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Crimson G chapter 8 . 11/30/2012
Fantastic End. Hmm, I wonder how much destruction the events of Dawn of Chaos caused. Yamato got his just deserts and I wonder what will happen to Ken? Keep on chugging dude.
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 8 . 11/29/2012
And so Siege of GranDracmon concludes. Wow, great collab work, K and Chaos. I enjoyed what you two put together and gave us a neat sequel! )

First off, loved every bit of the last Halloween segments. I was pleased to see Takato, Rika, Takuya, Izumi, Himura, and Jeri there! I liked their costume selections, especially Rika and Takato's. Hah! You had me going with drunk!Rei acting like her Abridged counterpart! XD

But, wait... that twist in the end. I'll get to that in a sec!

Getting into the meat of this review: Loved the last bits of fighting against GranDracmon/Matadormon. But, I liked Metalla X vs Dramon X even more. I was glad to see those two at each other's throat! I loved their bit where they scared GranDracmon. XD

I has laughing hard when Ken gave Metalla X the infamous 'nutshot' heard around the world. Now you've joined Warlord and Takato on that list, Yama-chan. :P

Man, what a coward to take advantage of Ken by using Venus bait. Ugh, poor Ken. This curse sounds bad. I can't imagine what GranDracmon means when Ken will witness torment like never before. Could be linked to his inner darkness or someone close to him? I can't even think about it. Then, there's that whole bit of him being a Zero User. I was shocked to know he can absorb both Digimon and humans. Yikes.

Nice job finding his weakness, guys. Obviously light is a dark entity's kryptonite. Nice to see Celesta X, Yusuke, Shaka, and Sailor Moon taking his body apart. Glad they were able to get Ken and Venus out of there! Venus and her child are safe, whew! Thank goodness for that! GranDracmon tries to manipulate Hiei and turn him loose on Ken, but Mars and Houou make the save! Hah, take that, jerk.

Awesome finish with Ken and Sedna holding GranDracmon in place for Omega X and Celesta X to obliterate the big jerk! But, he doesn't go without leaving Ken without the last word and reminds him of that horrible curse. Ugh, goodbye, GranDracmon. You can join your crew and that bitch Andes.

Before the celebrations start, we get a visit for big daddy ObeliskMegaGargomon! Huh, so he doesn't plan any havoc for a while? Guess that's good for everyone. Heh, poor Henry and Terriermon. ObeliskMegaGargomon has a dislike for jokers and turtles? Consider those two lucky he's in a good mood. Patch up Henry good, Sara. :P

Now, I'm even more curious to see RaPhoenixmon. Wonder what he did for Rei and Cammy? Can't wait for Dawn of Chaos to continue again.

Cool to see all the dragons and sovereigns restored. The Accel Digiworld is recovered and the Trinity restore order to it!

I feel sorry for Venus. Can't blame her since she was the closest one to see Ken suffering. She must've sensed something beyond heartbreak that has her worried for Ken's future. I wonder if we'll see this in Accel season 2. The Senshi and Yusuke's crew get that sense something might happen to Ken. Might it relate to that Zero User power and these Evo-lite guys?

Varuna finally gets Ken back! Looks like they're even. Happy now, Tyra? :P

Neat. We get glimpses of the Evo-lites and DarkMagimon's coven (and I spy a Beelzebumon; nobody pointed this out)! DarkMagimon's assembling quite a dark army: KingDevimon, an army of 'Dark' Legendary Warriors, and now Beelzebumon. Accel season 2 and Kai season 3 are shaping up to be good!

Speaking of which, what a surprise ending! We get a glimpse in the YYGDM future and meet Karin & Dimitri's daughter Athena! And she's got a PinkPatamon? Awww, so cute. I just want to pinch Athena's cheeks and hug her! Nice to see Neo-Queen Serenity, too. So, they're planning to send Athena and PinkPatamon to the past to meet with the younger versions of Karin & Dimitri, in addition to the YYGDM groups? Now, that I'm looking forward to! It'll be a good and exciting experience for Athena and PinkPatamon. Can't wait to see her in Accel 2 and Kai season 3!

I find it cool Athena is the first child of a Senshi and an Ascendant. I wonder which power she'll adjust to better. Should be interesting to see where this leads up in her future appearances! :D

You even had be surprised with the twist during the last Halloween segment. So, let me get this straight. Rei came up with such an elaborate plan just to get Hiei to wear a penguin costume? Hah, well it worked out well in their favor!

I didn't see 'Rei' and 'Hiei' turning out as Mai and Joey. Those had to be the best Halloween costumes out of these segments. 'Rei'/Mai had me fooled with her drunk antics. Good thing they borrowed Usagi's disguise pen. Works like a charm! I also loved the bits with Rei showing off penguin!Hiei to the crowds, Minako dressed up as Sailor V, Ami handcuffing Vega & being a seductive vixen, and the cameos from Mukuro & Morrigan! Overall funny and unpredictable Halloween stuff. XD

Great work, guys! The second collab was a success. Hope y'all do another later down the road. Count on me reading it. Ciao!
Belletiger BT chapter 8 . 11/28/2012
Awesome chapter! as usual, your last chapters always have an especial touch'. I a surprise to see Ken has ability to absorb digimon and human alike, I wonder what kind of other abilities Ken does have. The battles in there were also great. Ahah, we gotta see the future kid of dimitri and karin; Athena and her digimon partner PinkPatamon. Those two sure will bring cute and funny moments. Anyway, awesome last chapter, i hope I can see more work made by you two.
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 7 . 11/27/2012
Hope you guys had a great turkey week like I did! :P

Anyways, awesome chapter! The Halloween segment was a freakin' riot. We get Ken dressed as Charizard, drunk Rei going all Xena, Hiei getting talked into dressed as a penguin, and all the wacky costume selection all in one glorious segment. I loved it.

Yay, about time Yamato gains level 2 status. Metalla X mops the floor with Arkadimon and shows he ain't one to be messed with. Oh yeah, he feels Ken's power, but more on that in a bit.

Boom! Good to see that group take down Analogmon. Hah, the D3s take out Mutalior. Nice!

With the battles pretty much wrapped up, it all comes down to beating the big bad booty daddy GranDracmon. Just when things look bleak, Ken pulls out a new Ascendant form. But, that's not all... Shooting Star Mode? Man, Chaos loves his 5Ds gimmicks. LOL. Nice to see ol' Granny Amaterasumon come back and give Ken back his Tsukuyomimon power back.

Pretty awesome to see the dragons come together with Ken and take GranDracmon apart like that! That's for you constantly calling him Kenny. :D

The big bastard really goes for broke and uses Hiei & Mars' Phoenix Dragon on him. That jerk GranDracmon knocked Ken so far he nearly crashed right into Venus! Whew, close call.

Ken's down for the count. GranDracmon doesn't learn to quit, but the Trinity are ready to face him. The final battle shall be decided!

Overall, great chapter, and I'll be reading the finale tomorrow! Ciao! :D
JNaegi chapter 8 . 11/27/2012
Nice ending to this story and so much to comment on. The conclusion of the Halloween party was funny and unexpected. I was not counting on Mai and Joey to be transformed as the fire couple. "Rei" spouting on about Saten and destruction reminded me of the SM abridged series. Hah Hiei finally got in the penguin costume. And Ami, you little vixen handcuffing Vega, that was shocking.

The battles were good and Ken again does his infamous "ball buster" on Yamato. Him getting cursed it's really going to change the game. I was worried for Venus when that punk GranDracmon got her and she felt Ken's sadness when that curse got put on him.

My so many rules on maintaining balance between worlds.

But he is finally beat and the Accel stream universe has regained the Digi-gods. So ObeliskMegoGargomon is finally free but he won't cause that much trouble for now.

So now we are entering the Evo-Lites (which will be good) along with finding out more about Season 3 of Digimon Kai.

Now we are introduced to Karin and Dimitri's future daughter Athena! The first child of a magical Senshi and Ascendants will be bad ass. So much stuff happening in the future and she will be heading to the past to train like Chibi-Usa once did. Whoa she will be in Season 3 Kai and Accel Stream? Sweet.

It was cool seeing Mukuro and Morrigan seeing Hiei as a penguin. Nice plan with using Usagi's old disguise pen.

Well dudes this was another succesful colab. This was done well.

Of course I will be keeping up with Chaos stories along with yours!

Good work you two!
Ford1114 chapter 8 . 11/27/2012
Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my GOD! This is the best! It made my day! GranDracmon is finally defeated. I laugh when he said "My apologies continue..."

Haha! Dramon X vs Metalla X are Dante vs Vergil, my dream has come true! Then we get to see a sneak peek of Accel Stream Season 2.
-And Dramon X is a Zero Ability user. Not bad. But thankfully that he's not a mary sue, after all he has flaws. Just saying.

So I see a sneak peek of DarkMagimon and Season 3. That's the reason why they will create the Fake Warriors. And thanks for using the music suggestion I send a year ago.

Oh yes! You were talking me before on email of Athena and PinkPatamon. This is one big turn of events, and be similar to Sailor Chibi Moon when going back in time to meet her parents' younger selves. It is going to be big, lets not forget that she will also appear in Cross Generations.

If you like, I can help out future character corners, and perhaps Priscilla (ElenaMegan) should join us if she dazzles our presence.

See you soon on email!
supergoku1987 chapter 8 . 11/27/2012
Awesome chapter man. They finally defeat Grandracmon. Omega x and Celesta x get their revenge. Ken's been cursed and that sucks. Wonder what these evolites have plan for Ken since he's a zero user.

Lol at Metalla X getting kicked in the nads. Tike and David are even thinking of using it? lol, it's effective alright. The sovereigns of Ken's world are back. Glad to see the three universes together and taking names. cool to see a prelude to digi-fusion kai season 3 with magimon and kingdevimon. can't wait for that. Athena is Karin and Dimitri's daughter? she's cute. and pinkpatamon, lol. hope athena's better than that brat pan.

Halloween stuff was funny. morrigan is hot. hiei as a penguin was funny ass stuff. mars gets the last laugh, lol. cool to see takato, rika, and the other digicouples there. great ending, guys. can't wait for the new stuff coming. peace, y'all.
Chaosblazer chapter 8 . 11/27/2012
definitely enjoyed working together on this story, it was awsome from beginning to end

Gotta say there was just so much awsomeness in this update to comment on i wouldn't know where to start but yeah Ken's about to experiance pain.

Excellent work on the halloween party bit, no one saw that coming even me;

Aw, Athena's cute and that was cool how she was introduced Rock on dude this story rules_
Belletiger BT chapter 7 . 11/23/2012
I never expect that Shooting Star Mode is a combination of the 4 great dragons . It was pretty cool. It was pretty cool. Funny thing the name shooting Star reminds me the name of one of the big dragons from Lodoss Wars saga and by coincide, the strongest dragon. And looks like Matardormon DFM will be the last boss before the ending of this amazing arc. I cant wait to see the big finally of the story.
supergoku1987 chapter 7 . 11/22/2012
Nice chapter man. The action couldn't get any better. man, ken really owned and tore Grandramon a new one. Shooting star mode was badass (5ds was a beast series). but, damn, grandracmon rebounds with a phoenix dragon of his own and takes down Ken. glad venus is ok. that was close.

Metalla x is no doubt pissed about this. can't wait to see him and Ken rumble if it happens.

Mutalior gets his ass served by the d3s. Now they meet with the others and prepare to fight grandracmon's final mode. Without ken, the heroes still got a good chance I think. Can't wait to see them win the day.

funny ass halloween stuff in the beginning. Charizard Ken was great. Drunken hiei and sailor mars was great, too. funny stuff. can't wait to see the end of the party and the story. Happy turkey day man. Peace.
JNaegi chapter 7 . 11/21/2012
Another update before the holiday. The Halloween segment had me laughing. I could just imagine Hiei in a penguin costume! Just picture it, he could be like that little penguin from Happy Feet! Along with Mars and Hiei getting smashed and how she did Xena's infamous battle cry; stuff is gold!

The battles are coming to an end. Ken gets to meet 'Granny' again and merges with the five dragons to form his Shooting Star Mode. He takes out Grandracmon but then fires off the Mars/Hiei combo at him...WHICH NEARLY HITS VENUS! Glad they were able to get her out of there in time, don't falter V!

So Yamato found out about Ken gaining a little more power? Hey what can I say; this is why you don't force Fate's hand, bites you in the butt!

Man I guess Ken has some issues being called Kenny? Well can't really blame him with that character always ending up dead.

Now GranDracmon's unleashed his final form and the the heroes don't have Ken backing them up? This is going to be a good final battle!

One more chapter, go for it!

Happy Thanksgiving you guys!
Crimson G chapter 7 . 11/21/2012
Oh yeah! The final stretch. I know some of heroes have water as their power, but will that be enough. Keep it up!
Ford1114 chapter 7 . 11/21/2012
Happy Thanksgiving! Like this segment with Ken and Charizard.

I never expect that Shooting Star Mode is a combination of the 4 dragon gods. It was incredible. And Metalla X being jealous, be expect a battle in the final chapter for real unlike Across Dimensions.

You know, I should expect Mutalior to say, "Tonight I dine for Ascendant soup!"

This is what happens when Mundus refuses to accept defeat and became this blobby eye thing, like GranDracmon becomes this fiery thing.

Again, awesome chapter, can't wait for the last one next week.
Chaosblazer chapter 7 . 11/21/2012
well this is getting intresting, Ken gets a temporal push past level his level 3 status but GranDracmon seems to have gotten the last laugh, Yamato's not happy, Mutalior and Arkadimon are dead and GranDracmon apparently doesn't know when to stay dead.

Ken never gets breaks aside from those done to his bones it seems lol.

One chapter to go, happy thanksgiving all.
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 6 . 11/21/2012
Going great with these chapters, my friends! :D

This one had a ton of stuff going on. But, first, that Halloween segment was cute. I really liked Usagi and co. costumes My favorite have to be Ami, Makoto and Rei's. Heh, I can imagine Ami handcuffing Vega to bed and involve kinky stuff between those two (BDSM, anyone?). XP; Makoto as a princess is funny considering she's the muscle of the group. But, Rei's jungle girl thing had me going! Poor Rei is our official fanservice girl in these segments. But, hey, at least she admits it's not too bad. XP

Strut your stuff, girls!

Anyway, Devil May Cry soundtrack kicks into high gear!

Yay! Finally Andes is gone! Glad Sedna was able to put that psycho bitch in her place.

Awesome stuff with Yui turning into her Celestial form. Man, you're delivering the spoils in this story. You just have to do that and make us wait for Yui's proper celestial debut in Dawn of Chaos! I hope it's not that much longer. So, she and ShadowMetalGarurumon can merge to become Shaka? Sweet. Though she and the Beast Tamers got rid of NeoMyotismon, it's too bad for the Inumon elder. Hopefully they'll get to avenge him.

Wow, Maki got back his Digimon partner and Biomerged with him?! Cool! Glad those two mended their differences and thus we get Apollomon, one of the Olympus 12 Digimon! Great to see him take out Caiusmon. Hah, Saturn kills Vipris AGAIN! XD

Mutalior's all by his lonesome and takes that Xros loader to turn back to Analogmon. Though, I doubt that'll mean much against this group. Hey, buddy, a bunch of ticked off Ascendants want your ass on a platter. :P

Huh, so our 'lovable' Ascendant bastard finally gets his due and becomes an Ascendant level 2. Hope he's content and stops bitching! XP; But, Arkadimon will be the least of his worries, especially when he and Ken cross paths! (shudders)

Speaking of ol' Kenny, man he was in deep shit. It really must hit the Senshi hard when it's revealed that Charon manipulated the Accel Uranus and Neptune to hunt down Ken. So, that's where she went and used those two to retaliate against Ken for giving Sedna the Dragon sword thingy. Can't wait 'til that bitch Charon gets hers coming.

Yikes, Tsukuyomimon Death Mode returns and gives Ken some hell before the tide turned... in the form of Huanglongmon?! Grey's back better than ever and heals up Ken.

Epic stuff with Mars and Hiei unleashing their Phoenix Dragon! Wow, if that thing was able to hurt Valmarmon in DoC (...argh, long wait for that, too!), then GranDracmon definitely felt it! Oh, and GranDracmon... don't put your hands on an Ascendant's girlfriend (go, Dimitri! Good save on Karin!), you're gonna get cut. We're really winding down to the final chapters. Good stuff, K-sama and Chaos!

Can't wait for the next one! :D
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