapter 4 . 2/5/2015
Glowing Loudly chapter 3 . 2/3/2015
I don't mean to hurt you or anything. But it is interesting how your writing this story, which is Danny Phantom, but you don't write or update for Internal Conflict or The Devil's Assistant.

Isn't that a mystery, huh.
flyingdisk chapter 3 . 2/3/2015
MHAIRFFBWLDNCJ! This is my favorite chapter so far! Have heart attck, Maddie! xD Awesome. You need some cookies *hands said treat* Made from my touchscreen and love xD
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