Reviews for Selective Amnesia
Funsoup chapter 1 . 10/9/2012
Amazing stuff, please keep going

Funsoup x
accountisnowabandoned chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
Ah, I'll never get tired of reading Hal/Cutler. I have a feeling people will move on after Series 5, so I'll savour it while I can!

Although I'm not fond of the first person perspective, this was well-written as always. It's a believable representation of Hal's thought process. Clipped, impatient. Once again, Mr Snow zips in at the end to help faciliate his change. I like that.

I'm sometimes left wondering how the cruelty Hal displayed towards Cutler in the flashbacks meshes with his later confession that "there was a time Cutler and I were friends." In fanfiction, we tend to focus on Cutler's spineless subordination, but then he was never afraid of Hal when they met up in 4x07. Cutler hugged him without hesitation and even remarked on why Hal "couldn't talk to me" about his problems. That suggests something of a more congenial relationship (as congenial as Lord Harry was capable of, at least) than we see in fanfiction.

Also: poor Alex. You seem to enjoy torturing her almost as much as Hal. XD