Reviews for That Dark Abyss
AUehara chapter 1 . 11/21/2012
Holy shit! Now if I have any nightmare these days I'm blaming you!

Seriously, this was awesome! No matter how much it scared me, and it did!, this is really good! I don't now much about Lovecraft's works, I heard a lot about him but I haven't got the time to do some research about him yet! I plan on doing, but for now...

Also, this is the best story of Digimon I have ever read! To take their world to a whole new level o maturity and realism, which is pretty clear as we watch the series at an (slightly) older age, was just awesome! Digimon is not for kids!

.Atsuko Uehara
Loke Groundrunner chapter 1 . 10/5/2012
Tried reviewing this a week ago and it didn't work. Hopefully, this goes through this time.

I really enjoyed this story. I like your theory that the Digimon are actually reflections of the Old Ones. That's something I've never considered before, that the Digimon are mere shadows of things older, things beyond.

I love the Lovecraftian scene of despair that overshadows this story. Very fitting. What else can a man feel when he is at the mercy of uncaring powers?

This story does give me hope, though; that even among the sea of cliched romance that there does exist quality stories such as this.
the alpha phoenix chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
Great job! You captured H. P. Lovecraft's style fantastically and it made this story awesome. It feels like I'm actually reading one of his works with the dark tones and choices of words. Nice one.
Crazyeight chapter 1 . 9/29/2012
There is no greater enemy than fear itself. I think this applies quite aptly here. As a children't show, digimon would operate with concepts that are more easily understandable (and also more entertaining). Action, energy blasts...things that can be fought physically and destroyed physically. The more mature aspects brought in issues of being mentally scarred in one form or another, but these were rarely presented as unconquerable foes, save perhaps for Ken who seemed to have been touched the worst by his dealings with the Dark Ocean. The nature of digimon in terms of cosmic scale were hinted and theorized upon, but never fully revealed either, so this makes for a rather interesting twist, with the building of the horror toward an enemy that cannot be precisely fought against, by those who, up until this point, had faced only enemies that only needed to be fought in physical terms. What does one do against an enemy that does not fit the norm?

Not too much of a fan of the first person perspective in this case though. There's a bit too much exposition and it kind of downplays the terror. Still, it's not bad, and has a touch of poetry to it. Good to see you write every now and then. I've been wondering what you've been up to. :)