Reviews for Landmark
lowi chapter 1 . 10/16/2012

This is absolutely amazing. Argh. You've got to stop writing so much and so good and so asdfghjkl-y because I can't keep up with it! Or well no you should not but.

I loved this, anyway. I lovelovelove RegGideon and this was just PERFECT. That part about Gideon suiting Reg versus his thoughts of him NOT doing it was just KILLING ME.

And when Gideon ran up to him and kissed him, I swear I smiled so big it was scary. But it was just perfect in that un-perfect way that is these two.

Fantastic. As always, wifey. &hearts
Morghen chapter 1 . 10/8/2012
OMM, meww, dying of Regideonness :O

I love the idea of the lamppost being special to Reg - you /definitely/ can find inspiration for a fic out of anything! ;D Aw, the Where's Gideon? game is so kyoott - I can picture Reg doing that - it's a very Regulus-ish thing, you know? Just, I dunno, it just seemed like something he would do - like an unspoken game between the two of them.

"with the couple of rare times in which they skived class and spirited themselves down there to the Wizarding village"


"Sometimes Regulus got the feeling that Gideon knew too much for his own good, too much that Regulus would never comprehend."

I think that's why they make such a good pairing. Reg is all secrets and Gid just knows too much for his own good so they just work. Like, Gid has this thing about him that makes this pairing so much fun to write because he just understands Regulus in a way, as you said, that Regulus himself could never understand. It's just asdfghjkl, I ALWAYS END UP ALL JIBBERISH WHEN IT COMES TO THIS PAIRING AND REVIEW STORIES FOR THEM!

"Gideon had once told him that he wasn't deeply concerned—it was that he just deeply cared for Regulus"

Love that!

"It might've felt great, Gideon's hands warming his sides, his breath hot on Regulus' cheek, his mouth giving life to Regulus'."

asdhkklfgarnkglnbrihbnbkjgnb hawt

"shadows just didn't suit Gideon."

OMM, I just ADORE that line! It's just...JUST SO PERFECT! Like, I can't even - uhm, let me try to get my thoughts in order...Okay, well like, I think this just shows how lowly Regulus thought about himself, like Gideon was too good for shadows/deserved better/wasn't suited by, but he never thought that shadows didn't suit himself. You know? :L

""Next time…let's go somewhere where there's light for me to see you, Reg.""

*dies of heart break* JEEZ, mew, that line just killed me... Like oh my duck, I can just picture Gid's face when he says this and I dunno, it's perfection. The way that Gid seems in synch with what Regulus is feeling and where his mind wanders is so nice and that's how I picture them, too. And Regulus' response to it is so Regulus and reminds me of the part in "we will be the last ones standing" when they were in Hog's Head for Valentine's Day because of how Reg was mad that they weren't public, but also knew it was only he who cared whether or not people knew about them.

Oh, and then Gid just suggests sticking with the lamppost! AWWWW, I love how Gid would do pretty much anything to make Reg happy.

The last line was brilliant and the perfect way to end this oneshot. Gid's smile was significant to Reg in wwbtlos and I love how you brought that into this fic, too. Regulus really /does/ suit Gid, despite his future and everything.

Regulus' doubt was so prominent in this and the way that Gideon just seems to make it all better is amazing - I love the way you write them. Like, you really show how Gid seems to see Regulus for who he actually is, and not just for the "shadows" (to connect it back to the fic) that always seem to surround him. It's like Gid has night goggles and can see through all the darkness ;P

I loved this so much and apologize for my rambly fangirly review, though I'm sure you expected it since I seem to review any Regideon you write in this way. I CAN'T HELP IT! Thank you so much for this!


autumn midnights chapter 1 . 9/28/2012
Aww, this is so sweet! I like how you combined angst with fluff - the way that you mentioned Regulus not suiting Gideon like the shadows didn't suit Gideon, and then ending it with 'as though he was the only person in the world who /did/ suit Gideon' was just absolutely awesome. I like Regulus's train of thought about their lamppost and spying and being in the shadows, you tied that all together very smoothly. I really love how you write Reg here, and how he's good at spying and is kind of afraid that he's not right for Gideon, and then at the end he feels like he's the only person who does. I absolutely adore this pairing, and I'm loving all your little missing moments from we will be the last one standing. I love the ending, it's so sweet and kind of fluffy and absolutely adorable. The fact that Regulus is bothered about being seen in public makes a lot of sense to me, I think he'd care more about that than Gideon. Great fic :DDD