Reviews for Romantic Relationship
MaiRisa31 chapter 1 . 10/3/2012
thank you X3
ah,u was translate my fiction? it's a indonesia ...I bring it with...ehmmm,what I mean... -_-
it's a kind of 'young' guys language. -w-
I'm bad at english,sorry,I can't write a english version for u .
but I can write it again,which that means is easy to translate it ;D
Alone-but-happy chapter 1 . 10/3/2012
Okay anyways hopefully you would understand what I am writing (because I had to use google translate to translate this to English, which kind of screwed up the phrasing and use of certain words but never mind that)

Anyways I do like this story (even after the lousy translations) I guess I like how Ryuu is trying to be more romantic towards finn (although there was a moment in which I thought you were referring to Finn as a guy. But then I guess it was the translation that was bad) some words did not even get translated (I assume those were spelling errors therefore the system could not translate it) and I guess writing fanfics on Ryuu x Finn are so rare (because you can hardly think of a conflict)

Haha I guess why there isn't much people reading this is because it isn't in English. (somehow this looks like Malay but Wikipedia says the national language of Indonesia is Indonesian.) I will just have to read by translating this story. Please continue (I hope)