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DONOVAN94 chapter 32 . 1/26/2016
Finally I've reached the end of this one!

Honestly, this is even better then the first, and you already set the bar very high with Mass Symphony 1. You've cleaned up all my gripes I had with the first one, until I can't think of any real problems with this. At all.

I nearly cried several times at the beginning of this story. Garrus's torment was just so realistic and so well written, it really touched me. I'm actually quite envious at how you managed to portray such a heartbreaking part of the story so convincingly. But that only made the redemption all the more sweeter.

I won't lie, the steamy bits did have me blushing. Several times. But it didn't over-throw the plot, which was good. It balanced it out nicely, and made the story all the more enjoyable with these AU elements. It made it fresh and new.

Once again, you write the characters perfectly. Not only do you continue to entertain with Garrus as our main character, but you also flesh out everyone else as well. It's an easy mistake to make the protagonist the only one that develops, and I'm glad to see that that isn't here. I love Shepard's progression in this, it just fits wonderfully.

I also want to point out that I have also studied music, so every single time that you mentioned music and all its awe-inspiring power, I was completely swept away. Thank you for including that, it really adds another layer of depth to this.

Honestly, I'm surprised this has so few reviews. It really deserves a hell of a lot more attention from everyone in the Mass Effect community. This series is wonderful. On to part 3 I go!
Elizabeth.Electrica chapter 32 . 4/20/2015
This is one of the best fiction I read.

Gracias por compartirlo!
Elizabeth.Electrica chapter 15 . 4/19/2015
"He wondered if humans had an ocean dwelling within them."

I loved that part!
MizDirected chapter 32 . 7/6/2014
Oh the love. This is one of my favourite chapters of anything anywhere. Seriously. It just makes me happy and achingly sad... and it's just amazing.

Lots of the ancient enemy and you used "this" a lot throughout which sort of messed with the tense. This apartment . . . reads present tensey.

But the emotion, the moments between them . . . outstanding. And then she just gets marched away. But that's cool because he has a lot of work to do over the next six months.

You made me horrified, you made me laugh and cry and go d'awwwwww. Just a really wonderful, emotional ride through most of the events of the second game. Onward. :D Yay.
MizDirected chapter 31 . 7/1/2014
These two chapters are at the top of my list of favorite chapters of all time. The longing and uncertainty . . . the entire emotional atmosphere is just pitch perfect. The terrible sense of the clock running down. Gah! You kill me.

Garrus's surprise is just the most thoughtfully amazing one of all time. It brings tears to me eyes.

And I love that even though how they feel about one another is so intensely obvious, they haven't said anything to one another. Just hope, no promises. Which, in a lot of ways makes it more painful. Garrus has come a long way since the opening chapters, and I like seeing the still following part of him in full bloom before the intermission where he blossoms into the leader. Rereading this story just makes me stupid happy. So thanks.
MizDirected chapter 30 . 6/30/2014
A sort of bittersweet chapter. Reality intruding on the victory. People starting to go their own way.

The moments between Shepard and Garrus where he learns about that part of her that she'd thought was dead but has come back . . . it's a wonderful moment, but I wish we were a little more deeply immersed in his experience of that sharing. The realization that she's letting him in to the core of who she is.

The men all cleaning up after adventures the night before was um... entertaining. I love how you turn the tables on the turians and biting thing. It makes me very happy. lol I found the memory a little hard to follow as Thane's recalling what happened. Perhaps because he was drinking, but yeah . . . I wasn't able to follow the interplay or whatever between Jack and Thane and Kelly.

I love the end of this story because it so perfectly captures that sense of desperation to hold on to every moment available when time is counting down. It's beautiful and sad and terrifying. . . just as it would be. Great work on that.
MizDirected chapter 29 . 6/27/2014
* which were reaching a fevered pitch. - The worst case of were timing ever!

A really lovely end to the mission. All the crew communing with the massive party followed by the hotness ... sexy, sexy hotness. Sprinkled with moments of pure awesome smooshiness between the pair. What can I say, we are knee deep in my favourite part of this book when they steal the moments to be together, to be a couple. It's a great thing.

FI is smacking me in the back of the head right now, railing at me that he doesn't get scenes like this. Ha! (And I'm not even slightly kidding. ow!)

So yep, all win. There were only two was's or were's that I caught mostly because with the interaction, they weren't there, but also because the emotion and the moments are completely engrossing. Love them. However, that one were needs to die. It was like hitting a rough patch of gravel. LOL

Excellent job. I love this story.
MizDirected chapter 28 . 6/26/2014
A very good, exciting, adventurous version. I'm so sad in the game that we don't really get a sense of the enormity of that battle. We don't even get to fight backwards to get in that second room... makes me sad. I want to be tested and then... nope. This version got it right. Yay. And Shepard is delightfully her, edgy and off kilter enough that I buy the things to come. One of the things I think is universal to all Shepards is something Liara said in Mach... She'd die for anyone... they all have a death wish to some degree.

It makes Garrus loving her all the more wonderful and perplexing. That whole... you're sort of my whole world and I can't live without you and you're semi-suicidal. Yeah. That always turns out so well. :D

So yep, an awesome version of the suicide mission that doesn't turn out so suicidey after all, despite how hard Shepard tries. Excellent work.
MizDirected chapter 27 . 6/25/2014
An exciting and adventurous retelling of these moments. I love the POV shift, as usual. It opens up a fresh perspective to events we know. The action is paced really well and the characters are allowed to shine through, as they should, revealing more of themselves through the combat. Shepard is a little elusive throughout, but she would be, running around and managing everything as she was.

I love the way Garrus sees each of the characters, particularly Miranda. She gets a bad rap when she actually had one of the better arcs of growth through the games. His ability to stop Jack in her tracks says a lot for how far he has come and his innate leadership abilities and how they are moving to the fore. Very nicely done. All reasons why this is one of my fave stories ever.
Lady Amiee chapter 21 . 6/22/2014
Ugh. I hate Miranda, and now I wanna smack your butt for making her slightly more redeemable and almost ... nice? No, nice isn't the word, perhaps softer? Her personality is still cannon, but changed enough that I don't instantly glare at her name.

I think that's a tribute to your amazing writing skills and talent for understanding the characters and what makes them tick. You put them in situations you know will test and perhaps change them, while still keeping them true to the game. I love it,

The writing is brilliant as it always is with you, my mia, and I love your turn of phrase and natural prose that keeps spinning this lovely story Well done love
MizDirected chapter 26 . 6/21/2014
A hot and sweet chapter. One of the things I love about your Garrus POV is that it leaves me so outside Shepard. She's got very strong shields that keep him bouncing off them as much as they're together and she loves him. It leaves us trying to figure her out along with him, and that makes me happy. He really still is very fragile and you show that in tiny, bitesize snippets here and there, never making a fuss about it, just putting it out there. It allows us to go... hmmm... yeah, he's still fragile, rather than you hitting us over the head with a big sign that says Don't! Oh, wait, wrong game. :D

We're getting down to it now . . . that terrible dread that things could very well go wrong, and I like how they both seem to oscillate a little between accepting it and trying to prepare for it. Reality. Just because we know something doesn't ever mean we're ready for it. BTW... have I mentioned that I love this story?
MizDirected chapter 25 . 6/14/2014
I love the theme that you really bring to light beautifully through Garrus in this book and in this chapter. There is no us and them, there is just us, and through time, circumstance . . . any tiny particle of fate or experience, we can be them. We do not face shells inside the armour of our enemies, we face people. And none of us are beyond redemption. Fantastic stuff seen through a cast aside moment from the game, and a character in Jacob who made absolutely no impact on me through the games either.

The usual suspects are present, but pft, like you haven't fixed those, giving them pardons through the brilliance of their future generations of words. :D Wonderful stuff. So glad you're back!
MizDirected chapter 24 . 4/19/2014
Tali took a steadying breath, "Shepard will sort it out... this sentence... is Tali talking to herself at the end of it?

Wow, you really know how to make the reader dread. LOL This whole last section, I'm just... GAH! It's all going to suck so humungously. So yeah, the sense of dread, the fear of losing what he's finally got figured out... sorta... it all comes across very well. And of course, the passion behind what he does and thinks... how much he loves her and through her, the others on the crew.

They were both sorta numbnuts at the beginning, weren't they. Her waiting for him to come back, him thinking she'd rejected him. Vicious circle that thank goodness a drunken night at the bar finally fixed.

The characters, as always are drawn beautifully. Excellent, passionate, yet foreboding stuff. As always. :)
MizDirected chapter 23 . 4/18/2014
Husks everywhere. Ahhh back to one of my great loves. This story just makes me crazy, insanely happy. Grunt is hilarious. Shepard is her usual, super-smart self. Garrus is his sweet and smooshy, buttkicking self. The action is quick, pulling me through smoothly. There is so of the usual, ancient enemies, but you know all about them and how to fix them with your genius. ;)

I love the atmosphere of this story, how charged and bittersweet it is. It's just really happy-making stuff. The passion and the love just saturates it. Love that so much.

An excellent look at this mission with enough unique dialogue and enough of your characters brought into it to make it fresh and enjoyable to read. Just plain good stuff. I'm glad to be back.
Lady Amiee chapter 20 . 4/15/2014
This made me happy. I love the Liara and Garrus banter. It flows so well, you know. The whole chapter does, in fact. The dialogue and description all flow off the page and I can imagine it as if I was watching it on the tv.

The voice is strong too, and I love it. I can really hear them as well as see them. The prose, especially during the action really makes me happy, and I wish I could give action and combat the same kind of edge you do. *sigh* Y'all make me so envious, you know that?

Anyway, love the chapter! Well done!
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