Reviews for Fire Boy
KJHWCCS chapter 1 . 10/4/2012
Total sorcery. I read it once and just had to read it twice.

"But there is water on his cheeks, dousing the heat inside, and a cleansing rain falls from his student's eyes."

Got me so hard.

"His lips are parted, and Hwoarang breathes fire into his lungs."


Wonderful, just wonderful. Your writing is so fluid and intense, describing everything perfectly and such a great twist on Baek! Into my faves you go, go, go.
Razer Athane chapter 1 . 10/2/2012

'It is a day when he believes the walls, sealed tight, can hold the flood waters.' - Beautiful

'thirsty for things that should come naturally to a man like him.' - like booty booty booty booty Baek likes the booty

'Childhood is a gift. A gift he had forcefully denied himself.' - sdfgjklhggdtgd

'Any child is in need of [through to] him feel stronger.' - ghdjfkGSDHFGHDSF&

'The fierce flame of the boy's spirit, no matter how incorrigible to others, will always rest in embers in the palm of his hand.' - hnNNGNNGNGNGGH

'As soon as his child lays his eyes on his master, they electrify. / He is the inspiration, the motive, the Master. / He is the one. The only one.' - ugh LOVELY FHDKJSFG

'Surprisingly logical' made me LOL HARD, poor guy is thought for stupid XD

Ugh this was so sweet hfjkdhfhf well done!