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Feenrai chapter 38 . 3/30
Wow. I

Great chapter, great ending, blew me away really. Surprises all along the road, but I'm happy with what you've done with the piece. I think it's so true that people change quite a bit and while maybe not compatible at one point in their life, may become compatible later. I love that of all the types of male leads in this story she ends up with one of the seemingly least matching people. That's great, and as always, quite realistic. I really love how you gave this ending in kind of summary form. You tied up all the lose ends, which was really nice. Your reality is probably my favorite thing about your writing...or one of the favorite things. I know I always mention it, but I can't help him. Having Ron and Amalie's first child miscarriage, for instance. Hard and sad to write, but you can't have everyone unrealistically have perfect lives. Things like that happen. For that one in particular, I have quite a few friends who struggle with infertility and miscarriages, and they always say the the hardest part is feeling like there's no one they can talk to, like they have to hide it, like they're alone. And part of this is because people only talk about the succesful pregnancies ,and they cover up the ones that don't reach I actually liked this dose of sad realism in particular because I think if people were more generally aware of things, both good and bad, other people wouldn't have to feel alone when they suffer them.

That's just an aside though, but the point is you constantly do things like this that get me thinking. Your stories make me think. They promote good morals, and strength, and perseverance...they, and this story in particular, give me hope and food for thought. Some things I read and promptly forget. They fill a need for reading and little else. But other stories actually carry themes and "lessons" if you will, and those are the stories I find myself thinking back to. Like Pride and Prejudice and the themes thereon. Like Lord of the Rings, and honor, justice, good versus evil, friendship and perseverance. Like Harry Potter and good prevailing in the end, things not always being as they seem, and strength in friendship. With your writing, I find myself thinking about healthy love and love for oneself, strength and independence, and never giving up.

I really enjoyed this story, not just for the duration of reading it, but the thoughts and ideas it makes me think about during and after reading it. I like seeing stories like this that are good models of real life and don't add to the already overflowing market of stories that raise expectations for unrealistic things, especially in love. This story is true, and shows that the reality of love is not only just as beautiful and wonderful, but more so.

I just read your ending statement (I reviewed first while my thoughts were fresh in my head), and I have to say I agree wholeheartedly. I love that you showed that some relationships weren't all about her, and they paired off on their own, and with others there was passion and spark, but not enough for a full relationship. With Landren they were even together several years before realizing it wasn't meant to be. All of this is along the lines of what I was saying before about realistic expectations of love. As you say, not every love is "the" love. You can like or even love a person but not be right to live with them forever. You can find love, lose it, and find it again. All of these things give hope, especially to the broken hearted. When you're suffering the loss of love, reading stories about characters who magically find their soul mate easily and instantly doesn't help, it makes you think, "Well what's wrong with me?!" But your stories give hope, because people can read it and say, "I'm not alone in my pain, and this doesn't have to be end. I can be strong on my own, and I can find love again." And that is a beautiful message to send.

Thank you for this story!
Feenrai chapter 37 . 3/29
Yay! What a huge chapter! It was a really good one though:) I love the description of how life went with baby Lirik, it seem so happy and full of support. It's especially cute that Lirik needed the sound of dragons!

I was sad when Landren left, so I ended up being happy when Hermione and Charlie did not work out after all. I'm glad she went back to Landren! :D
Feenrai chapter 36 . 3/29
Another wonderful chapter! I really liked learning more about the elves, and I was also glad to know which other guys were affecting her with their pheromones. I'm happy that I was wrong with my guess a few chapters back that she would end up with Draco. You always manage to surprise me, and that's something I really appreciate in your writing. You avoid the cliche, and you have great foreshadowing without giving everything away. You manage to write with great mystery, but still make everything line up at the end in a way that shows it was intended all along.

Perhaps it's Charlie she'll end up with.

Perhaps it's the elf.

Perhaps it'll be no one...

With your writing I can really never know until it happens, and that just makes me all the more eager to hit the "Next" and find out!
Feenrai chapter 35 . 3/29
Hmmm, maybe she'll end up with Charlie and not Draco after all;)

I think this was one of my favorite chapters of the story. Hard to say why, but I just really enjoyed it all around. It made me tear up twice nearer the beginning, but it also made me smile, chuckle, and filled me with peace at other points.

I was especially glad to hear from Iliyra and hear that she is doing well. I'm glad Keo's people finally approved their bond, and that Iliyra has Keo's support while she struggles to adjust to her impairments and grieve for her twin.

I find the elf very interesting in what he can do to help her, and surprisingly enjoyed that little scene (surprising because as I've said in the past, I'm not generally a fan of those types of scenes).

This story is definitely miles away from where I might have ever guessed it would go. You have masterfully taken an often used theme like a marriage fic, and turned it on its head into something completely your own and unique. I really am loving it! I'm sad that it's almost over, but also excited to see what else you have _ I hope your muse hasn't died and that you're still continuing to work on writing, because you truly have a talent for it!
Feenrai chapter 34 . 3/29
Yay! You're so good at making me sad so that you can make me happy again XD I'm really glad Hermione is getting through it, and coming out the other side!

I was glad that she did get to spend some time with Charlie after all, and who doesn't want a few dragons in a story?!

I'm also glad Remus was involved here, I think it was very fitting and probably helpful for them both not to feel alone as single, grieving parents. I'm also glad in retrospect that you had her go off on her own like this. I mean, she wasn't completely alone, she still had friends and family, but she was own in her head. I'm glad you didn't have her instantly end up with Draco (even if I still have a hunch she will eventually) and have her rely on him to get through it...I'm glad that you instead showed a healthy growth and resilience on her part in learning to cope with being a single parents and being strong and able to rely on herself. I think that's a really positive theme throughout most of your stories. Your characters are strong and healthy, and while they may have romantic relationships, it always is portrayed healthfully with characters who are fully capable of being alone and do not *rely* on their romantic partners, and yet can gain so much happiness from their romantic partners anyway. It's a beautiful balance and a lot more realistic and a better model for people to aim for. I wish more stories portrayed romance and love and loss and strength the way you do. I think your stories actually give a much better idea of reality and what to expect in a relationship, and what is and is not healthy...I really approve of this and it makes the stories so much more enjoyable to me. Now if you do introduce another male lead for Hermione to start a relationship with, I'll actually enjoy it because I won't feel like she is unhealthily relying on that person rather than learning to cope with her grief. Now she has learned that she is strong enough to be alone with her baby, and it'll just be a nice bonus if she doesn't have to be :D
Feenrai chapter 33 . 3/29
You keep surprising me. The proposal I accepted, the encouragement to run away for a bit I did're really great at surprising me XD I think a fresh start is a great idea for her though.
Feenrai chapter 32 . 3/29
Good 'ol Draco...hehe. Sometimes, we just need a little push. Hermione is lucky to have such a diverse grouping of friends and loved ones, so that she has what she needs no matter what it is that she needs at any given time...
Feenrai chapter 31 . 3/29
Poor, poor Hermione!
Feenrai chapter 30 . 3/29
Another short chapter, but I think I like them this way. It's a stark contrast to the earlier chapters of this story that were happy and filled with she's suffering and in pain, and the chapters are short and crisp. I hope she can find peace running away like this.
Feenrai chapter 29 . 3/29
I purposefully took a break before reading more, so that I could calm down and accept that Kiril was gone. I still started crying again when I read this chapter. If that's not great writing, I don't know what is. You know how to tickle the heartstrings for sure.
Feenrai chapter 28 . 3/28
:( So horribly sad! And poor Illyra! Wow I I really applaud you for this, even as my eyes tear up. A story with meat and pain like this is worth so much more than one that just makes everything sweet and sugary and glazed with fake perfection. I would have trouble writing this, killing off a character like Kiril it's, all the more props to you for being able to stay true to the story even when it meant doing something tough.
Feenrai chapter 27 . 3/28

How could can' can't kill off Kiril! You can't make an awesome character and then kill him! (Ok, well, you can, but you're making me cry over here!)

Wow, totally did not see this coming...I mean, I should have. I knew he had a dangerous! I kind of wonder, actually, if she's going to end up with Draco, since last I checked he lost his finacee since she turned out to be after his money, so maybe I should have had an inkling something could happen when I heard that about Draco but...

I don't know! a *great* twist, I definitely was not expecting something so tragic to happen. This is truly heartbreaking which, I suppose, is actually a compliment to you. You got me so emotionally invested in this story, and in a character of your entire creation as well, that I feel really, truly sad to read this chapter. So I'm sad, and in a way mad at you for it, hehe, but then good writing makes readers "mad" sometimes;) (By mad I mean the same way I felt when Sirius died, and Dobby...sad and angry it had to happen, but that doesn't mean I'm *actually* mad at you or that I think you shouldn't have done it...real life has tragedy, so it's not surprising or bad that you wrote tragedy into this story...just...sad /sniffle)

Did I mention that was a great twist?!
Feenrai chapter 26 . 3/28
Wow! Yet again, that was unexpected! I'm very glad they loosened the rules a little bit on the marriage laws. Poor Hermione having to put off the wedding *again* as a result though! And poor Draco with that muggle after his money:( I'm glad Kiril and Hermione finally got married though! I like that it was low-key and private that way. I think that's very fitting for them :)
Feenrai chapter 25 . 3/28
I told you I had a foreboding feeling XD I'm glad she's okay though!

I both like how you covered what happened briefly but with key details...and yet am simultaneously a little disappointed not to have been able to enjoy the full scene. I'm not sure which side of me is winning out though...

Hooray for the baby! I'm glad it was okay, and I'm glad that the werewolf project is going so smoothly!
Feenrai chapter 24 . 3/28
My favorite part was (surprise, surprise) the realism. I like that you always display relationships in your writing with truth and reality. Every couple argues and has fights over little stuff. A good pairing is not without arguments, but rather without *bad* argument. A good pairing handles whatever arguments arise well, and learn and grow together as a couple as a result. You depict this in writing wonderfully well :D

I'm curious where this story is going now, I sense it involves werewolves and I'm a little worried o.o
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