Reviews for Being Se'tak
T'Xiao chapter 49 . 7/22
Right now, being Se'tak sucks! He's had too much of a roller coaster human centric life that affects everyone badly. Time to get a little V'tosh balance in his life. Go to New Vulcan, find your inner logic and get off that roller coaster ride of being Se'tak.
WildChild2014 chapter 49 . 7/15
I'm glad that Se'tak took this opportunity to take a hard look at the past year. I'm sure that will help him heal and move on. Thanks for another great chapter.

P.S. I can just picture Nyota shouting, "Follow that car!" It will take a while for her to see Se'tak as an adult again.
T'Soy chapter 49 . 7/14
Tough first day out of the hospital. Nice job as always.

Thanks...I need more please.
mscarm chapter 49 . 7/14
Glad Tak is on the mend. I wonder after he's healed will he just stay in San Fran to finish schooling
NotesfromaClassroom chapter 48 . 7/8
I've been off the grid of Star Trek land for awhile, so it's a treat to catch up with these three siblings. Thank you!
Guest chapter 48 . 7/8
He needs to meet that African girl from England that he met as a teenager. Her aspiration was to be a doctor. They should meet because I always thought she is a better fit for him than Marie
WildChild2014 chapter 48 . 7/8
Such a wonderful chapter. Thank you.
Empress-of-Verace chapter 48 . 7/8
My heart is breaking about Marie but I understand that some wounds are too deep to fix
mscarm chapter 48 . 7/7
I'm glad that Marie came back for some sort of closure. A lot of couples don't survive the death of a child and for them to miscarriage and have the stalker that's a lot for such a young relationship. I have always secretly wanted him to find some Vulcan girl who was just enough fun and had just enough logic. I just thought Tek would have the opposites attract love story lol. And Nyota better unthaw and the kiss on the forehead aww. Spock!
Obsessive66 chapter 48 . 7/7
I'm glad to see Se'tak is recovering, but it is sad about Marie.
macywinstar chapter 48 . 7/7
It will be interesting to find out how Se'tak picks up the pieces of his life and moves forward without Marie. And, how do Spock and Nyota get past such a betrayal of trust?
Nyotarules chapter 47 . 7/2
Wow that was unexpected having Amanda save the day. I was expecting Setak to be in a healing trance well but he is only 3/4 Terran. Interesting to see how this will fit in the Undoing story since there are trust issues to deal with here between spouses and spouses and children. Poor Uhura and poor Spock, IMO they are both right and both so very wrong. Roll on the next chapter!
Guest chapter 47 . 7/2
I'm sadden that Spock is unable to comprehend Nyota's reaction. You've been with her for over 35 years, dude! Also, what do you speak with Setak about? I'm really surprised Spock appears not to have gotten the truth out of Setak about the the state of play re his stalker. Well people do evade when asked about all manner of things, so there you have it. Great work. I'm rooting for Setak and the relationship of his parents and am 100% hooked on this and your other stories about this family.
WildChild2014 chapter 47 . 6/29
Yay! I love a good story where Grandma (memaw?) saves the day. Mom and dad have to talk. And then talk some more.
T'Soy chapter 1 . 6/29
Okay, now we're talking. Nice, looking forward to more please!
Thanks for posting!
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