Reviews for With Friends Like These
shiokohiko chapter 30 . 10/20
Awwww though i find janes decision coming with thor too abrupt, i have to say this was really good.
shiokohiko chapter 11 . 10/20
Hulk is soo cuteeee
Skyler444 chapter 23 . 10/13
I almost spit out my water when i read “have you ever heard of Thorki”
fluffymadame chapter 1 . 10/7
Amazing story!
Commenter chapter 30 . 6/29
This is the second time I’ve read this fanfiction. It was actually the first fanfiction that I ever read, I think, and I was absolutely spellbound throughout the entire thing. Four or five years later and it’s still amazing. Thank you for writing such a good piece. God bless.
Anonymous chapter 30 . 6/28
What a cute ending ️
Guest chapter 30 . 6/28
This is a super super good story! I love the ending! Oh and I would not mind if you made a story from Hellas perspective ;)
Redlotusseria chapter 1 . 6/7
supernerdy2004 chapter 21 . 5/11
I’m on chapter 21, crying over here and there’s still nine more chapters…. Must you break my heart more?! In other news, this is a really good book.
intelmicrochip chapter 5 . 4/27
wait, so is frigga breaking the 4th wall here for narration, or is it just a habit to talk out loud to no one?
Hello chapter 1 . 4/26
Why did my playlist become really rude, and started playing lovely by Billie eilish!?
Stevia chapter 2 . 3/4
Stevia chapter 1 . 3/4
Wolvie26 chapter 30 . 1/5
Love it!
NetflixianHere chapter 30 . 1/5
I really enjoyed this story.

And anyone looking for EB's comment, it's on page 120 of the reviews, on chapter 15, posted on December 10th, 2012.
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