Reviews for The Siege of GranDracmon
Chaosblazer chapter 8 . 11/27/2012
definitely enjoyed working together on this story, it was awsome from beginning to end

Gotta say there was just so much awsomeness in this update to comment on i wouldn't know where to start but yeah Ken's about to experiance pain.

Excellent work on the halloween party bit, no one saw that coming even me;

Aw, Athena's cute and that was cool how she was introduced Rock on dude this story rules_
Belletiger BT chapter 7 . 11/23/2012
I never expect that Shooting Star Mode is a combination of the 4 great dragons . It was pretty cool. It was pretty cool. Funny thing the name shooting Star reminds me the name of one of the big dragons from Lodoss Wars saga and by coincide, the strongest dragon. And looks like Matardormon DFM will be the last boss before the ending of this amazing arc. I cant wait to see the big finally of the story.
supergoku1987 chapter 7 . 11/22/2012
Nice chapter man. The action couldn't get any better. man, ken really owned and tore Grandramon a new one. Shooting star mode was badass (5ds was a beast series). but, damn, grandracmon rebounds with a phoenix dragon of his own and takes down Ken. glad venus is ok. that was close.

Metalla x is no doubt pissed about this. can't wait to see him and Ken rumble if it happens.

Mutalior gets his ass served by the d3s. Now they meet with the others and prepare to fight grandracmon's final mode. Without ken, the heroes still got a good chance I think. Can't wait to see them win the day.

funny ass halloween stuff in the beginning. Charizard Ken was great. Drunken hiei and sailor mars was great, too. funny stuff. can't wait to see the end of the party and the story. Happy turkey day man. Peace.
JNaegi chapter 7 . 11/21/2012
Another update before the holiday. The Halloween segment had me laughing. I could just imagine Hiei in a penguin costume! Just picture it, he could be like that little penguin from Happy Feet! Along with Mars and Hiei getting smashed and how she did Xena's infamous battle cry; stuff is gold!

The battles are coming to an end. Ken gets to meet 'Granny' again and merges with the five dragons to form his Shooting Star Mode. He takes out Grandracmon but then fires off the Mars/Hiei combo at him...WHICH NEARLY HITS VENUS! Glad they were able to get her out of there in time, don't falter V!

So Yamato found out about Ken gaining a little more power? Hey what can I say; this is why you don't force Fate's hand, bites you in the butt!

Man I guess Ken has some issues being called Kenny? Well can't really blame him with that character always ending up dead.

Now GranDracmon's unleashed his final form and the the heroes don't have Ken backing them up? This is going to be a good final battle!

One more chapter, go for it!

Happy Thanksgiving you guys!
Crimson G chapter 7 . 11/21/2012
Oh yeah! The final stretch. I know some of heroes have water as their power, but will that be enough. Keep it up!
Ford1114 chapter 7 . 11/21/2012
Happy Thanksgiving! Like this segment with Ken and Charizard.

I never expect that Shooting Star Mode is a combination of the 4 dragon gods. It was incredible. And Metalla X being jealous, be expect a battle in the final chapter for real unlike Across Dimensions.

You know, I should expect Mutalior to say, "Tonight I dine for Ascendant soup!"

This is what happens when Mundus refuses to accept defeat and became this blobby eye thing, like GranDracmon becomes this fiery thing.

Again, awesome chapter, can't wait for the last one next week.
Chaosblazer chapter 7 . 11/21/2012
well this is getting intresting, Ken gets a temporal push past level his level 3 status but GranDracmon seems to have gotten the last laugh, Yamato's not happy, Mutalior and Arkadimon are dead and GranDracmon apparently doesn't know when to stay dead.

Ken never gets breaks aside from those done to his bones it seems lol.

One chapter to go, happy thanksgiving all.
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 6 . 11/21/2012
Going great with these chapters, my friends! :D

This one had a ton of stuff going on. But, first, that Halloween segment was cute. I really liked Usagi and co. costumes My favorite have to be Ami, Makoto and Rei's. Heh, I can imagine Ami handcuffing Vega to bed and involve kinky stuff between those two (BDSM, anyone?). XP; Makoto as a princess is funny considering she's the muscle of the group. But, Rei's jungle girl thing had me going! Poor Rei is our official fanservice girl in these segments. But, hey, at least she admits it's not too bad. XP

Strut your stuff, girls!

Anyway, Devil May Cry soundtrack kicks into high gear!

Yay! Finally Andes is gone! Glad Sedna was able to put that psycho bitch in her place.

Awesome stuff with Yui turning into her Celestial form. Man, you're delivering the spoils in this story. You just have to do that and make us wait for Yui's proper celestial debut in Dawn of Chaos! I hope it's not that much longer. So, she and ShadowMetalGarurumon can merge to become Shaka? Sweet. Though she and the Beast Tamers got rid of NeoMyotismon, it's too bad for the Inumon elder. Hopefully they'll get to avenge him.

Wow, Maki got back his Digimon partner and Biomerged with him?! Cool! Glad those two mended their differences and thus we get Apollomon, one of the Olympus 12 Digimon! Great to see him take out Caiusmon. Hah, Saturn kills Vipris AGAIN! XD

Mutalior's all by his lonesome and takes that Xros loader to turn back to Analogmon. Though, I doubt that'll mean much against this group. Hey, buddy, a bunch of ticked off Ascendants want your ass on a platter. :P

Huh, so our 'lovable' Ascendant bastard finally gets his due and becomes an Ascendant level 2. Hope he's content and stops bitching! XP; But, Arkadimon will be the least of his worries, especially when he and Ken cross paths! (shudders)

Speaking of ol' Kenny, man he was in deep shit. It really must hit the Senshi hard when it's revealed that Charon manipulated the Accel Uranus and Neptune to hunt down Ken. So, that's where she went and used those two to retaliate against Ken for giving Sedna the Dragon sword thingy. Can't wait 'til that bitch Charon gets hers coming.

Yikes, Tsukuyomimon Death Mode returns and gives Ken some hell before the tide turned... in the form of Huanglongmon?! Grey's back better than ever and heals up Ken.

Epic stuff with Mars and Hiei unleashing their Phoenix Dragon! Wow, if that thing was able to hurt Valmarmon in DoC (...argh, long wait for that, too!), then GranDracmon definitely felt it! Oh, and GranDracmon... don't put your hands on an Ascendant's girlfriend (go, Dimitri! Good save on Karin!), you're gonna get cut. We're really winding down to the final chapters. Good stuff, K-sama and Chaos!

Can't wait for the next one! :D
Belletiger BT chapter 6 . 11/19/2012
Sorry for taking a while, I had a long week ( And still having). Awesome chapter. Finally Andes is gone. No one will miss her. Good for Sedna now she's free from the witch's tourment. Ah. Yui finally went in her tenyou form, kicking ass Neodevimon's butt, but with YoukaiInumon's Sacrifice. Mars and Hiei going for their combo once again is always nice to see.

Yamamoto finally went to the level 2, sure thing Arkadimon is now in trouble.
I cant wait to see what will happens next!
supergoku1987 chapter 6 . 11/16/2012
Intense chapter, man. fun halloween part and the costumes were cool. Mmm, I can picture rei in that sexy jungle bikini and lita looking beautiful being a princess.

Couldn't believe that Charon did all that and caused hell to Ken. cool mindscape fight between Dramon X and Tsukuyomimon death. Ken's ass was almost killed, but grey saved him. that was a close one. glad maki got his partner back and they formed apollomon. vipris dies like a bitch, thanks saturn. mutalior's all on his own. glad sedna finished andes off for good.

about time yamato became an ascendant 2. Arkadimon's ass is in trouble now. too bad about the inumon leader. wow, yui became shaka and is a warrior with ancient blood? cool stuff, man. awesome stuff when hiei and sailor mars did that dragon phoenix on grandracmon. shit's about to go down next chapter, son. next chapter's gonna be sweet.
JNaegi chapter 6 . 11/15/2012
Rocking on with this crossover.

The Halloween segment was good, they are all showing off with grace and dignity...and showing off the body is not bad to Rei!

Battles come to an end and so much has happend. Wow I didn't expect Grey to come on back and heal up Ken-kun? That inside battle with Tsukuyomimon DM was interesting as well.

Yui showing off her heritage by going Celestial on NeoMyotismon's ass and all this info on what happens on the final stages of DOC is so good but frustrating at the same cause we aren't there yet. Here I thought Ghidorah was going to be the big one in the end to face.

So that's what Charon did when she vanished for a while. She mainpulated Uranus and Neptune in the Accel universe. It makes perfect sense now. Even though those two were hard-headed with Ken to begin with. Makes you wonder...

Mars and Hiei going for their combo once again is always nice to see.

Hmmmm I guess I have to swallow my pride; Yamato is finally Ascendant 2. I mean with his constant crying over it, its finally his. Ha, come back when you reach lvl 3 Yama. Haha!

So sad what happend to the elder Inumon and his poor son.

Maki was the one to Biomerge huh?! Glad he was able to free his digimon from the darkness and now is Apollomon.

Andes gone?! She'll find a way to come back somehow.

Saturn beat Vipris again and he is not coming back so that was his swan song.

Two more chapters to go and it's going great you two!

Til next time.
Ford1114 chapter 6 . 11/15/2012
Thanks for the birthday gift you told me on DA!

Anyway yeah, Andes got destroyed, NeoMyotismon is killed (but not before the heroes avenge the death of the Inumon Clan leader), and expect to see Apollomon beating Caiusmon.

I never expect that before her death, Charon manipulates the XLR-8 verse. So does Yui's new form Shaka, it is unbelievable, and the Phoenix Dragon that really damages Valmarmon before.

Metalla X finally becomes Level 2! I will expect to see him and Dramon X fight soon. Y'know with Vergil (because he wields the Yamato sword) vs Dante (final battle) in DMC3.

I predict that the next chapter will come next week, and the last one in the week after.
Chaosblazer chapter 6 . 11/15/2012
Now that was intense, Dramon X was in trouble but he's rebounded and now he's got Grey back the way he was originally, which is awsome_ Uh oh GranDracmon, seems Huanglongmon's got a suprise for you lol.

Maki's fusion was nice to see too, as was Vipris muttering lines from the song "ring of fire" but that's ok, now it's only Mutalior left;

The Inumon Clan leaders son isn't going to take the fact that his father's gone too well, but dang the beast tamers went to town, and Yui's new power is AWSOME_ man she really was as intense as Yusuke.

The beginning portions were awsome, the senshi looked cute in thier costumes (especially Makato) should be intresting to see what happens next, let us rock on dude_
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 5 . 11/10/2012
You really must be a machine. How can you put out all this epicness in such short time?!

That was cute and funny opening segment with the Senshi. Heh, Rei and Minako both got the short end of the stick it seems. I look forward to their costumes next time. Great chapter, btw, and I loved the music scores in this. It captures the actiony feel in the dark atmosphere!

Damn, Ken was all out insane in this chapter. The opening bit with Andes biting him, finding out about Deckerdramon, and just laying it into GranDracmon. He's not letting up, but that did cost him by getting trapped in a dark bubble. How does he plan to get out of this jam? D:

Metalla X fights Arkadimon, and is it just me or... did Arkadimon get a potty mouth? Yeah, I remember he's become more of a crazy nutcase after Accel Stream. Sheesh, now Yamato's gotta figure out a way out of this. Maybe... just maybe... it's his time? Nah. Doubtful, but maybe? Well, either way, he's gotta deal with Ken, who's in major trouble, too.

I was really getting into Sedna vs. Andes. Just seeing Sedna beating her up was a feel good moment and that bitch Andes deserved it. Ah, so we learn the names of the Kuiper's spirit animals! Cool! :D

The spirit animals give the Dai-Valkyrie Kuiper Senshi the boost they need. Loved they got a chance to kill Andes' henchmen. Varuna killing the last BlackVictoryGreymon was a defining touch.

Andes goes nuts (like when hasn't she? She's partially Ken), turns into a bear beast, and ultimately becomes a disgusting giant blob. Andes is a touch bitch, but I have faith Sedna and the Kuipers can take her down!

Awww, I liked seeing Venus being protected, but her taking a shot at those demon Digimon. Jupiter just tore that Devimon to threads and smashed his head with her hammer. (gulp) I somehow picture Jupiter with her Valkyrie armor covered in Devimon blood and her standing on their corpses with the Mjolnir lifted high. Gruesome, but a pretty badass scene. I got a twisted imagination. XP

Analogmon, huh? Didn't expect you to base him off that one villain from that DBZ game (which was believed to be an ova, but is just game footage). He's really kicking ass. Now it's down to Saturn to stop him. Maki's gotta try and get through to Caiusmon!

The Beast Tamers vs. NeoMyotismon should be good. Can't wait to see them use those treasures they just gained, and we're getting a glimpse of a new power Yui gained from Dawn of Chaos? Celestial Maiden, huh? Oooh, interesting. I like the sound of it. :D

And so the showdown with the Big Bad Booty daddy, GranDracmon, begins! I knew he'd have a final form and I kinda love his sarcastic quips (especially to Hiei!). He's not wasting time with the group. Wonder how they're gonna pull out of this. Celesta X is on standby, but will her Amazing Grace be enough? Mars still has the Houou and Sailor Moon has the crystal. Ken's also sealed up and Hiei's attacks seemingly hurting him. It's looking like a tough call to make, but I'm rooting for the good guys!

I can't wait to see how the good guys pull through this! Keep 'em coming, guys! (thumbs up)
Belletiger BT chapter 5 . 11/9/2012
Awesome chapter!
the battle scenes are awesome . Oh man, metalla x and ken are in deep trouble. I wonder how they'll face grandracmon and arkadimon who are the big badies.
Sedna vs Andes's fight is awesome. I cant wait to see what will happens next!
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