Reviews for No Atheists in Foxholes
Gathering the Roses chapter 1 . 1/22/2014
Wow I love this fic! Thanks so much for writing it.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/21/2013
Moczo chapter 1 . 12/11/2012
Bah, posted that last review on my phone, didn't spot the typos. Curse your black soul, phone.

I thiiiiiiink you got the gist of it anyway... you write the best Vivio of anyone, for my money, and I expect to be informed if/when some more Awesome SpecOps Vivio gets written. I am holding you to this!
Moczo chapter 1 . 12/10/2012
Dezoooo! Why didn't you tell me you wrote some badass Vivio? Now, I admit I am not a Hayate/Vivio fan, but this is not really an H/V story. It is a badass Vivio story, which you rock out at.

The story was, appropriately badass. Spec Forces awesome, with an interesting look at the nature of faith sprinkled on for flavor. I can only hope Luke goes on to a sparkling career as a Church Knight... Makes it less sad that Vivio saved her new subordinate only to lose him.

only hope there is much badassness to come from your Vivio. Shs is the best Vivio.
Solarius Scorch chapter 1 . 10/13/2012
A nice story, really. Well structured. I think the action part would benefit from some buildup to avoid the confusion (I mean a reader's confusion, which is not the same thing as the battlefield confusion a writer may want to evocate), but it's not a serious thing.
The story is interesting and it touches an important issue in the universe, and that's why I really liked it.
antlan87 chapter 1 . 10/2/2012
Heh, I always find it entertaining how authors deal with Vivio's status as a living incarnation of a deity's faith. Nice work as usual.
deathcurse chapter 1 . 10/2/2012
You do a great job summing up the whole ‘verse and Vivio’s Alternate Continuity history, as usual for you XD. The explanations and details around Vivio’s transfer and how she’s viewed by the team is a perfect “newbie officer with seasoned NCOs” situation. I love how Vivio’s clearly competent and capable and respected, but clearly still struggling to get her finger on the pulse of how things worked in the STG.

Laughed out loud for real when Vivio said "...I do understand analogies that don't involve hand-to-hand combat.” :D It could be an easy mistake for others to make, seeing her combat style, but I love how Vivio is a smart kid too under all that.

“Harley had a shock of blond locks that women who were not his teammates seemed to like.” I don’t know why, but this made me giggle XDDDD. Perhaps because in my brain I’m thinking “either his teammates are all lesbians (Vivio is (not straight at least), and question marks on the others!) or they just have higher standards ;).”

Also giggled at the thought of Fate having fanboys in-universe.

I liked the touch of Vivio calling him “Century” until the end of the scene where she is going after him alone, and then she called him “Luke.”

I also love how Vivio fights—shooting and defense, but when enemies make the mistake of thinking that she’s a Squishy Wizard Vivio proves them wrong XD. With violence.

And a reference to "Prerogative of the Brave"! It’s the weirdest feeling to see it get referenced in another story :).

I really liked the conversation Vivio had with Rhen. It’s a nice bonding moment, and really pushes Vivio’s relationship with Rhen and her team forward. It also nicely shows some of Vivio’s weaknesses that she’s going to overcome. Vivio’s old enough for beers, right? :P Depending on which author’s country we’re talking about :D, since over here she only has to be 19 to be of legal drinking age.

Nice bookends of conversations between Rhen and Luke. It closes up the story nicely, and as another person had pointed out, it's nice to see an instance of where Vivio's status as Sankt Kaiser isn't played for humour or to pave her way towards something great.

And the omake…I suddenly got the idea of a screwball comedy story where Hayate and Vivio are trying to get married, and the Wolkenritter are aggressively fighting for ancient Belkan marriage rites on Hayate’s behalf, while the Church is aggressively fighting for modernized Belkan marriage rites on Vivio’s behalf, all in-between the usual family drama of wedding ceremonies, while Hayate and Vivio get fed up and ditch it all to elope to the Mid-Childan version of Las Vegas XDDDDD.

I also liked that Hayate wasn't mentioned much here-the mood of the story wouldn't have made it work at all. Despite it being the Hayate x Vivio Files, it's always nice to see Hayate and Vivio developed in stories about characteristics that are more than just "they're in love with each other."

Loved the story, Dezo! It brings into light a whole new side (religious aspects, and nitty gritty day-to-day war operations) to the Hayate x Vivio Files, something that I find totally awesome :).
litokid-2 chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
I have to admit I barely paid attention to the title, and I had little idea where you were going with this - yet another day at the office, right? - until Luke's necklace, at which point it all came together.

It's...a fascinating idea. Out of necessity, Vivio fics often touch upon the religious, but usually it's in the form of jokes with the rest of the gang, St. Hilde's, or its consequences for Lost Logia she encounters. From the perspective of the common man, though, that's a bit different... and for once the result is *negative*, even with the best intentions.