Reviews for Shatter Me
Guest chapter 86 . 10/26
I have been waiting for this story to update for ages, I thought you had given up. I am so hooked, I can't wait to see what happens next. The suspense is killing me when will Dick find out the truth?
Anonymous chapter 86 . 10/5
When will you be posting the next chapter?
Anonymous chapter 86 . 9/28
Please post the next chapter.
micolodian77 chapter 86 . 9/27
just caught up on this, and its awesome, I hope you continue soon
Hates chapter 48 . 9/23
Just read chapter 47 and Ahh what? I wanted Devon to actually be properly annoyed at Dick for a while at least and for her to tell Dick she knows who batman is, it'll probably happen later on. Keep up the great work . Btw my favourite like you wrote was: Dick looked at her, 'nothing looks good on you' something along those lines
Hates chapter 47 . 9/23
Hi quick question, what years are Devon and dick in? Like is Devon in her 1st, 2nd or 3rd year and is dick in his, I guess, 4th, 5th or 6th year? I'm on chapter 47 btw :) thanks
Guest chapter 36 . 9/21
Hi I'm on chapter 36 so I don't know, have you stopped writing for this? Thanks for the reply
Hates chapter 40 . 9/21
Hi, I'm only on chapter 40 so I'm not sure but have you completed this? Hopefully you're still writing :) thank you. I'm hoping there's more crazy Jason outbursts like there was at thanksgiving and it was time everyone found out everything imo.
Lutfie chapter 86 . 9/17
I loved this chapter!
Anonymous chapter 86 . 9/10
This is a really good story! Please post more chapters soon.
Filmeditor16 chapter 86 . 9/6
What a wonderful chapter! It's been so long since you posted! It was such a nice surprise! My favorite part was Devons line, "Batman's at my door!" What an interesting twist, getting a paternity test. I hope no one messes with the test! Great job! Can't wait to read your next chapter!
Jocie413 chapter 86 . 9/6
So happy for another update! I always get so excited when I see you updated this story! haha Really curious to see how all this paternity test stuff will go down. I mean, we all know it's Dick's baby, but you never know what crazy shit might happen! haha But I'm hoping it all goes smoothly. Even though Devon IS the person they're looking for, I would still like some of Dick's family to like her more. I mean, she's doing it against her will! So it's not her fault. lol But anyway, can't wait for the next chapter!
Reader chapter 86 . 9/3
Hi, do you still post? I'm still only on chapter 20
Grayson37 chapter 86 . 8/31
Your writing style and everything is amazing but ugh Devon makes my blood boil. Worst. Character. Ever.
Guest chapter 86 . 8/30
So happy to see another chapter! Love where the story is going
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