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thealluretodarkness chapter 16 . 7/22
Uh oh, everyone except for Elijah and Katherine are in trouble. Especially Rebekah. I river EFI captured her at the end of that scene. Damon? Liz Forbes? I worry for her, I hope she'll give a way to break free from her captor.

Looks like Klaus ACS Caroline had there first fight since they decided to give a relationship a shot. And I weighed hope they'll move past it, since it's the over area they never seem to agree on. Klaus letting Caroline go to make her own choice. I get his fear of putting her in harm's way, not to mention his fear of her leaving him, but on the otherhand, all Caroline wanted to do is make sure she's free to c make her own choice, that she's her own person, but Klaus can't seem to give her that. I hope they'll give a way to move past this issue or come to some kind of compromise. The first scene was hot. I loved seeing Caroline seduce Klaus, not to mention her complete trust in him for him pleasuring her, something she's never done before.

I hope to read the best chapter much sooner best time.
thealluretodarkness chapter 15 . 7/14
Sorry for taking so long to get to this chapter. I know it's been two weeks, but I should be back to my normal reading schedule of 1 classier every once to five days. I've just been so busy these last two weeks with little to no time to read fanfic. But things are much calmer now, which leaves me with more time to read fanfic now. I still have a few fics to hatch up on to, but I should definitely get to your next chapter much sooner.

I am thankful Kid is starting to realize what kind of person Damon is and how he had caused serious harm to her daughter it was studying to become really frustrating to see her constantly defend Damon's actions, or say how great Daemon was for her. Not that she's stumbled upon the truth, hopefully her attitude towards Daemon will change and she'll try to bring him to justice. Daemon doesn't deserve freedom for what he did to Caroline. I'm enjoying seeing Klaus torment him, letting him know he's watching good every move and taking him down one agonizing step at a time. Making Daemon wonder when he'll strike next.

They sure was an awkward confrontation between Caroline and Tyler. And my, what am ass tyler is. First be cheats on her, then he has the audacity to claim she did the same thing with Tyler, almost as if to justify his actions of his prior cheating. What an ass. Loved seeing Klaus step in before Tyler got too much under Caroline's skin. It's clear he was trying to role her up. And then Caroline taking Klaus down from killing Tyler was really sweet. It's clear of she doesn't step in, he could have caused serious harm to Tyler, but for Caroline hrs willing to let go of his anger and recent fantasies. Just to see her smile. She's his one vulnerability, efficient is nice to see.

Looking forward to reading the next classier soon. Hopefully in the few days.
Lee Kyle chapter 2 . 7/13
I have no personal investment in Klaus or Caroline, being hopelessly team Delena and all. Yet I find myself investing in your characters. That's hard to pull off. Good job.
Lee Kyle chapter 1 . 7/13
Excellent inciting incident
ElspethGordie chapter 28 . 7/5
Intricate and well thought out plot. I loved how Henrik was still alive and bonded with Caroline so quickly. I was totally surprised about Alaric and his betrayal. Good choice. I didn't suspect because he became another Original in the show. I loved how you incorporated the hunters curse and canon!Klaus memories as hallucinations. I'm so proud of Caroline in this entire fic. How she dealt with the trauma and horror of Damon, how she doesn't let Klaus bully her, but also knows when to compromise, how brave she is in every circumstance. She may be my favorite AU!Caroline. Thank you for writing!
Moonlite Lights chapter 1 . 7/3
So this is literally my favorite book of all time and I read it at least twice a year. I just got an account on though,so this is the first time I've reviewed. I love your writing skills so much and the way you decided to interpret Damons relationship with her for the book! Makes the story more interesting and their love an even better tale.
annaliseismyqueen chapter 28 . 6/27
I love this story so much! Thanks so much for writing.
thealluretodarkness chapter 14 . 6/26
Loved the smut. So will written and steamy, and of course the awkwardness that followed. I think it's prevent normal for someone like Klaus to have doubts of Caroline's Genova for him were real and if she would just leave him right after. And it probably doesn't help matters much with Alaric's haunting words that she may very well leave him. Happy that she hasn't left him and it was all a misunderstanding. She just wanted to surprise him with breakfast. Not to mention, you also did a great job conveying Caroline's insecurities and fears that Klaus may behind bored of her and toss her art from boredom like his other flings. When you are falling for someone with Klaus's reputation in sure it's not easy for her to quell those fears that It's not really for Klaus, I'm glad he was able to quash those fears though.

Looking forward to seeing the drama that will unfold between Daemon and Klaus and the easygoing hrs about to send him. I hope he gets Daemon scared enough he has troubles sleeping, and our shaking in his boots. It seems like Klaus's first phase is just to evoke dear in him to his breaking point before he finished him off. I like this plan of his. He deserves the worst for what he did to Caroline. No matter how much he insists hrs better, I am still not buying it. Looking forward to reading your next visit very soon.
thealluretodarkness chapter 13 . 6/21
Superb. I love how you wrote Klaus and Caroline's terrifying seen. She has every reason to be pissed at Klaus. While Klaus thinks getting back at Daemon is the noble thing to do, from Caroline's POV and doesn't believe Klaus can win or at the very least get hurt, which she doesn't want to see happen. In just a short amount of time they've completely turned their own world's upside down, and have forever this formidable connection. And the thought of Caroline losing that terrifies her. I'm glad her anger didn't linger throughout the whole dossier though and that they were able to talk things through, even if they're not ready to take the next step in their relationship yet, there getting to that point they really trust each other.

Liz is so cold and detached in this fic. It's so peculiar reading her this way. Normally I lucid her as having a difficult time connecting to Caroline, but never so cruel and cold. It's similar unsettling knowing what she'll do next or how she'll retaliate. It seems that she doesn't know of Daemons abuse towards Caroline, and that saddens me, get scolding her for breaking up with Daemon, ACS defending Daemon just make my stomach rumble with uneasiness. If icky she knew, how different would she be with Caroline, hope different every she be around Damon. It's such a difficult situation for Caroline. On one side and has her family and friends, the people she grew up with and loves, even though she didn't know what they were involved with. On the other side of the spectrum you have the Mikaelson's who took her by storm. Klaus feel in love with her ACS most of his family have practically treated her like family, she Formed a friendship with Hendrick. So you know she cares about them too, but inevitably there'll never be piece between, there natural born enemies, so it will be such a difficult choice for her to make.

It was nice to see Caroline reconnect with Katherine. It looks like they grew incredibly close over the years, and it's evident that Caroline's "death" really effected her. In some ways Katherine acts as a conduit to Caroline's pond life, the quotation is how dangerous will this be? Because once she returns to music falls and can tell anyone of those Caroline knows that she's still alive, blowing Klaus cover of Caroline location. But I also hope that Katherine can see how much Caroline cares about the Mikaelson's not to blabber her location. I also noticed how much Elijah seems death to her, despite a less then honorable first impression, desire the fact they have they chemistry already. I hope you develop them more in the future.

I'm corrupted as to who spotted Caroline with Klaus? Tyler? And I say, being on the smut next chapter.
soulsofsunshine chapter 15 . 6/21
THIS FIC HAD ME UP TIL 3AM. *sobs tiredly because I'm now exhausted*
thealluretodarkness chapter 12 . 6/18
Klaus really doesn't waste anytime letting his plan in Myron
Motion doesn't he? Glad to see her spooked Daemon a little bit too, to the point Canon studied singing like a canary over the things he had done to Casinos. Oh, if only Liz Forbes knew the truth about what Daemon had done to Caroline. Would she then see how bad Daemon was to her, because it seems to me she's kind of blogged to it, competent oblivious and in denial about it. I wonder if Liz is going to take Klaus's offer, or if she will inform the concern and retailers against the Mikaelsin"s? Here's played good card, now it's time to see how things will play or once he returns to Caroline. I look forward to seeing what God next move will be, out for the council got that matter. Great classier and hope to read not soon in the next couple of days, it sooner, give it is tak.
thealluretodarkness chapter 11 . 6/15
Oh, Klaus is right, the Fun is just starting. The plot is really CV thickening right now. Damon doesn't seem like he will be a simple target for Klaus, but I love how motivated he is to take out Damon. Next time he'll think twice about hurting Caroline. Though I hope his council friends won't retaliate, now that Damon knows Klaus has Caroline and is falling for her. She's become his weakness. But we know Klaus will find a way to protect Caroline and take out Damon for good.

That Caroline and Rather scebe was intriguing. We know they don't really seem to like each other, but it seems now they're starting to tolerate each other. For Klaus's sake, I'm sure. She even trusted Caroline with a firearm. That's huge, an olive branch if you will. I loved seeing her give Klaus heck for going for Damon without consulting her. Go Caroline.

I wonder what exactly Rebekah is up to. It does seem Damon isn't a stickler for rules. If he told Stefan about the council before 25, this proves that. It ruined Rebekah's chance to convert him to their side, but is she plotting to do the same with Matt, or is she just passing the time with him? I wonder why she's in mystic falls in the first place? Is she helping Klaus from behind the shadows?
thealluretodarkness chapter 10 . 6/11
This story just keeps getting better with every chapter. When I read a chapter of this fic I find myself transfixed on the screen, glued to it even. It's addicting in the best c way possible.

I love seeing Klaus, Henrick and Carolibe interact in this chapter
Seeing Klaus jealous, even if he was jealous of his younger brother. I love that Henrick found something to bond with Caroline for. It's nice to see someone be able to bring him out of his shell.

Klaus is acting impulsive on the Damon front. Like yes he wants to take a a Damon out, but he needs to be smart about it. The council will probably retaliate if he takes Damon out, and I worry they'd use Caroline to acheive it. Especially since Caroline is starting to become a weakness of his. He's not really thinking rationally when it comes to taking down Damon and the consequences he could face as a result. Still I hope he knows what he's doing and will come up with a plan that will work. Caroline is going to be furious once she learns of his plan.

Caroline and Rebekah's interaction was interesting. I hope she'll start to warm up to Caroline soon, and see that she's not using Klaus. I love how protective Rebekah was of her brother though, but i'd like to see Caroline and Rebekah trust each other more in the future.
life.of.a.pepsi chapter 28 . 6/10
I have read this story so many times that I lost count. Nevertheless, every time I read it again the emotions hit me like a tidal wave. I really appreciate how you made the Damon and Caroline relationship come to life. You showed all the faults in it. The show just skipped right over that after she became a vampire; she came back, hit him, and got snarky, but overall, tvd just ignored the abusive relationship that she was forced into. That is not a good lesson to put into a TV show for teen girls. It basically told them that if they are being abused, that they should not say anything, and that's really not healthy. I admire how you had her boyfriend's main worry be her not focusing on her recovery. Tyler started that, but he new that they wouldn't last forever, and Niklaus helped her mover on and accept all the horrors that Damon put her through along with her friends basically throwing her aside because they didn't want to feel weird. Not to mention Nik helped her get over Tyler's betrayal. I love the way that this story was narrated, how you only made adaptions to help fit everything into the storyline correctly, and the character growth in Caroline and the Mikaelson family. However, I firmly believe that Liz, especially with how little we saw her in the story, that she made the most character growth. She was introduced to The Council and only heard what she was expected to, but with he only daughter on the other team, she was forced to reconsider everything that she has ever known. Honestly, this is one of the best Klaroline story's that I have ever read. Five star.
thealluretodarkness chapter 9 . 6/7
How embarrassing for Caroline. Having Rebekah reveal all Klaus's dirty laundry like that. Glad Klaus was able to clear the air and reaffirm his feelings for her, though it didn't seem like a simple task. And then to have Kol walk in on them in the middle of sex. How embarrassing. I loved seeing Klaus a little possessive of Caroline. I love how he really does seem to understand her, and what she wants. The bonding between Casinos and Hendrick was really sweet too. It's nice to see him step out of his shadow a bit with Caroline and feel comfortable talking with her. I just all in all loved this chapter. Hope to read another soon.
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