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AlvaConcero chapter 29 . 11/16
Thoroughly enjoyed this fic. Its great. If you ever find the time and motivation, I would love to see the story continued.
DOG.with.caninesensitivity chapter 29 . 10/4
I've reached the end of all the available chapters and I'm super relieved that you plan on continuing this. Not only is this story beautifully written with amazing detail and care but I feel like I can relate to Cloud completely. Really looking forward to your next update!
ridiculous thoughts chapter 1 . 9/16
Hi! I just found this story and I'm so happy that you're planning to write more. It's such an engaging and original work! Thanks for fighting your way back to it. :)
sakurahan chapter 29 . 8/20
Omg this story is wonderful I love how you portray Cloud and his struggles of self identity. This fanfiction story also give great advice and it also fun to read. I love it :D.. I would absolutely LOVE to read more chapters. Hope you consider updating this amzing story soon. Please.

Sincerely Sakurahan
Marxou chapter 10 . 7/27
Okay I'm going to try to be constructive instead of just flaming before I stop reading this story all together. In this chapter when Cloud is addressed by Sephiroth, you wasted 5 paragraphs describing that fact. Most of what was said in those paragraphs was 100% unnecessary and even Tolkien probably wouldn't have gone into that much detail in that situation. I won't be bothering to read this story any further so for all I know you could be much better now since time has passed since you wrote this chapter. And you could easily ignore this review too. I don't really care. xD I just thought I'd share my opinion since, as a professional writer, I tend to prefer the constructive opinions to the 'OMFG THIS IS GREAT' opinions. Best of luck and happy writing. *nods*
Marxou chapter 7 . 7/27
You jump scenes a lot and you add a ton of unnecessary characters. So far I've yet to see any actual story. Just random nonsense rambling.
Marxou chapter 5 . 7/27
You've started this story off so bloody slow that the only reason I'm reading it is because I'm apparently a masochist and want to see if it stays that way. xD
Hinatinha chapter 29 . 7/18
Gwen chapter 29 . 6/20
This story is effing awesome, and I'm super sad to see it hasn't been updated in forever. Truly hope and wish everything is going good for ya in life, Cpl. Hicks; cause you write a superior fic that is just hot chili peppers hot damn! And it will be a shame to see it let go just like that. Keep your head up and be strong, chica. Rock on!
;D So long and thanks for all the fish. Xo
Lyumia chapter 29 . 5/28
I would like to start this review by saying I am absolutely infatuated with this story.
Firstly, being my third time reading, I wantedto give you a review that would really flatter your work, but then again words alone wouldn't be very fulfilling simply because there's too much that's just simply brilliant I can't make an adequate comment. So basically I wanted to give you a review that when you finished reading it you'd practically explode with joy.
Secondly I'd like to talk about the work itself, because the plot winds itself together like the fine silk of a spider's web and ties itself together effortlessly, I particularly find joy in your dynamic characters and psychological depictions and explanations and the over all topic of sexual identity, gender roles and inner turmoil is such a powerful and moving way it makes me feel as if they all were real people. Overall I found your writing enlightening, for I hadn't thought much about sexuality much before reading your story and I have to say that it's amazing, for lack of better word.
On another note; Cloud- oh how you completely shattered the typecast most authors gave him as an innocent and shy dork, and honestly his transformation is magnificent, and when I thought about how all his views of how sex, gender and other things changed in a matter of two weeks reminds me slightly of the intensity of Romeo and Juliet... Aha, that is if Romeo and Juliet took place during the age of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll...anyways you shaped him perfectly into Baby it was awe inspiring to just read about it. And our darling Sephiroth, who isn't the perfect man the fangirl Cloud on crack believes him to be, and it's so wonderful how you made him so breathtakingly human in such a way that it was impossible for me to determine how I felt about his persona- actually I was quite jealous by the way your final product came out smoothly and realistic, but now that I think about it the notion was slightly lucridious. Anyways Genesis and Angeal were perfect, and it was great to see how much they contrasted but fit together so perfectly with their light teasing despite the heavy atmosphere. Zack the ever loving puppy, you balanced his personality wonderfully, and it was as if he was the same Zack Fair I absolutely adored when I got my hands on a copy of Crisis Core.
Granny, I absolutely love her, she's the person in Cloud's life everyone wishes for; forgiving, understanding and striving to help even if it's for the troublesome protagonist, ahaha, and as much as I would absolutely love to say everything I love about all your characters, and what you did with the cannon characters I think fanfiction would put a character limit on the reviews if they catch wind of mine.
Thirdly I'd like to discuss the plot- and such wonderful diction and clever hints you made using the characters as if they were puppets on your strings and beckoning others to slowly sink into your story and get lost in the words for hours (well, at least that was my experience) "the day I fall for Cadet Strife is the day the world will be engulfed by a ball of fire" Genesis said- and I almost squealed in joy when I read that, and of course my imagination went wild in such a way that it took me five minutes to collect myself for me to finish the last chapter.
And not to mention the legion, it's almost like an actual mythology that I want to study and pick apart piece by piece with each new tibit of hints and information you write, I quite like the use of the nursery rhymes- I have a firm belief that childhood has a great impact on a person even in a persons' subconscious as they grow and grow old, but of course this is probably an obvious claim anyways.
Anyways, I truly love this story, and recently I started reading your other stories and was happy to find them just as well written, and (selfishly) motivate you to continue your story- at your own pace of course- because it was such an eye opener for me and vastly improved my outlook on life and perspective, and I'd be overjoyed if you updated.
Ah, of course I admit I'd be just as happy if you enjoy writing your stories as well, because as an 'aspiring author' (really, I wonder who came up with the term, perhaps for now I should just refer to myself as a new fanfiction writer) I really look to your work for inspiration and self critique.
Happy Writing, Lyumia.
Hasilith chapter 29 . 5/23
This is an amazing story. I know it's been 2 years since last update but I'm following it incase it ever continues.
Yours Truly chapter 29 . 5/17
I am very sad that you do not update anymore, but I have come to accept the fact that you probably don't want to continue with this story. It is the author's choice and will to either continue or discontinue a story at any given time. Writing a story is tough, especially when you have a lot of people (but not all) criticizing you for what you do and nit-picking little details that they find are wrong with the story that you write. With many fans come with many foes. But, don't let it discourage you from trying. I hope to see you do new projects on other websites or have a book written in the future, because you are a fantastic writer and artist. Until then, Farewell Cpl. Hicks and thank you for 29 chapters of Invictus.
Maiween chapter 26 . 3/22
Why don't you update anymore ? :( I'm so sad..
kat1316 chapter 28 . 3/8
LOL love to see Zack in a dress. BTW when will you be updating? im just rereading chapters 28 & 29 and am still waiting for the missing chap 30. Please update soon!
Eophan chapter 28 . 2/24
Oh man, I'm almost reluctant to read chapter 29 because it might be the last chapter I ever read of this story ;-; Do you have plans to return to this? I know it's been over a year and life has probably long since gotten in the way, but man do I wanna see a resolution to all this xD Fantastic writing, you have a really brilliant imagination and a lot of interesting developments in the characters, there's a lot of life in this story. I love how every event leads up to the big picture. The interactions are always true to character, and there's just so much crazy shit happening it's hard not to sympathize, poor Cloud :p I hope I get to read more someday, I'll see what 29 is like in the meantime x3 Good luck!
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