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PoetDameron chapter 2 . 10/8/2016
Oh my god, this is the cutest! And that ending, omg, the best. I love how Eric keeps getting Donna her chocolates after so many years and how he used his daughter for candies, lol. Imagining Topher with a baby dressed as a cow was soooo adorabe, I loved it! Beautiful story 3
PoetDameron chapter 1 . 10/6/2016
Oh my god, Fezie would be the worst option to put in charge of candy during Halloween xD. Love how you write him so well, I could totally see him do this kind of scene. Poor kids!
Spencer.Dance chapter 2 . 10/14/2013
My brother and I would do this when we were kids! It was always fun, and he was always fair, although I swear one time he convinced me to trade half my candy for two kit kats! lol This was also so cute and I had so much fun reading it! I'll be back to read more and review more later! Thank you for the fun chapters!
Spencer.Dance chapter 1 . 10/14/2013
lol, when I got to the end, I was laughing my head off! This is so like Fez! I could completely picture him taking back his candy! It was so cute and so in character! I loved it and can't wait to read more! Thank you!
Sparks Diamond chapter 13 . 12/9/2012
Awesome collection of stories! I enjoyed reading them! :)
im still tophergirl0102 chapter 13 . 12/7/2012
****"So Eric, do you know what kind of pumpkin you wanna get?" she asked and the second she did she wanted to bury her face into her hands. What kind of pumpkin? Yeah, good one Donna.
Despite the embarrassment Donna felt, Eric grinned and never hesitated in answering her question, "Well I think it should be round and…I'm just throwing it out here but, orange."***

What a cute little ED moment from their pre teen years !

***Eric grinned, "You're perfect." His grin instantly dropped when he heard his own words, "I mean it's perfect. Not you. Not that you're not perfect I mean***

Adorable , loved the ED bits and Kelso trying to impress Laurie was funny cute too

Well done you ! Looking forward to reading ur thanksgiving fic now and perhaps u have a christmas one planned as well for the coming weeks ? :)
im still tophergirl0102 chapter 12 . 12/7/2012
***People are indoors more which means there's less hot chicks outside for me to meet, Hyde! God!"
"I wish I had someone to whip me."***

Exactly what Kelso and Fez would say in response to Hyde's 'at least i have someone to-' comment :)

**Kelso nodded his head, "Yeah. Back when Jackie and I were dating she'd read me Nancy Drew books before I took my naps. You don't listen to those books and walk away with nothing…well besides a craving for a hot fudge sundae."***
This was sooooo funny :)

Leo's lines at the end were spot on and hilarious ...uve done an awesome job NG with your halloween collection !
im still tophergirl0102 chapter 11 . 12/7/2012
***Eric stopped his picking up and pointed finger at Hyde, "Okay first of all, at least pretzels are better than raisins. Secondly those pretzels were in the shapes of pumpkins and bats. They were Halloween themed pretzels! What kid wouldn't love them?"
The kids who wanted candy, so guess that means every kid who went trick or treating.****
LOL :)

***"Yeah, you know as funny as it sounds the artist didn't sign his name anywhere." Eric answered with a snarky like reply, "And as luck would have it none of the toilet paper was monogrammed either."***
You had Eric's dry wit down perfectly here , well done you :)

The end was beyond hilarious ... I'd forgotten how adorably u write Kelso & Fez humour :)
im still tophergirl0102 chapter 10 . 12/7/2012
***And you cannot take this away from me, Red Forman. This is my God-given right as a mother."

"What is, blinding our daughter?" he asked scowling slightly as he watched Kitty bend down into the pen and retrieve Laurie.***

I could so see them saying that :)

***They didn't always get along and could at times be competitive against the other but they did love each other. It was that special love, that special one that one only had with their siblings. ***

Its true ! very poignant words about sibling affection :)

this sweet 'flashback' fic put a smile on my face !
im still tophergirl0102 chapter 9 . 12/7/2012
Prissy, this was definetely a yay :)

not only were the JH emotional scenes v good , but i absolutely adored the small JE scene with Eric worrying that Jackie didnt burn him back

the more i read ur stuff, the more i realise that you unfailingly always get them in character ...

Loved it. Its been years since i dressed up for halloween LOL but this year my son enjoyed all the halloween-y stuff that they did at his nursery ...and hes getting excited about christmas now as well, last year he was too young to know anything :)
TG0102 chapter 8 . 12/6/2012
"That's true." he agreed smirk still in place as he looked down at his wife, "I guess it couldn't hurt to go in and make sure Bob's not in there stapled to a wall."

LOL, this was v funny :)

***By now Red's smirk had disappeared and he'd put his familiar scowl back on, "Yeah well if you don't get rid of this stuff, the spirit of Halloween is gonna put me in the mood to decorate my foot with your ass."

Bob looked nervously at his friend, "I don't think that'd make a very good decoration, Red."***

Hilarious and so in character :)

the kelso bit was spot on and so well written too , well done you ! :) ...its amazing how well u write the character's like Bob and Red that writers usually struggle to get right !
MidniteRaine chapter 13 . 12/5/2012
Okay, Prissy, I really liked this chapter for two reasons: One, the opening definitely sounds like what a Kitty/Red/Laurie scene would sound like if they decided to do a flashback like that during the show's run.


Sorry for the sudden outburst, but you know how much I like her, so I had to briefly mention that. LOL.


" "Oh this is going to be so much fun. It's just like going to pick out a Christmas tree." Kitty Forman said excitedly as she sat in the passenger's seat of the family car, her smile faded a bit though when she realized that she might not have made the best comparison; she let out a small nervous laugh before continuing, "Well maybe not exactly like picking out a Christmas tree since we're picking out pumpkins not trees and when we come get a Christmas tree we only buy one…but we do both as a family. And that's the most important part of any holiday."

"If we're doing this as a family why did they have to come too?" ten year old Laurie snarled from her seat between her parents in the front as she jerked her head towards the backseat where her brother and his loser friends were sitting. "We're always driving them around and taking them everywhere and they're not even family. Poor Daddy must feel like a bus driver."

Red took his eyes off the road for a brief moment to smirk at his daughter, "You get two dollars for that one, Kitten." "


I enjoyed this intro because we already get an idea of how the characters would act in any situation, not just during this situation of buying pumpkins. Kitty loves doing things like this with the family and her "babies", Laurie hates the idea, and Red silently agrees although he'll do whatever it takes to make his wife happy, although he would not admit it to anyone except her. :P


" "So Eric, do you know what kind of pumpkin you wanna get?" she asked and the second she did she wanted to bury her face into her hands. What kind of pumpkin? Yeah, good one Donna.

Despite the embarrassment Donna felt, Eric grinned and never hesitated in answering her question, "Well I think it should be round and…I'm just throwing it out here but, orange." "


I like this early Donna/Eric conversations and the rest of them but this one in particular, especially because it includes Eric's humor and the idea that Donna likes it even though everyone else would inwardly cringe. And I like that it's still during the stage where Eric denies he likes Donna and vice versa, and are only "friends".


" "Oh hey, hey Laurie. I uh…I didn't uh drop that cuz it was heavy." He tried to explain with a good excuse, "I just wanted to uh…see if it would bounce. Yeah! And it didn't so I guess I gotta go find another one."

"Pumpkins don't bounce, moron." Hyde informed from the sidelines.

Kelso's smile dropped, "Oh. Then I guess it's a good one." "


LOL! I really liked this part. I can imagine Hyde and Eric watching, with Hyde smirking and Eric just shaking his head and thinking how big a moron he is and how he truly is "the King".


"He thought and hoped—really hoped—she had been joking but she when started to walk back towards the pumpkin patch they'd just spent an hour and over fifty bucks in, he knew she wasn't. Red looked skywards, as if silently asking for strength, before following Kitty back into the pumpkin patch."


Hmmm, I guess like how there's the "Christmas in July" saying, I guess this would be "Halloween in December"? LOL. But either way, the 13 stories were great and shouldn't just be read in October because they're fine to read any day of the year. :)

MidniteRaine chapter 12 . 12/5/2012
LOL. Prissy, I really enjoyed reading this chapter! I like stories with Hyde/Kelso/Fez because Hyde is pretty much babysitting two grown kids. I'm sure he doesn't envy Brooke and Laurie at all, although he wouldn't tell them unless he needed to make a good point. LOL.


"I know." the other man said with a nod as he pulled the candy bowl closer to him, "I am a costumer."

Hyde shook his head, "No you're not. You're a guy who's hanging out here because Red probably scared you out of the basement. Right?"

"Maybe." He answered back in a semi-small voice, his eyes gazing down at the candy before his head shot up and the determined expression on his face was shown, "But I can still be a costumer you sonofabitch!"


LOL! That is my favorite part, because Fez would definitely run away if he heard Red was after him or told him to get out, followed by a threat involving a certain "foot in the ass".


Hyde's shaded eyes looked back at Kelso, "Kelso man, I would trust you with a gazillion foot pole."

"What about two gazillion…"

"No." Hyde answered the question before it could be completed. "Now come on, let's go."

"But I don't wanna go." Kelso whined like a small child.

Fez nodded in agreement, holding the candy bowl closer to him, "Yes, I want to stay here, with the candy."


LOL! I really enjoy reading your characterizations of them, especially Hyde and Kelso because that's definitely a debate they would have.


Frowning, the shorter of the two recalled one of his friend's weakness, "What if there is a ghost in there?'

"So what?" Kelso asked again, "I ain't afraid of no ghost."

Suddenly a loud low groaning sound was heard causing both Fez and Kelso's eyes to widen with fear.

"Okay, okay, "Kelso said and then gulped, "Maybe I'm a little afraid of no ghost."


I love how they're acting like Shaggy and Scooby in this story! And I liked the Ghostbusters reference. :)


Fear seemed to paralyze Kelso as he just stood there staring at yelling at the ghost like figure but Fez was full of actions, actions that actually resembled a famous cartoon character. After letting out his own scream Fez jumped up in the air and into his taller friend's arm, wrapping his own arms around Kelso's head and neck making the duo look like a frightened Shaggy and Scooby Doo.

"Like g-g-ghost!" Kelso exclaimed and then ran off with Fez still in his arms.

Kelso dashed towards the stores exited, carrying Fez all the way out the entrance door. Neither one of them noticed Hyde, who had come back to retrieve his forgotten keys, holding open the main door. Hyde watched the pair continue to run off, still screaming every so often but only shook his head figuring he didn't really want to know.

As he stepped over to the counter he noticed the ghost figure as well, "Hey Leo, have a nice nap?"


Ha-ha, I knew Hyde had something set-up for Kelso and Fez if they opened the door, but I had no idea it was Leo. LOL. And the Scooby Doo reference cracked me up!


As they began to head to the store's exit Leo turned to Hyde, "Hey Hyde man, you think we can stop by the store too? I gotta do some last minute holiday shopping."

"Sure, man."

"Cool, man. Yeah, I love the holidays." A grinning Leo repeated before he started to sing one of the holiday classics, "You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I'm telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town!"


LOL, Oh, Leo. I like that you included his forgetfulness and forgetting who the boss is, whether at the Fotohut or at Grooves, LOL.

All in all, I thought this chapter was great! Well, onto the next and final chapter!

Eliza Ghost chapter 13 . 12/4/2012
Wow. You're really on top of your game again. The humor was perfect, and so in character; even younger, they were all exactly right. Eric especially, snark wise, and Hyde with his sarcasm and fake indifferent. And...all perfect. And Kelso with the "bouncing" pumpkin and showing off...GAH. Love it.

PS; sorry it took my so long to finish reading it, it's been a busy few days. But I loved it :)
TG0102 chapter 7 . 12/4/2012
V cute ED fic :)

Eric then took three brave steps to the door before turning back around and grabbing a hold of Donna, pulling her to him for a goodbye kiss that was so passionate, one would have thought he was heading off to war.****

nicely done ! :)

it was funny throughout and fez at the end was a nice touch :)
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