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Dashera chapter 1 . 11/20/2021
One of my favorite openings to a fanfic, ever. This chapter does a great job of showing intermixed with telling, especially in the opening line. Thank you for writing this!
Guest chapter 1 . 10/18/2021
Ahh, so good! I know this was published a long time ago, and I'm not even sure if you still look at your reviews anymore, but seriously. This was fantastic.
NatashaRostof chapter 19 . 4/30/2021
So Damon's reasoning for leaving in the morning...after wrapping his chest in her hair like armor or a bandage while he thinks about the lengths he'd go to protect her, and wanting to keep it there but needing first to protect himself FROM her, too. I don't think I could've in a million years imagined why someone might take off like that for reasons that weren't insulting, prior to reading this. But holy cow, "Vampire memories are very vivid. If I see that look in her eye, I will see it every day. Forever." Just - yeah, of course if he perceives ANY possibility of that reaction, he's gotta go; those stakes are too high. And of course it seems possible to him. So he's got to sacrifice the precious 8 minutes of safety with her wrapped in her hair against that possibility...aggh, that is HEARTBREAKING. I swear there's more feeling packed in that tiny vignette than in most books.

And then, how impressive is Elena for interpreting that as "bar skank" treatment and STILL being so at peace and just outrageously grounded and compassionate towards him with that sweet "he deserves it, too" line.

I have half a mind to try to make a joke, like, can you bottle some of that self-assurance and resolve of Elena's? Where can I buy some of that? But then. Lol. That's literally what your stories/books are, and man am I grateful to know where to buy them! So so glad to be reading your work again. 3
NatashaRostof chapter 17 . 4/29/2021
Fascinated by whatever's going on (continuing to go on, after that amazing line at the end of the "Stefan the Good" chapter) with temperature here. Maybe it's the tell that Stefan's previously heartwarming influence on her has fully inverted? Or maybe it's just setting her up to REALLY NEED a good hot shower...

Elena thinking she should buy more towels reminded me of the towel moment in "Maybe You Should Talk to Someone," which puts this goofy warm fuzzy spin on it: how thoughtful of her to keep those on hand so that when there's vampire blood in excess, she's prepared to take care of them! What a loving touch. ;P

The image of Damon chasing down a bunny in a particularly undignified manner is kind of hilarious...

What's gonna happen with her donated blood?! But the so-called "Kona roast" that Damon was drinking at the beginning was AB-! And that's the rarest blood type! ...That's coincidence, right?! There's no way he's been sneaking around drinking her extracted it just because it happens to be his favorite? IS THAT WHY THEY'RE SO ATTRACTED TO HER?! Does she smell just extra-specially yummy? Talk about having a "type!"
NatashaRostof chapter 16 . 4/28/2021
OOOH that death-tree was set up so perfectly for this in the fight chapter! Is he killed by his own weapon?! St. Stefan crucified, the IMAGE.

I LOVE how grossed out he is by having ingested those goats. That his inability to rein in the animal-drinking behavior that used to make him feel superior pushes that behavior into something he feels degraded by instead. Like his already extreme behaviors are reaching such profound extremes, even HE recognizes that the preferable end of his all-or-nothing polarization is unappealing.

The way Stefan's motions and face are all quicksilver in this chapter - so uncanny! A little frustrated with Elena for holding out hope at first when obviously actually-okay Stefan would be all "get out of here, I'm not okay!" while only NOT-OKAY Stefan would go "wait stay, I seem bad but I'm okay!" But I guess that's her MO. And the fact that she'd be screwed if she let on that she doesn't trust him is so paralyzing, I suppose it makes sense that she'd keep hoping as long as possible that she was somehow not actually in that impossible bind.

Everything about this is amazing, HOW ARE YOU SO CONSISTENT?
NatashaRostof chapter 15 . 4/27/2021
Okay after reading this I had to go look up the martyr St. Stephen and was in some super twisted way hoping he was impaled or burned at the stake. He wasn't; he was stoned to death. Hmph. This "demon savior" business sounds VERY enticing...jives well that great line in the last chapter where he thinks about how it's a questionable seduction strategy that he's gotten close to Elena by saving her from people constantly trying to kill her. Curious to see if this pops back up, names are fun!
NatashaRostof chapter 14 . 4/27/2021
That line about how love makes Stefan smart (a sharp "empathetic aptitude for manipulation" sounds terrifying!) and Damon "spectacularly, passionately stupid" is so interesting! Such a striking inversion of Damon's usual plotting and scheming, it's adorable to see him on the sidelines of this "game" and like...alternately pouting and trying to be the bigger person. Also: do you remember the time I was like "Aha! I think what I love so much about your characters is they're never manipulative! Have you EVER written a truly manipulative character?" Lol ooooops. Well, I still love them, so I guess I need a new hypothesis.

Really enjoying them trying to interpret each other's texts. Also Elena's inability to safely guard her own phone is stressing me out a little. And what a potentially explosive situation...Stefan FRESHLY back on the bandwagon MAYBE, showing up all bouncy-eyed at a BLOOD DRIVE(!) where Elena can't stop sexting Damon. Terrifying setup!

That Klaus is frighteningly easy to hear, as well. "Unfortunate photograph," eep!
NatashaRostof chapter 13 . 4/26/2021
How are they both so screwed up and so sympathetic and sensible, simultaneously? Like of COURSE Damon showed up in a blink...secretly hoping deep down that Stefan had tried something evil and put her off him. I kinda feel sorry for him that that didn't happen?! What the heck kind of sympathy is that?! Thought-magic.

"That spell was free," hahaha Bonnie is amazing. The banter between Elena and Bonnie is so fun to read. Also what a GREAT twist that being forced to seduce an ancient weird vampire, whom you've killed before, sibling of your would-have-been murderer, should be the pleasant break in the soap opera action!
NatashaRostof chapter 12 . 4/26/2021
Agh, this is either SO SAD or SO MANIPULATIVE and shoot, she's got to feel so guilty till that's clarified. This is heartbreaking, the familiarity of the comfort and how that throws everything in a new light for her. But all those little clues! That last line is gorgeous, so striking and telling. -Last line of the story, I mean, but last line of your author's note about equally so. This chapter is such a work of art. I mean, they all are, but this for it's complexity and tone and mood and poignancy and subtlety. You're my favorite.
NatashaRostof chapter 10 . 4/24/2021
"The taste of teen vampire nose," deadly wooden dildo in the mouth...oh my god please NEVER become a designer of trick jelly bean flavors.

Why is the image of Caroline sitting on someone and pulling their guts out weirdly appealing, though?

The mace-tree thing is awfully creative and awfully ironic for someone whose avatar is the TREE OF LIFE.

That fight was so fun, especially with the music suggestion! And then, Alaric and his souped up guns! The black nail polish suggestion! Caroline's line about Damon's ego continuing to grow when his body stopped and his detail about hearing everything being good for the ego when you're pretty! MAN this is a colorful chapter. And then, the flexibility to take Damon from all that confidence and showmanship to heartbreaking at the end. It makes so much sense that they'd finally come together and then just IMMEDIATELY hurt each other, but how frustrating. (And how much more interesting this extra level of tension will make the whole Klaus-killing endeavor!)
NatashaRostof chapter 9 . 4/24/2021
Oh my gosh I love this Caroline. So crystal clear to picture, between her mannerisms and her interactions with Damon! It's like she's returned to her puppy dog aspect from the first few episodes but with awareness and literal teeth! Do they ever even banter with half that much zing in the show? And "Caroline looks murderous, as if someone has just popped all the balloons on the Homecoming parade float." Dead at the actual genius of that characterization.

Similarly, Bonnie's distant look before admitting Damon's onto something - and her incredulous smile at his sleeve-rolling ways...these details are so sharp and spot on, it's seriously like you've got the whole cast crew and production all personally wrapped around your fingers.

Also, I swear I try to remember that the characters' experiences are not the author's, as a rule, but now I am not sure I will ever entirely be able to rule out the possibility that you've yanked a beating heart out. That was uncannily pragmatic and vivid...!

SO random: all this amazing eye-communication of Damon's has made me imagine what Damon would look/interact like in a mask. Which then made me wonder how these guys have been handling the whole pandemic, shelter at home etc. Did they just dessicate for a while? Or maybe help with population control of people who refused to stay home?
NatashaRostof chapter 8 . 4/23/2021
Oh my gosh the BANTER. *heart eyes emojis forever*

I AM DYING at the image of Damon whistling off-pitch on purpose to be annoying, THAT CONNIVING BASTARD lololol! That deeeetail, incredible.

Also, the Starbucks barista bit is pure gold. Makeup on the neck. And the delivery - VENTI BRITTANY I can't

Gosh, Damon has such a brutally good point here, about everyone's loyalty stemming from love for Elena. Also love that Elena calls him out on the chasm between his own and Elijah's manners despite their old-timey origins. Am excited to (I assume!) get to know Elijah better now!

Is Elena even passing high school at this point? Do supernatural Doppleganger powers play into that too, if so? I feel like she shows up to theme dances and nothing else...
NatashaRostof chapter 7 . 4/22/2021
That last story paragraph needs another voiceover! "Or so Bonnie thought. Little did she know, in Summer 2020, Trogdor19 herself would prove them all wrong..." Also, the author's note, the dry erase marker thing is so funny and such a whacky image but like, is that safer than jotting notes on a napkin on the console? Thank you for surviving this long!

Sorry - the chapter itself. How on EARTH do you make friends sitting and having a conversation rehashing their feelings SO compelling and warm and LOVELY? I just feel like that should NOT be possible, and yet, reading this, my heart just flooded like half a dozen times. I adore your Bonnie. I guess it makes sense that someone who's supernaturally stellar at writing romantic chemistry would be equally unparalleled with the friend chemistry, but it really seems unfair to the rest of the universe that these things reside together. There REALLY should be whole books of this. (Are there whole books of this, actually?)

"There should be a whole other vampire vocabulary for that." Yessss. That would be amazing. Then that observation that Damon is sweet and then killing people and then there again in a flash when she needs him and what do you do with that - seems like such a concise portrait of the guy, heh. Like he operates off a blank moral rulebook and a big heart, and shows the latter in some ways that are confusingly compatible with expectations for morality a surprising lot of the time. Poor Elena...mix in the sexual tension and how utterly bewildering.

Also poor Elena because she was so confidently NOT-scared with Stefan until he went all Ripper. That seemed so defining for her character. But now she's like saturated with it.

Rambling, sorry; completely loved this!
NatashaRostof chapter 5 . 4/21/2021
Okay first of all, the flashback scene is amazing and that paragraph including "Won't I ever just run out of fear?" is gorgeous and brilliant and so easy to visualize and then such an insight too, agh.

As for the rest, all I've got is: I literally had to go turn down my house's thermostat when I finished this. And then microwave my brimming mug of tea that I'd made to accompany reading this but that had gone cold untouched.
NatashaRostof chapter 4 . 4/20/2021
"This story is writing itself like I'm channelling it from the other side" needs a narrator voiceover: And indeed, she WAS channelling it from the other side. Also, reacting to author's notes, what iiiis that teaser at the end, help: I am trying to SAVOR. I just read this chapter 3.5 times. Savor.

His thoughts and interpretations of Elena during and immediately after that kiss are just. so. captivating. The way he turns from frustrated and aggressive to sensitive and tender just, just in time to save it. I was so curious how/if they would manage, in the show, to somehow make it feel okay for Damon to try again after she'd been so clear and angry with him before. I'd kind of thought Elena would have to initiate for it to be okay. And like, I didn't HATE the show's execution of it, but the way you framed it here like...doesn't deny his initial kind of forward frustration, but still has it so her-centered, based on her's SO MUCH BETTER. Love so much how he's tuned into and understanding her reactions.

Poor Jeremy! Really interesting note about Damon being at war at his age while the hybrid-slaughter seemed like such a big deal for kid-Jeremy. For just a second, at the end, the talk of Navy SEALs and the Secret Service had me picturing a crossover spinoff in which Logan protected whilst Veronica Klaus-hunted.

Cannot waaaaait to see where this is going! Am very glad I am so late to the party so it's all here already...:) :) :)
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