Reviews for Nunchaku (Male)
Rebecca Cunningham chapter 1 . 7/18/2014
Yay, BC!

Thanks for making this about Nunchaku. :)

It's Reno, I can see him also taping Asher's resume for all to see.
MidnightAngel1095 chapter 1 . 6/12/2013
I'm so happy you write a story about nunchaku, hope you make more stories of him.
Krimea River chapter 1 . 1/17/2013
You were right, this one was good as well o.o
FullMentalPanic chapter 1 . 1/1/2013
The player Turks are an interesting bunch, and Nunchaku (Asher, good name choice btw) does seems to be the one who is not like the others. It's both humorous and kind of saddening that most of the Turks do seem like they were drafted from a home for troubled youth. Your idea that virtually all Turks are actively recruited was intriguing, and I can see Veld being that selective in who he allows to make up the ranks of his department. By the time Asher cheerfully takes Veld telling Reno to beat him not quite to death all in stride, I was totally on his side. Exuberance and zest for life appeals to me like almost nothing else. It's really fun to see him contrasted with the rest of the Turks but the affection and respect that grows between them still makes sense. He seems kind of similar to Zack Fair, especially in how some of his co-workers view him as a puppy. At the same time, he's not at all a carbon copy and is his own distinct personality. The detail about how he took up whistling to avoid eavesdropping really excellently showed his active consideration. Your outline of his reasons for joining Shrinra was completely believable and also further paints Asher as an admirable individual.

I really liked how you had Asher and Rufus already familiar with one another. It mad a lot of sense with how they both supposedly moved in elite circles. "The silence that followed made it clear that the only ones who were anyone in the room were Asher, Xero, and Rufus Shinra." Great line! Good job tipping us off to which Play Turks are which by the weapons they used. I enjoyed how Asher makes a note not to smile while impersonating Rufus 'cause it shows that Asher is both observant and analytical on top of being optimistic. Also I just like the whole concept of a body double because Asher looks right to pull it off and it's the type of thing that could be necessary or used for the Shinra company. Even though Asher is the main focus, I like how you do a little bit of illumination for the other Turks. Such as how Xero has no problem with big game hunting.

Great job with showing how Asher is one of the few Turks who has any kind of family "I'm used to being cold." "That doesn't mean you have to be cold now." I had a total 'awww' moment at this interchange. Asher's continuing cheerfulness despite whatever happens and the fact that he's obviously still a very capable and well liked Turk, makes him a very enjoyable character. Your expansion on the character was a wonderful read.
Horsecrazy chapter 1 . 10/11/2012
This guy just bubbles right off the page. I don't have much experience with BC, other than Death is Part of the Process, but I found this fic accessible, and not at all confusing. (Maybe it has something to do with you also being new to the fandom, because I noticed this with your novelization as well: newb fans need apply. I've read some really great FF VII fiction, but a lot of it loses me in places thanks to my very shaky and incomplete knowledge of VII's plot; what I like about yours is that it almost seems geared toward someone who's never played the game before, whether that is intentional or not.)

Asher is just so very likeable, from the very beginning, in few words. I too, as Licorice did, liked the scene where he draped his coat over Knives' shoulders. The line she quoted was a great one.

This is just the sort of fic that puts a smile on your face.
redcherryamber chapter 1 . 10/1/2012
It's great to have fic on here about the "Before Crisis" Turks, and I really enjoyed reading this - thank you. I love the positive character you've created for Asher and the way his optimism seems to carry him through situations where others might have given up. The way he just goes for it and decides to apply as he would for any other job sets up his character so well from the start - he's the embodiment of looking on the bright side and "if you don't ask, you won't get". His personality really comes through in the up-beat voice you create for him: "Either way, the important thing was Veld had given him a shot!" He's not going to worry about what's already happened - he gets on with life. No wonder he makes friends so effortlessly.

I absolutely loved the whole section with Reno - all the vocabulary you use of Asher - bounced, chirped, the way he talks nineteen to the dozen - and when Reno called him 'sunshine' it was adorable. My new headcanon: Reno calls him this all the time.

Of course I love the details of Asher's parents and the fact he was at school with Rufus. Was he in the same year? If so, I'll write him into that class when I tidy up the story. I'm sure he'd get on famously with Seb and Sacha. Even Dominic might warm up a bit! If he's younger, he could meet Rufus in a practice room and they could talk pianos. I also love the idea of ethically sourced fossil ivory. I wonder if that would work? It might be a bit hard! Perhaps preserved mammoth ivory from under the ice?

"Despite the pain in his arm, he was just glad it hadn't been a headshot"! This just encapsulates his attitude.

Asher's relationship with Knives is lovely too - the way they look out for each other, and both seem to really enjoy being Turks. He really does see the positive in every situation. I love the up-beat nature of this story, so I wouldn't want you to change anything in it, but I would be intrigued to see how your Asher reacts to something really difficult to face - an assassination, or having to go into hiding after Zirconiade. Perhaps that could be another fic?
IDRachel chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
Ennnnn I liked Asher you should have continued!
AlysanneLake chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
So, since discovering the world of FFVII, my interests in the fandom have morphed. One of the things that's changed is that the BC Turks are becoming some of my favorite characters. The ones I really like, and I don't know why, although some I can pin my favoritism on a good fic here and there, are Nunchaku, Knives, and Rod. I'm very happy to see this fic about a favorite of mine, and I think you did the character justice with the personality you've portrayed. I think you've captured him well, and I'm eager to see what you else you have in store.

I smiled when I read the passages about him and Knives. Very sweet.
Filigranka chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
Oh, it's sooo - maybe not sweet, but warm? (which is a little disturbing, since we are talking about secret service - but it's realistic kind of "disturbing", after all, real agents don't have live bad, sad lives our consciences want them to have, no, they have families, houses, dogs and warm pots of cocoa every morning, when they aren't on the mission - so, I'm glad you captured this "normality in abnormal world" feeling, really, really glad, and you did it so well).

I love how Asher's personality doesn't change drastically simply because of his enviroment, he just... adjust?. And how the others treat him like someone different, but they... treasure it, because it reminds them of different, sunny world (or maybe it's just my impression). He may be different and maybe naive or overenthusiastic/etc. but they try to protect it in him - and that's great, that's one of the reason I feel so warm after reading this fic.

Of course, scene with girls commenting about his enthusiasm and Asher, who can't stop himself from betraying his presence, it a nice example of good, old situational humour and I like it very much.

Rufus, by the way, says just two lines, and he somehow still managed to steal my heart (damn, I laughed soo hard at his response to Asher - soo afraid of attachment, soo angry his little patricide starts to involve "other people", people-not-from-company, other part of his life; out of control). Silly me.

(yeah, I decided to register, it's easier to follow stories and authors that way ; - ) And yeah, I remember about Life is... I'm just so busy now, I don't know what to say about next chapters, soooo - postponing&postponing&postponing).
Licoriceallsorts chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
Oh Cam, I love this. I think you've done him perfectly. He's so utterly himself, so charming, enthusiastic and likeable, without any side to him. The scene with Rufus and Xero was almost painful, it felt so real, and you could just feel the class antagonism, the envy and resentment, simmering under the lid. I also loved the scene where Knives is so lukewarm about his holiday plans, but nothing can dampen his spirits.

I think I loved these lines most of all:

""It's ok," she said, "I'm used to being cold."

"That doesn't mean you have to be cold now," he said, draping the thick coat over her shoulders."

I'm going to link to this fic at tumblr.