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LisaDouglas chapter 17 . 7/4/2014
I'm so glad for this long awaited update! It's funny how Violet seems to think she's done so much damage to Bob and Emily's life, when in reality her visit with them has marked a major turning point/upheaval in her own life rather than theirs. Her visit has done nothing more for them than to show them how different some people's lives can be from their own (which, I think they needed to be honest). On that same note, I love Violet's final scene with her Mom, it shows in some way that she's grown or is beginning to grow beyond the reckless behavior her Mother's ill-treatment of her caused. It's amazing that at seventeen, she's already more mature than both of her parents. I can't wait for the next update and to see where Violet is going to go after she leaves Bob and Emily's.
LisaDouglas chapter 16 . 4/9/2013
The beginning scene was already tense enough with the fight between Violet and her mother and of course the knowledge that Emily’s going to the hospital. But then there it is: the blood. It makes us realize that perhaps something more serious is going on with Emily and the baby than we may’ve thought at first and that it’s definitely Nora’s fault. I hope that Emily didn’t see the blood as it would be so distressful, but I assume she had to have, right? I don’t blame Violet in this. I think that this entire experience, the little miscarriage scare is valuable to Violet, as sad as that is to say. Regardless of the outcome for Emily, watching someone else go through what she did, or almost go through it, with her mother standing there just continuing to care only about herself, is going to put a lot of things in perspective for Violet. She’s going to learn that she’s not at fault: to detach herself from emotionally from the wrongful things that were done to her and begin to live without resentment of her childhood. Nonetheless, she is absolutely right to say that her mother is a horrible person because she just doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

Now I like this Scott guy. He thinks she should’ve stayed to prove a point to her jerk of a mother and that by not doing so she’s being just like her. Ding! He hit the nail on the head. That’s exactly what Nora doesn’t need: for someone to actually stand up to her without trying to get away. That will be her undoing because her actions and her emotions towards others are neither defendable nor forgivable. I most especially like this part because she decides that she can’t handle calling Nora “Mom” anymore. I’m proud of her. I think it’s her first real step on the path to some semblance of an emotional recovery and to her having a happier ending (something I’m glad Scott brings up). Nora doesn’t deserve the title of “Mom” and she doesn’t deserve the respect from Violet.

Emily sounds mad to me when we very first see her. “Aren’t you gonna ask?” She inquires. I would be mad if I were her, but I’m so glad she realizes its Nora. In a way she deserved the little scare for not listening to her young guest about her neglectful parent, for assuming rather than assessing the facts she’s hearing and the closed up, defiant, attitude this girl has…she would seem neglected to a lot of people, wouldn’t she? I’m excited that Emily finally sees conclusively that Violet has been abandoned by her mother. It’s sad thought that when Emily does reach out to her Violet pulls away. It’s almost as if its too little too late.

I’m surprised that Bob and Emily let Nora continue to say with them honestly. I mean it would be weird to kick her out and keep her daughter but in the circumstances it seems like a good idea. Who would keep someone in their home who’d almost caused them to have a miscarriage?

At the same time, I love that this gives Emily the opportunity to stand up to Nora and that she questions whether or not calling herself a “Mother” is the most appropriate thing in light of the way she treats Violet. It’s awesome that she even says she’ll be Violet’s parent if she has to. You would think this would shock Nora a little bit but it doesn’t seem to, she just goes on blaming and ridiculing everyone else. I’m glad Emily decided to kick her out and realized that she had to stay calm for the sake of the baby. At the same time I worry about the threat at the end. What did that mean exactly?
Guest chapter 16 . 4/5/2013
Yay!...You updated! :) This chapter is well-written (as always), and I'm still excited to see where the story goes from here.
Guest chapter 15 . 3/25/2013
I LOVE this story! :) Although its tone is more dramatic than the tone of the show, your writing is true to the heart of the show and its characters, and the characters and plot you've created are realistic and believable...I could see all of this story's events actually happening in the world of "The Bob Newhart Show". I feel not just interested in, but also invested in, this story. I hope you update soon...I can't wait to find out what happens next! :)
LisaDouglas chapter 15 . 3/5/2013
First of all, I love how you begin this chapter: with Violet’s argument interrupting Howard and Ellen’s otherwise peaceful evening. It’s a nice touch for two reasons, isn’t Howard always interrupting everyone else (and actually Ellen too in a totally different way), he/they deserve to be interrupted. Second, I really like having them in the story because they’re an underrated couple. And besides, if I were Violet, I’d throw a fit over this too. It’s just unjust. And even though she couldn’t come to dinner, I’m glad Ellen offered Violet a word of advice about her mother, I mean, who better, right?

The dinner scene is so intense. It’s perfect and you’ve been building up to it nicely. I particularly like when Bob asks if Howard’s seen anything good on television, just to break the tension, and he replies: “Nothing as good as this.” So very Howard. As for Violet, she handles her mother brilliantly. The insults are both creative and well-played. I love how she mocks her for being concerned about what the neighbor’s think, following by reminding her that if she is so concerned, she shouldn’t have slept with one of them.

Now the poison discussion is interesting. I like how you start it with a discussion of the dinner Emily had made. It’s a compelling juxtaposition and just the thing it takes to finally make Emily stand up and understand what’s going on, that Violet’s been telling the truth about her life, which is something I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of this story. It’s interesting though, how you first begin to describe Violet’s getting emotional over her mother’s confession, but for me, I sensed Emily’s reaction first, before you even touched upon it. Being pregnant herself, she must feel very uncomfortable, perhaps even a little unsafe hearing about this. I love how you highlight her anger and disgust, it just pours out of her soul and she finally finds out that Nora’s just the epitome of an excuse for a person, not just a Mother, but a human.

Nora’s a real piece of work. To me, her most condemning line to Violet was: "You should feel lucky. You had someone there to help you get rid of your problem. I had to keep mine." And not only is Nora a sorry excuse for a person, but she’s a hypocrite too. Remember the part when she insists Violet’s being a baby over the fact that she caused an abortion? She’s not. Look at the argument, Nora’s the selfish baby. Violet points this out in a number of ways through her precise and condemning criticism of her parenting. Nora nearly confirms this at the end by whining that she didn’t get a turn.

Now, it’s both ironic and natural that Emily would end up going to the hospital at this point. Of course the fighting and Emily’s being upset anyway might cause her to miscarry, that tends to be one of the ways it happens. And miscarriage at this point would be very ironic. It would be one of the harshest lessons life ever taught to Bob Hartley. This of it this way, I’m going to call this a triangular parallel. Violet lost the baby she wanted. Nora as she said, wasn’t lucky enough to loose hers and Bob might loose the baby that he’ll realize he did want. Now isn’t that the very definition of tragedy? It also brings me to another point, a theme in your story that we haven’t seen for a few chapters: the notion that Violet thinks that Emily is Miss Perfect, that everything goes right for her. I hope that it does. Emily doesn’t deserve to be pulled into this triangle of tragedy and I hope she and the baby pull through safely. Please update soon.
LisaDouglas chapter 14 . 2/4/2013
"Oh look, the stuttering shrink is here to tell me it'll be okay." I absolutely adore this line. Not only is it hillarious but lets face it, it could be the standalone description of the entire story easily. I love seeing how Bob, our dear stuttering shrink has seemed to get over being so shocked by Violet all the time. I mean, clearly he's surprised to see a thirteen year old relative kissing a Beatle, but at this point he's learned to expect the unexpected and I love seeing how compassionate he can be toward her despite her seemingly not caring all that much. And I think you do show that she does care...deep, deep down somewhere, despite not wanting: "Sesame Street gang here staring at me all wide eyed and full of ignorance every time I mention something." It's obvious they've gotten to her though. It's Bob, Emily and even Howard and Ellen who make Violet fully realize the truth about her childhood and the way she's been treated: that someone should've really cared all that time. In the way they do. More than they do. I admire Bob's offer for her to stay there, especially since it seemed so hard for him to say was a big step and something I don't think he was prepared for. And on another note, I think Violet's right. She's totally taught them: 'Parenting 101 a course in what NOT to do with your child.' I think that via Violet, they've gone through things with a teen they'd never, ever want to go through with their own kid and well they're Bob and Emily...their kid would likely never be that way. And then of course when Violet and Bob have a nice moment, Nora has to come back and ruin it all. I guess this can't be something Violet will remember happily in years to come. I am guessing next chapter is the last. I am looking forward to seeing how it all ends between Violet and her Mom. I'm totally expecting some kind of fight and hoping so much that Violet gets some justice: some answers in what happened to her own baby, and maybe even emancipation from her mother. That would be awesome. And speaking of babies, do we get to see Bob and Emily's baby before this ends? Please update soon.
LisaDouglas chapter 13 . 11/26/2012
Oh wow I never thought of that! Emily actually would be partially happy about Violet's jealously. It obviously thrills her that someone thinks she'd make such a great Mother. I'm really glad though that she (and Bob) are slowly realizing the truth about Violet's parents...well to a degree. It is very ironic that she'd been trying to get pregnant and failing, and these people get a kid they ruin because they don't want her. That being said, I highly doubt that Bob will repeat the mistakes of Violet's parents even though he doesn't really want to have this kid as much as Emily does. It's kind of funny though, that Emily worries that she might mess a child up like Violet's parents have with her. I hope to see them come to a full realization about her "stories" soon. It's hard when people don't believe you and you're suffering. Violet just needs someone to believe and support her for once. She's not exaggerating exactly, just saying the truth louder and more sarcastically, because no one believes what she's saying. It is, as Bob says, a cry for help.

I really love the point Bob makes about Violet's jealousy of Emily: "You're, you have the life that she wants, but, but thinks she can't have," That is an excellent life lesson: we can renew ourselves, change our lives. We don't have to live the life we think we're doomed to lead. We can go out and be the person we most want to be. I just hope that Violet is somehow able to see that. I think she'd be happier being like Emily because it's obvious that she really wants that in some sense.

I also love how Violet always manages to dial into areas of sensitivity for other people. Lol. The whole thing about free love and then Howard almost accidently mentioning that they're thinking of moving in together (which, I hope they do). Too funny and just perfect. Even better, it's funny that she tells them all of that: "Met a lot of weirdos too, you know, the ones that ask girls, even young girls to do very inappropriate things in exchange for any various drugs they might have." It's funny how closed minded people are, isn't it? It's not as though she got all of this from Catcher in the Rye, now is it? It's also funny how people are further inclined to not believe you if you mention meeting famous people, thanks for pointing that out. It's ignorant.

The ending is sad. Violet thought she could make them care! I think her time with Bob and Emily illustrates that she can't ever make them care. I mean she didn't know them and she could make them and Howard and Ellen care about her fate...that's heartbreaking. In regard to Ellen. I think that Martha really does love her, she just also loves the ideas she has for her and thinks they're really important. They're very different people. If Nora felt the same about Violet, she'd try to steer her life in a specific direction as Martha did (and tries to do) with Ellen. I hope that Violet eventually realizes she should adopt Ellen's attitude about her family and about life. It would totally transform her and she has a better chance at being an Ellen than an Emily.

Please write more soon!
LisaDouglas chapter 12 . 11/20/2012
Reflecting on Freshman Violet verses senior violet is so sad but I would also argue that such reflection is the moral of the story. As Bob says in the end, the key to improving her life is to realize that she’s better than her parents. That she needs to do well at things and be true to her good nature rather than trying so desperately to spite them. Sarcasm, after all, has many better uses than spite and so does intelligence.

You had a lot of great lines in this chapter, but my favorite by far was probably this: "I'm trying to get out of this shitty town someday so I don't have to deal with people like you telling people like me that I need to go get wasted and fucked to convince myself that I might be having a good time," I just love this line. It is classic and resonates with something that most every young person in America has felt about their growing up at one time or another. It’s like something out of a brat pack film.

Following that path, you make it clear that Violet let part of herself drown in loneliness, and doubt. She let part of herself die over the past few years. “In the way she saw it, she used to be fearless, and now, she was scared of everything. She used to have dreams and never once thought about failing. She used to work towards something. Now, she always thought about how things could go wrong and figured it best not to try. She didn't care anymore. As long as she was having fun, it was okay. There was no need to try for something and face disappointment.” These are great words for all people to heed. Just as the only thing to fear is fear its self, the biggest stumbling block in our lives is unnecessary doubt created by that kind of fear and insecurity. While you have not mentioned this. It is great that Violet is realizing all of this about herself at such a young age. So many people who take the wrong path in life and betray their true natures take years to figure out what they did wrong. And while Violet thinks she’s jaded and done for, she is in fact, on a path to changing into someone better, someone as good as “the old Violet” but more completed by the experiences of the second Violet. And that is just awesome.
I told you before that I love it when she shocks Bob, Emily, Howard etc. It’s just so funny, and better, it’s interesting to see their doubtful reactions to the things she says. They’re all a bit sheltered so seeing their reactions to something they just cannot fathom is very compelling. The part with acid hidden in her room was just perfect and no exception in this regard. It reminded me of my own experience, telling people what life in an inner city public school was like after moving to white suburbia as a high school freshman.

Finally this chapter had some sweetness to it that was really refreshing to read. Bob had said to her that: "You, you know, even if your parents don't care for you, there are always other people that do. There, there are people out there that, that want to see you succeed," he told her. I had begun to get the feeling that he cared for her! And I’m so glad that he’s beginning to show it. That’s exactly what he and Violet both need to make improvements in their lives.

A final note on Nora. What a hypocritical jerk she is. Having a baby as a teen is nothing, in my opinion, compared to her own heinous parenting skills and exposing her young child to acid. I understand, in some way why Emily is skeptical about Nora’s alleged actions. She is carrying her own baby and could never dream of scolding it, let alone hiding acid in its room or killing its own unborn child. I’m glad though that Bob seems to believe Violet on these counts and hope that he can not only comfort her but help her find a real way to take refuge and possibly even legal action. Violet has no place continuing to live with this woman as far as I’m concerned. Please update soon!
LisaDouglas chapter 11 . 11/20/2012
I think it’s really great how Violet and her experiences are helping Bob and Emily to be better parents to their own child. In particular, I just loved that Violet asked Bob why her father didn’t want her. It’s perfect because Bob’s having a baby he doesn’t really want. Just as Violet’s problems give Bob the opportunity to see how bad parenthood might be (which has been his main focus throughout her stay with them), her pain is also affording him the opportunity to see how his rejection might adversely affect his child. That’s a very unique and heartbreaking opportunity that I think Bob is finally beginning to recognize, or he will at some point after Violet’s visit is over. I mean, Violet describes herself as having been the perfect child, and yet, no one cared. If Bob doesn’t adjust to fatherhood the way he promised Emily he would, their child (who will no doubt be close to perfect as well) will suffer the same fate. In that same way the fact that Bob is beginning to feel something for Violet is like a gateway for him to feel something for his own child (as evidenced by the fact that he doesn’t want to jinx the baby’s fate when talking with Emily about the possibility of miscarriage).

The really traumatic part of this chapter is all the reflection on Violet’s Dad. What a horrible guy! I agree with Bob, that Violet’s Dad wants to get rid of her so that he won't have to think of his ex-wife anymore. But she’s still his child! So, if that's true, that he wants to get rid of her for convenience sake, it's so pathetic and weak of him it’s hard to stomach. After all there are people who are still able to love children they've had with people they hate, after all, even if you hated your child's other parent, they're still part of you, right?

I like the message you explore here of not letting other peoples lives ruin your own. I understand Violet’s motivations and am proud of her for ruining her father’s dinner, but I hope that she is able to start improving her life to show others up rather than trying to ruin it to spite them. She, for example, has no reason to spite Bob and Emily. I hope that she begins to realize that she can thank them and depend on them. I expect that this revelation will come to her eventually. I do, however, love it when Violet shocks them with something. As if the news about her own baby weren’t enough, she goes ahead and connects it to their baby….I like the way she makes them think even if it’s painful I suspect that they’re learning a lot from her about imperfection, just as she’s slowly healing emotionally from them because of their normalcy.

Despite that, she could’ve been a little easier on them this chapter. Now we have to worry about Violet's stupid miscarriage talk either causing a divide between Bob and Emily or worse: upsetting Emily to the point where she might miscarry! I like the part where you said Emily hadn't really thought about that possibility before, because the idea has been nagging me the entire story!

Please update soon! And p.s. I hope you choose, at some point, to show more interaction between Ellen and Violet. I think they could have some great arguments (both about parents and commitment) and possibly learn a lot from each other.
LisaDouglas chapter 10 . 11/5/2012
That was an AMAZING dinner! Kudos to Violet for causing such a huge scene. It may've been embarasing but it totally needed to be done! I wish I could've seen a little more of Ellen in this chapter, but that's okay. You got the point across really well and I like the point you made: Violet's issues with her parents make Ellen's issues with her parents look like a fairy tale...they really do!...And that's sad! I was a little surprised, pleasantly so, by the scene where Scott meets Bob and Emily. He seems like such a nice, sweet, respectable guy...not really Violet's type...but perhaps that's just what she needs or who she REALLY is. I can understand Emily getting upset, after all this was her big night. I wish I could've seen Ellen and Howard's reactions to her news, as it would've been interesting to know what they thought, if they'd be shocked etc. The last scene, when they got home was so sweet...and a little bit frightening. I'm surprised Emily didn't have a stronger reaction to Violet's words about the baby. About her admitting her jealousy, talking about what kind of horrible parents she a Vice Principal you'd think that she would be trained to handle a situation like this...I think the most shocking part of this for me, was thatEmily Emily was not more upset by Violet's comments about her baby's death the whole "Even if I am jealous of it, I would hate to see you lose it...The pain. Then all that blood. So much blood. The blood of your dead baby."...I would be a little freaked out if I were Emily. The blood of your dead baby. The sweetest part of this though, is her just without thinking about it, wrapping her arms around Bob. That's exactly what she needs. Someone to take refuge in. Anyway, I've said a lot! I hope that you update this compelling tale very soon.
LisaDouglas chapter 9 . 11/3/2012
"She rushed past the two and jumped into the puddle, making sure to splash them. A smile came across her face as she heard the lady squeal." Hahaha! What a great way for her to show up, just suddenly and with a splash. They totally deserved that kind of a shock! It's so sad that her father barely acknowledged her, only really doing so to chastise her for her behavior when he and his ex-wife are being completely irresponsible as far as she's concerned. I mean, it's one thing to end your marriage but it's so wrong to throw a way your child. It's just sick. It must be painful for her to go "home" to Bob and Emily after this, to people who would never get divorced and never neglect the child they're about to have. What a deeply sad and awesome contrast to her own existence.
I think it's so funny that she's talking to Bob about sex here. I mean, as he once said he "gets embarassed at a zoo" lol. It's also funny because he doesn't really relate to kids that much, and Violet is, in many ways his first real experience with a kid before he becomes a father. You get the feeling this conversation makes him worry about his own child to some degree, or at least I do. I agree with Bob, that she should try to forget her father or show him he's not needed. I think it would be healthy in this case.
I can't wait for the dinner scene. It's sweet that Bob invited her to show that someone cares, and funny that Emily is now the one whose concerned that she's coming: what a role reversal from the beginning of this story!
Anyway, can't wait to see what happens next. somehow I expect that she and Ellen won't get along, and that their very different rebellious natures will clash! Please update soon!
LisaDouglas chapter 8 . 11/3/2012
I liked this chapter, a lot of GREAT lines for Violet. It was like she was Don Rickles. And she's right. Emily is naive about somethings, like the fact that two wrongs don't necessarily make a right. I agree that sometimes they do. And she's right that Emily could totally never understand the life she's lived or why she acts the way she does. The line: "Because a fake doctor and a knocked up grade school teacher can take better care of me than a wanna be hippy flower power chick," Violet casually answered. "I mean, really, I haven't been arrested yet, that's impressive. Props to you two," she announced, holding up her glass of orange juice" is excellent, because it so deeply summarizes not just the entire story, but exactly why Violet is the way she is. It's also the line that reaffirms one of the major plots in this story, at least to me, that not only can Violet get love and support from Bob and Emily but that they have a lot to learn from her too! I'm so glad Violet got to go out with that guy again, but I'm sad it was wrecked by her father! And that father! What a jerk! I think the call it dead-beat dad! Her parents are such loosers. I hope that Violet is somehow able to make her peace with that and that she's not in rebellion for the rest of her life because of it! Anyway can't wait to see what happens next, please update soon!
LisaDouglas chapter 7 . 10/22/2012
This was such a sweet chapter! First, I loved the part with Bob and Emily. It was so sweet/romantic for him to take her out to where they got engaged and to give her such a thoughtful gift. I think, and this is true to Bob, and that he did a great job of patching things up with Emily and making her (and the baby) feel wanted, loved and appreciated. I look forward watching them continue to prepare for the baby together and I hope, even though Violet's only supposed to be there a couple of weeks, that somehow we get to meet the baby in this story.

It's also especially important for Bob and Emily to be united for Violet's sake! She needs their love and support more than anything else. Actually I would say that Violet needs guidance rather than help. It's evident that she's rebellious for a reason, not naturally troubled. She knows right from wrong, she just needs to be taught to think differently, and learn that sometimes, even in her situation, standing firm in what is right makes a bigger impact on people than rebelling against them. In some ways, her flashback illustrates this. I think Bob and Emily can help her do that. I agree, though with her assertions that Emily is too naive to understand her deeply and that she is right to feel the way she does about life.

But I think Violet wants to be someone she used to be, and is really rebelling against herself. Please update soon! Can't wait.
LisaDouglas chapter 6 . 10/20/2012
Hahahaha! She's right. It's totally vain for him to worry about he'll be affected when she's the one having the baby! I'm sad that the chapter ended the way that it did. Emily deserves to be happy and at peace with this whole baby thing, especially given that she is so excited herself. But knowing Bob, I can't wait to see how he'll make it up to her, I'm expecting something really sweet and heartfelt.
Meanwhile there's Violet. She's right, she's not bad, not in the heart. It's amazing to me that Emily didn't pick up on what she was trying to say, but as soon as she and Bob talk about it: they'll figure it out. It must be painful for her to see this perfect, sweet couple about to have their own child, who will, no doubt, be just like them, and know that she can't have the family they are going to have. Violet was thinking about having to go back to her Mom and being able to move away in a year. I hope that maybe she gets to stay with Bob and Emily or come back and live near them in Chicago (maybe keep seeing train boy?). They'd be good for her. They'd complete her. Please update soon, can't wait.
LisaDouglas chapter 5 . 10/12/2012
I love Violet's replies in this chapter! They're so quick and quippy it's like something that would come out of the mouth of an Animaniac! In particular, her comment about/offer to help Carol with her hair is hilarious and acknowledges the fact that no one ever addresses how much weird hair is in this show. I mean for Carol, it looks a little like there's a chia pet on her head sometimes...just leave it up to Violet to bring that up. Her story though, was so sad yet very unique and totally explains why she's the way she is. Why would her parents let her go off with hippies when she was so young?! Were they having marital problems then? It's obvious by their actions that they're selfish people. I hope that Bob and Emily will be able to covey the love, help and encouragement she needs to become at least a little less self destructive...well for her to shed that image. Of course the most classic part of this chapter is when Violet meets Mr. Carlin! "I don't know, but, then again, why are any of us here?" she asked. "And the name's Violet by the way."...paging Loralai Gilmore: someone stole the worlds right out of your mouth! I loved how they instantly didn't like each other and I hope to see more of Violet and Mr. Carlin not getting along! There's a lot you can do there. Finally Emily really is pregnant! I expected as much but it's exciting news. Can't wait for her to tell Bob and see how he'll really react! I would also bet that Violet's got something else in store for them that will make Bob loose it about becoming a father. Anyway, please update soon, you're doing an awesome job!
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