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idanu11 chapter 1 . 9/9
who is other pro except hikaru?
SamintraZoldyck chapter 26 . 8/27
Is there a new chapter coming up? It'd really make my day if you would upload this story or Valiant!
I love them both.

Demon-night24 chapter 26 . 8/20
Dios como llore en este fic(T.T),me pase tres dias para leerlo hasta aqui e incluso ahora 3 am me qde tan interesada ,tan impactada ,es una historia unica, triste ,entendible,cruel ,impactante y genial! No se como poner en palabras todo lo q me hizo sentir ,desde rabia x lo de hikaru ,hasta ternura x como se esfuerza sai xra ayudarlo ,el amor q le tiene me conmueve ,desde el inicio capto toda mi atencion ,adoro a sai ,hikaru y ogata ,me enamora la interaccion y el romance entre ogata y sai e incluso me resulta entretenido como se desarrolla la pareja akira x hikaru ,me encanta como pelean y me gustaria ver a akira celoso o molesto por q me encanta como protege a hikaru ,la relacion mitani-hikaru me partio el alma tanto como cada problema q tiene hikaru , me hace enamorarme del personaje ,tan fragil como fuerte para soportar lo q le ocurre y sinceramente creo q esta es la segunda historia en muchisimo tiempo q me llega tanto ,deus no se q mas decir ademas q me fascina la trama ,adoro a los personajes ,odie lo q le hicieron ,empatise con varios personajes (no soy empatica pero esto me llego) lo expresas tan interiorisado q me es difisil no sentirla a la historia,me encanta ,el padre de sai es un caso ,solo usa a hikaru como medio de llegar a sai o controlarlo de alguna manera ,sai es muy cuidadoso con hikaru pero despues esto es difisil q no qden marcas emocionales ,hikaru es simplemente hermoso en como lo describis ,me enamore de el ,me alegra q expreses mas de los personajes en las notas ,me ayuda a comprender aun mas XD al principio odie al padre y madre de hikaru e incluso a isumi x ser asi de egoista ya q aun q lo entienda,es difisil no tomarlo x egoista despues de lo q ocurrio,incluso senti satisfaccion cuando ochi ,buscaba destrosar a isumi x hikaru ,me gustaria saber mas sobre la mentalidad de ochi con respecto a hikaru ,ya q no se si lo acepta o esta tan corrompido como su familia ,aun odio al padre de hikaru , me qde prendada y con ganas de reelerla ,me encanta q aun estes subiendo capitulos y q no hayas dejado el fic ,adoro TODO de este fic ,no importa cuanto tarde ,vy a esperar el siguente cap y muchas gracias x el tiempo q te tomas en continuarla ,un abrazo y espero ansiosa lo q venga XD (espero q hikaru mejore y llege a valorarse aun q sea un poquito por q me da ternura y tristesa su pensamiento T.T ,describis muy bien ,tanto los pensamientos como las reacciones de los personajes y me fascina como lo agregas a la trama ,lo hace mas sentido al fic :3 )
Guest chapter 26 . 8/10
I love Mitsuo. He might be a psychotic sone of a gun but he is precious in my heart and will allow my baby Hikaru the help he needs. (And maybe teach Sai a lesson in procrastinating, even though I don't blame him for it)

Rollercoaster of feels this is, MA HART
idanu11 chapter 26 . 7/31
great story
idanu11 chapter 26 . 7/31
wow i cried
Pets Heart chapter 26 . 7/28
I have already commented on AO3, however, since this is the first publication, I find it fair to leave the comment here too :-)

I've just discovered this manga/anime and, as always when I'm passionate about something, I started looking for good fictions.
I have read now a lot of stories about HnG, but I count on the fingers of one hand those who really excited me. Those who involved me in the plot, made me feel close to the characters. And yes, even inspired me so much to think "crap, I too want to write a book with this plot!"
This story falls fully into the category.
This night I did not go to sleep until I read the last chapter. At three o'clock at night I was still awake, because I just couldn’t stop reading.
It'a difficult to comment deeply on a fiction like this, a story that is so *perfect* in all points of view: plot, development, characters - gods, the characters. Your ability to make alive all of them, equal and yet different from the original ones, in some cases even more passionate, is extraordinary.
Sai... is Sai. You have not only inserted the character in the regular timelines as a living person, but you have also created a background for him that is great. The story of the Fujiwara family is so passionate. Disturbing. Attractive. I am really disturbed by his father and cousin - Ochi's father. Damn, you're genial as you reworked the presence of some characters.
Ogata is wonderful. A strong, reassuring presence that is needed for an emotional person like Sai and a broken child like Hikaru. Here, talking about Hikaru. It's painful to talk about him. Hikaru is always Hikaru, but his personality is also marked by the horrors he has suffered. His relationship with Sai is gorgeous: shaky, still not perfect, especially for the extreme paranoia of Hikaru, too accustomed to abandonment, but still gorgeous. I love how Sai loves Hikaru so much.
I hope that they will soon clarify the last misunderstanding, it's terrible to see Hikaru so crackled with the belief that Sai has abandoned him.
Akira is my favorite little stalker. In this story he is slightly more protective with Hikaru, not only possessive, probably because, instinctively, he perceives his fragility. They were so adorable when they watched a movie inside the "blockhouse" of blankets and sheets (of course i ship this couple in the manga, it'simpossible not to do it)
Oh. I thank you. Finally someone compares Akira with Haku! Come one, they are twins separated at birth
And Honda, with Fruit Basket. I also adore this manga. Honda sweet-employee, how can you not like him?
How can you not passionate about any character?
When some characters interact in a group they are so alive - for example the hilarious scenes between Kishimoto, Hikaru, Akira, Ttusui, Kaneko and Mitani.
I love Kishimoto and Kaneko a thousand times more in this fiction. E Nase! Oh, she's wonderful. I'm dead when the sensei tells her not to play money in Yakuza's premises.
Isumi... Isumi. You are so good at giving birth to emotions that, depending on the moments, I have detested Isumi or I was sorry for him. Isumi is not bad. Even his selfish thoughts, as a child, are understandable. But I'm still on Hikaru's side, always, and when his grandfather says he built the go-room in his home for the "new" grandson... but what a fuck, there I was furious even more than Hikaru himself!
And now Hikaru's father claims to want him. But sure, bastard. Children are toys that you can placed in a box when you are annoyed and then resumed when you want to play again.

I'm wandering, right?
But I told you: this fiction is so much, too, that I would like to talk about every little detail. I put a brake on it, otherwise I wouldn't stop talking.
But I forgot an important thing: crap, Hikaru's psychopath ex-client! Who killed a girl (that scene is shivering) and knows his true name.
His intentions frighten me.

I've noticed that your updates are pretty slow (but the chapters are very long) so I do not care if the last chapter dates back to March.
Anyway I hope you'll upgrade soon, but meanwhile I'm going to read your other stories
OoNakuoO chapter 26 . 7/13
Aww I was so hopeful that we would have Sai's explained what really was going on to Hikaru in this chapter...
And what is Yashiro job ?
I'm looking forward to read the next chapter !
Jully Reed chapter 25 . 6/27
Forgot to write this so I need to post it for Chapter 25 P

And BTW, somehow, I love Mitsuo... He is just so beautifully twisted. Amazing sick character you created here... He somehow reminds me of Aoe Shougo in Love mode except Mitsuo seems to actually care for his son in his own twisted view. Great job!
Jully Reed chapter 26 . 6/27
This story is AMAZING! So unbelievably different and yet, so close to HnG somehow... It's really strange... Love it! What you did with all the characters is just perfect.

Thanks a lot for this! Can't wait for next chapter :)

GUEST chapter 26 . 6/1
Guest chapter 26 . 5/30
I really like your story!
Astrido chapter 26 . 5/20
Fantasic story. I hope that mitsuo will let them go. I really hate these almighty people who think they know what's best for everyone. It makes you feel hopeless and give up on all. His might is really scary, especially since those people exist in real life too.
Akira has gone under... I really like him and I also saw the likeliness to haku.

I wonder why Hikaru also distrusts ogata?

And sai... He already knows Hikaru doesn't like surprise's, so why didn't he tell him?

reanseih chapter 26 . 5/5
The fact is, I stayed up all night rereading and catching up. It's 4am and I'm god damn tired but gosh was that all worth it! I love how alive this story, and everyone in it is. Somehow or another HnG turned into something that barely resembles the original, in a very very mesmerizing way. I loved Sai from the start, but you made me adore every one of the characters... Except for Isumi. He just happened to be the definition of every trait I don't want near me. Dx
Hijiri Clyden chapter 26 . 4/26

Okay. I need chill. Anyway. I fucking love Ogata. I also fucking love Hikaru. I have a love/hate relationship with Mitsuo and I abhor Isumi (not really). Haha. I also fucking love you but that's a given.

Actual review: I really like the misunderstandings in your fic. Sometimes this trope can be annoying or overused but I love your use because we are given such beautiful insights on the psychology of the characters. Their fears and their insecurities. Aaah. I love how you write Hikaru's breakdowns. They really make my heart ache. I can feel my body tense more and more with each sentence. I also love how the same small details are shown from the viewpoints of different people. I love the small part where Hikaru notices people going about outside and Mitsuko later thinks about having people walk up and down just to reassure Hikaru in some way. I dunno, it's such a small thing but it really frames the dynamic of this family. This, along with the sleeping medicine were something notable but add the part where Sai says that it's just a misunderstanding and Mitsuo comments on how that's true and that some children just don't understand it when parents do things for them JUST BLOWS MY MIND. Because Mitsuo is trying to equate his manipulative actions to Sai's care for Hikaru? And Sai must have been so livid. It shows how controlling Mitsuo is in the smallest ways beyond the obvious manipulative way he corners Sai with Hikaru and how he sees his actions as just the best for everyone involved because what is the best for everyone is the best for him. It's so amazingly wonderful because it reminds me of a theology class before where we talked about how in acting to help someone we tend to think of how to make ourselves feel better about our actions first and how we tend to act ON someone-ignoring their humanity and their own choice-instead of with them. Mitsuko is the peak of that. The person who acts on everyone instead of with anyone. And Sai. Oh Sai. And oh Hikaru. Everyone is just so broken. I cannot wait for when Hikaru will realize how warped Mitsuko is and how loved he is. I am deathly afraid of what will happen when Mitsuo starts to think he should dispose of Hikaru BUT I'm sooo looking forward to how Sai will resolve the misunderstanding with Hikaru and how can Ogata be a housewife IF they end up staying at the Fujiwara main house? How will he cook for Sai then? Will he be allowed to do the grocery shopping? Will Arata allow him to use the kitchen. Questions. Questions.

I really do look forward to the next chapter. I just wish yahoo mail would properly notify me when you do update hahaha

Thank you for sharing and letting us enjoy your creations!

P.S. I hope this review is not too long and too useless :( if it is just tell me so i can tone down my comments and you can also just pm me topics you like? Like do you prefer comments on what we like best or criticism on writing style or gushings about character development :)
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