Reviews for Bits and bobs
NixDucky chapter 3 . 10/11/2012
I remember these two! I LOVE these two! I can't wait to read more about them.
Nicffwhisperer chapter 3 . 10/9/2012
damn that was hot. gimme more :) lol
abinar chapter 3 . 10/9/2012
I wondered what the importance of Christmas was. Really felt the emotions and anticipation during the, er, dry hump.
TrulyOutrageous chapter 3 . 10/9/2012
like it
Rita01tx chapter 3 . 10/9/2012
Wooeee! Ain't nuthin' wrong with a little bump and grind! Very sweet, Deb darlin !
HollBeth chapter 3 . 10/9/2012
I went and read "Advice" after I read this...slippery slope. Silly Bella - it is a more modern idea she has, but I still think it's flawed. Love and sex - no, they don't HAVE to exist together, but when you do the latter without the former, you may not get your heart broken, but I still believe that ultimately you will be unsatisfied. Your body may be happy, but your mind won't. Eh, we're all different. Will be so interesting to see how this plays out. I feel for the boy, though - take something offered that you know you will enjoy, even though you risk ending more before it begins, or never know what it's like, and watch her go off with someone else and lose her anyway.
Cared chapter 2 . 10/6/2012
Oh I like this as I like how Bella had such an immediate impact on Edward's life.
ReaderCathy chapter 2 . 10/5/2012
I want more!
There is no coincidence in life, right? I wanted to wirte: 'I HATE ROSALIE'. But, look, she called, Edward was driving to her and then he met Bella! So instead of 'I hate you', I want to write: 'Thank you, Rosalie'.
Romanticward... mm... sitting very, very close? Me gusta!
cullensrule chapter 2 . 10/5/2012
I would sit out a snowstorm with Edward any time.
tinkrbe1l3 chapter 2 . 10/2/2012
tinkrbe1l3 chapter 1 . 10/2/2012
Great start! Loved the visual of course. And the fact we sat there with crazy Edward getting ready to bust a cap in James ass. Ok Edward wasn't with us but I just blend these things in my head. I also read this like I was in Eric's head. Even before the aim and fire, I felt ghosts of the style.
HollBeth chapter 2 . 10/2/2012
How fortuitous...sometimes the truths we need to realize come to us in the most unexpected ways.
Nicffwhisperer chapter 2 . 10/2/2012
Oh loved the anti-Rosalie comment lol. He deserves a good girl, he sounds very sweet and attentive.
abinar chapter 2 . 10/2/2012
Brrrr! (snuggles with Edward) I think he wears a beard in the winter. Excellent cold/snow/storm descriptions. I like that it took Bella a bit to thaw.
lisazj chapter 2 . 10/2/2012
Saved by the Bella! *giggle* Or Edward would have been back in Rosalie's clutches (eewww). NOw they need saving, lol.

This was cute. The only problem I can see with you writing bit and pieces is that imma be crazy before you finish, wondering what happened to everybody. :)
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