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likeafairy190410 chapter 84 . 2/20
You write Damian perfectly. Looking forward to the next chapter!
thespeedforce4 chapter 80 . 2/15
I'm catching up to you for too soon. I was hoping I would pace myself with this story in order to not get too close/up to speed with you.
Soon I'll have to wait every Sunday with the rest of them

the speed force chapter 84 . 2/15
Uh oh. I'm guessing things will be getting more serious in the upcoming chapters, now that Lex Luthor is getting more involved. Looking forward to reading that.

Loved this chapter though. I just love reading Dick and Devon scenes, cause they're just so cute! And also love Devon and Damian's moments too, cause they're so sweet. :) Anyway, really loved this chapter and I can't wait for more! :D
retainerz chapter 84 . 2/15
ahhhh devon! i dread the day when dick finds out..
Filmeditor16 chapter 84 . 2/14
Wonder chapter today! I love your Oliver Queen reference! I wonder why Lex Luthor would send her that? Anyway thanks for updating!
patattack chapter 84 . 2/14
The plot thickens (at this point it's probably thicker than molasses). :-)
katiesgotagun chapter 84 . 2/14
Happy Valentine's day! What does lex Luther want? Will Devon ever tell dick about her double life? What's going on with miss al yuk? (She kind of terrifies me :0) please update soon!
ChalantShipper chapter 29 . 2/9
Oh my god; I fucking HATE Devon! First, she has sex with a superhero when he really should be protecting the city. then she doesn't care when he had to ditch Robin. Then she fucking tases him, and it doesn't matter that she was worried. She shouldn't have gotten involved with him at all. And then she is so mean to Dick, putting a bunch of jalapeƱos on his sandwich, lying to him about the breakfast thing, giving him regular instead of diet, not bringing him a refill, and then has the gall to still sleep with him as Nightwing!

The only reason this story is good for me is because of the Batfamily moments.
thespeedforce4 chapter 73 . 2/9
Someone should write a spinoff for Cassie and Tim *cough cough*
thespeedforce4 chapter 72 . 2/9
seriously. Wonderbird is my OTP and you putting them together makes me the happiest person in the whole entire world
Wapahani Raiders chapter 81 . 2/8
Hey, when is Jason gonna make a reappearance?
TwilightFangirl chapter 78 . 2/4

good story.
there is no edward, unfortunately.
REDRydingHood chapter 83 . 2/6
yay! new chapter! and ahdhdckcoakecnjfehafa the tension!
thespeedforce4 chapter 65 . 2/5
I love the Bruce/Dick relationship.
When Bruce said he thought Dick was a good investment - I swoooooned
profoundfish chapter 3 . 2/4
Grammar stuff: Thanks for PMing me re: the last two reviews! I suspected that might be a stylistic choice, all things considered, but wasn't sure. That particular stylistic choice is the very antithesis of my own writing style, so that's probably why it felt so jarring to me at first! At any rate, the rules of writing dialogue are fairly tensile; on that note, I would like to point out the use of double quotation marks inside of double quotation marks when Dick says, "last week, he said it would be a "couple of days."", which is technically against said rules, and also a little jarring, but which you are welcome to do, considering different quotation marks are used across the globe. That being said, I really feel as though "She thanked the heavens, for not the first time" should be "She thanked the heavens, not for the first time" because it just feels wrong to break up a prepositional phrase like that. There's also an extraneous comma between "familiar" and "red" in "She saw a familiar, red head" as the two adjectives are not coordinate adjectives.

I forgot to mention it last chapter, but I'm fairly certain I still haven't figured out what Billy Numerous's role in all of this is; I eagerly await the big reveal (which I expect will be a part of the big, big reveal in which the house of cards they've constructed comes crashing down on our young heroes and heroines :))

WOOHOO Dickbabs ;) Babs knows what it's all about; she certainly has her priorities in order! Although I am, by this point, a hardcore Dick/Devon shipper (Devick? Vonick? Dickon? That last one sounds like I ship Dick/Kon, or like a really bad innuendo), I really enjoyed the banter between Dick and Babs in this scene, and felt it was especially in character for both of them ;)

I must say, I also really love Devon. I hardly ever get this invested in OC's, but you have managed to endear her to me irrevocably! I want her to "win" even though I know everything will probably have to go to hell before she can have a happy ending (which, at this point, I really want for her). One of my favorite things about her is that she is a working class girl; her work ethic amazes me, and at the same time, I can completely understand how burned out she must be by this point. I'll be honest, if I were in her shoes and Dick Grayson came by to sweep me off my feet, I would probably propose right then and there, if only for the sake of financial solvency. I'm glad she's made of stronger stuff than me, and managed to hold on to her desire for independence for quite some time despite Dick's concentrated efforts to send waves of soulmate energy flying at her from all directions (or something like that). I can really empathize with trying to study biology and losing interest in it, as well; in fact, my studying methods were nearly identical to Devon's, as were my grades. Poor girl!

Once again, loving the inevitable awkwardness between Devon and Wally. I feel as though her mission would have been a greater success if she hadn't tried to seduce him! Your unusual dialogue tags also worked quite well to construct the atmosphere in this scene.

Well, that's three. Only eighty more to go! This will be slow going, but I intend to review every chapter! Hopefully I'll finish before 2015 ends ;D
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